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  1. The Journey Thread!

    Yes, Journey could be a bit cheesy at times but, sometimes I want cheese. I attended one of their concerts back in 1983. Steve Perry's singing was on point and he was backed by a solid, and tight band. Together they put on a damn fine show. What more could I ask?
  2. I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    I went to see Fences yesterday. It is a terrific film based on the August Wilson play of the same title. The acting was excellent across the board, but Denzel Washington is amazing in the lead role. IMO, he does his best acting when he portrays "not so nice" characters.
  3. I didn't know about the 1991 Led Zeppelin reunion attempt. Can you share any details about this?
  4. Castro has died

    About Fidel Castro...some Cubans are glad that he is dead; others mourn his death and still others aren't sure how they feel about him. Back when I was in grad school, one of my professors was married to an Afro-Cuban biologist. He left Cuba during the early 1980's because he ran afoul of Castro's government. He was critical of the Castro regime, but at the same time he believed the Cuban Revolution was, on balance, a positive move for the country. The way he explained it; before the revolution most black Cubans wouldn't have been able to attend university and enter the professions. His grandparents were illiterate laborers on one of the sugar plantations. '
  5. Castro has died

    Come now, Steve. You know that what you refer to as "The Left" doesn't have a monopoly on politicizing everyday life. Conservative busybodies routinely champion laws that impact other people's personal choices under the guise of religious beliefs. Hobby Lobby's president went to court because he didn't think his company's insurance plan should pay for employees' IUDs or morning after pills. Even worse, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with him. What gives Steve Green or Antonin Scalia the right to inject their religious beliefs into other people's medical decisions? Shouldn't these be left to the individual employee and her doctor? Talk about politicizing everyday life!
  6. Queen Appreciation

    My sympathies to the Bulsara family. 94 years old! She had a great run. I hope someone took the time to interview her about her own life and experiences. Just think of all the major world events Mrs. Bulsara witnessed: World War II, the Partition of India, the independence movements in East Africa where the family lived before moving to the UK. The changing role of women both in the UK and within her own Parsi community.
  7. From what I've read, he started using heroin sometime during the 1975 North American tour and didn't stop until either just before or just after the ARMS concert in 1983. Other posters may know more details about this period of Page's life.
  8. A guitar and the police in Seattle 75

    I didn't know that internet forums even existed in the late Seventies.
  9. Jimmy's dominance in the band.

    From what I've read, Page, JPJ and Peter Grant put up the money for the band's first tour and album. They started off with a financial stake in Led Zeppelin while Plant and Bonham were on salary. I'm guessing that being able to self-fund their first tour and album gave Page and Grant more negotiating power vis-a-vis the record labels who came calling in 1969. However, JPJ brought more to the table than his checkbook. He was an experienced session musician and arranger. He and Page had done the occasional session together so Page was well acquainted with his talents. They brought Richard Cole on board as Tour Manager because Cole had held the same job with The Yardbirds after Grant became their manager.
  10. Jimmy Page and Joe Elliott to appear at Classic Rock Awards

    I'm coming a bit late to this thread. Has Page stated that he was unaware that posters advertising this event gave the impression that he would perform music? Also, how did Ross Halfin become one of the this event's organizers? Isn't he a photographer?
  11. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Turkey tetrazzini. I made it for dinner yesterday using the rest of the leftover Thanksgiving Day turkey.
  12. Computer geek advice.

    Has anyone here used Cyber Tech Expert or Tech Help Expert to debug their computers or IP accounts? I can't find any online reviews of the former and only two reviews of the latter. The two reviews of Tech Help Expert were both negative.
  13. The Next Jimmy Page Studio Album

    Everything you wrote above is probably true. Still, I'm reminded of what a very wise woman told me years ago: "I realized that in seven years I was going to be seven years older, no matter what I did, so decided that at I might as well spend the next seven years working on my PhD in psychology." She earned her PhD in psychology at the age of 51 and twenty years later is still working as a family therapist. My point? Yes, Jimmy Page is 72 years old and yes, it's a fair assumption that his guitar playing skills are probably rusty. But next year he's going to be a year older whether or not he spends the time practicing the guitar. I suspect that age and rusty skills aren't the only reasons for Page's retirement. It could be as simple as he lost interest in the actual tasks of performing and/or recording new music. Let's be honest; how many of us would continue to work at our chosen careers if we had Page's financial assets? I know I wouldn't.
  14. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Given Malofiy's professional reputation, I'm surprised that Michael Skidmore and the Randy California Trust hired him. Was he the only attorney they could find who was willing to take on this lawsuit?
  15. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    IMO, you're assuming a great deal: 1) Page would hire and retain an incompetent lawyer for such an important case when he can afford the best lawyers money can buy and with so much at stake. 2) Page is the band member calling the shots during this trial. From what I've read Plant stopping dancing to Page's tune in 1980 if not earlier. 3) Plant would put up with an incompetent lawyer on their legal team.