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  1. Forum member levee RIP.

    RIP Levee you always made me chuckle and you were one hell of a drummer. You were one of the good ones and you will be missed
  2. The NHL Thread

    I think Tortorella will be great in Vancouver. I. Am really looking forward to him as our new head coach. The sports media are wimps out here so they hate this . Maybe they need to stop asking stupid questions Welcome to Vancouver Johnny!!!
  3. British Soldier beheaded on public street

    We're Canadians..... We don't want to get involved .
  4. Horse Racing Thread

    Rick I was making a joke of his lousy performance at the Preakness .I can joke now and again..... Maybe they should put me out to stud......
  5. Horse Racing Thread

    Orb headed to the glue factory......
  6. What are you washing in the laundry?

    My wife pulled a chicken wing out of the washing machine the other day. Seems I lost track of one when I was drying them off in a tea towel . It was very clean
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    Well said Paul!
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    Lol!! Thanks for that chilly
  9. Your Favourite Album Covers

  10. Why Public Transportation Is Not For Me…

    I work with some stinky fuckers! One guy smells like rancid cooking oil.(he's single ladies) The smokers can really pack a wallop in an enclosed office environment
  11. The NHL Thread

    Smile on his face ? Lol... Good on the Leafs for finally making the playoffs but you guys are lucky to get his fat ass outta town
  12. Golf Talk

    What are these 'trees' you are talking about?
  13. Golf Talk

    ^^^ and remember to....... be the ball...... beeeeee theeeeee balllllllll