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  1. Updated Soundboard Wish List

    Would love 5/3/71 Copenhagen and of course 6/22/77 like everyone else has stated.
  2. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    It's February 12th and it's snowing outside so naturally I'm listening to Four Blocks In The Snow 2/12/75 At the Garden.
  3. Zep's presence in the 1980'd

    I got into Zep heavily in the 8th grade in 1984. I remember in either my sophomore or junior year of high school creating a bracket of 16 bands and polling classmates to rank there favorite and Zeppelin beat out Van Halen as the best.
  4. 1973 North American Tour 40th Anniversary

    The Ocean was a great encore song. Personally I wish Thank You was played more often. That song live was just spectacular and different each time. I also like the blast out of the gate of 3 songs in a row prior to "Good Evening".
  5. What the hell is going on with Bonzo on 9/29?

    Although this show is a great performance, do you think this concert wouldn't be as highly regarded had the whole "Mr. Bonham" episode never happened? Whenever I think of this show the first thing I think of is Robert calling for Bonham andhow funny it is.
  6. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    On this wet damp CT morning getting some LA sun with 6/25/77 earlier and now listening to 6/25/72...currently on Whole Lotta Love
  7. Favorite Boot!! (Name only one)

    For me LTTE Winston Remaster 6/21/77. I just got this version and WOW!!! It's like an official realize. I've been wearing out my empress valley version but no more. Top 3 island boots: 6/21/77 2/12/75 8/31/71
  8. Best version of "Eddie"?

    Thank you to a couple cool members for responding and hooking me up!
  9. Best version of "Eddie"?

    I have 3 versions of this classic show but have had some trouble finding the WInston Remaster. I've looked in a couple places without any luck. Can anyone point or provide a hint to where I can find it?
  10. What live song do you skip or endure?

    Like some have said, it depends on mood. For a while I'd skip many of the 73 and 75 Dazed & Confused now I find myself really into them, especially the San Francisco/Woodstock sections from 75. Through my years of listening to live Zep the tracks I consistanly skip are Moby Dick/Over The Top and later years White Summer.
  11. Robert Plant checks out iconic 1975 photo at Martha’s Vineyard gallery

    We were vacationing on the Island and saw the Plant photo in the window of Peter Simon's Gallery. We went in and got to talking to him about his trip to LA in March of 75. Peter said he doesn't remember much from his time with the band other than Robert was very charming and engaging. My wife said wouldn't it be cool to have the same man who photographed Zeppelin to photograph us? So we hired Peter for an hour.
  12. Robert Plant checks out iconic 1975 photo at Martha’s Vineyard gallery

    My Avatar pic of my two sons was taken by Peter Simon on Philbin Beach on the Vineyard in 2014. My wife bought the photo of Robert for me as an early birthday gift. Peter's sister is Carly Simon. Very nice sweet man.
  13. Carouselambra

    Absolutely love this song. The lyric "Where was your word, where did you go? Where was your helping? Where was your Bow?" I've read pertains to Jimmy not attending Karac's funeral and not being there for Robert during that horrible time. Does anyone know if Robert has ever talked about this?
  14. 75 new favorite year

    1.) The Song Remains The Same 2.) Custard Pie 3.) Over The Hills And Far Away 4.) In My Time of Dying 5) Sick Again 6.) Rain Song 7.) Kashmir 8.) No Quarter 9.) Trampled Under Foot 10) The Wanton Song 11.) Since I've Been Loving You 12.) Dazed & Confused 13.) Stairway To Heaven Encore -alternate between any of these 2 Whole Lotta Love Rock And Roll Heatbreaker Black Dog I love TSRTS as an opener. With this setlist we have 6 songs in support of the new album PG. I left out Moby Dick..drum solo's just aren't for me. I waivered about Dazed too. Perhaps they could've reduced it to about 15/20 minutes top but keep in the San Francisco/Woodstock section.
  15. One Night Only: Led Zeppelin DVD Excerpts On the Big Screen

    Theater in Milford CT was about 75% full of middle aged men with a splattering of a few teens and women. My wife and I both thought it could've been a bit louder but nonetheless it sounded very clear and crisp. Some applause after a few songs the with loudest being after Kashmir. Very enjoyable time..the hour and a half flew by. While walking out one guy said to another "I told you In My Time of Dying would blow your ass off".