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  1. Amstel

    Best of the 75 soundboards - a live compilation

    OTHAFA from 3/4 Dallas is a given. And...IMTOD from the ame show should have been the choice. When Plant says "take it John" he knows Bonham is onand wants to go. A truly great version
  2. Drummers: 1. John Bonham 2. Ginger Baker 3. Mitch Mitchell 4. Carl Palmer 5. Neil Pearl Guitarists: 1a. Jimmy Page 1b. Jimi Hendrix 3. Stevie Ray Vaughn 4. Michael Schenker 5. Alvin Lee
  3. Amstel

    Hard To Find Photos

    ^ ^ ^ That's pretty cool seeing Bonham in a Chicago Blackhawk hockey sweater.
  4. Amstel


    3/4/75 Dallas, Texas... Or... 6/21/77 Los Angeles, California
  5. Amstel

    Europe 73 - Best of

    Must add Thank You and How Many More Times from Southampton!
  6. Amstel

    Was Jimmy's peak in 1973?

    Absolutely not!
  7. You are most likely right. A father would never look at a son that way. From my view, it was the connection of four particular men - Bonham, Jones, Page & Plant - that made Led Zeppelin the best band ever.
  8. Every drummer would be a slap in the face to John Bonham. I am glad Jones, Page and Plant didn't carry on after John died. That should show everyone how much of a bond those four had, along with the bond they had with Peter Grant as well.
  9. Amstel

    What's your zodiac sign?

    5/9/72 - Taurus...
  10. Amstel

    Lady Gaga

    I'd like to see step out in front of a speeding freight train.
  11. Amstel

    Led Zeppelin Fan Quiz - 1

    100%, of course
  12. Jimmy Page put Plant's vocals low in the mix, nothing more.
  13. The mention of Jason Bonham with a full fledged "reunion" is a slap in the face to John Bonham. His kid has become a quality drummer, I'll give him that. He is not within a country mile of his great father!
  14. Amstel

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    That Dallas show from 3/4/75 is a personal favorite. I've mentioned this before, OTHAFA & IMTOD are phenomenal. Actually, the whole run of Ft. WORTH and the two Dallas shows are quite incredible, and deserve mention alongside the Long Beach/Vancouver/ Seattle shows.