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  1. Megadeth. then hopefully the mighty Sabbath....after a 10 hour drive...
  2. dont know of a used one but a little company called Altarwind makes some nice ones.
  3. It bugs me how people think that the stormtroopers are all still clones. there's my 2 cents.
  4. Scorpio Curse - Electric wizard
  5. Electric wizard - Time to Die
  6. Just got back from a thrift store and found a Takamine electric guitar that looked/played really well, was only 25 bucks. Went straight home and jammed with my brother with it. Sounded great!
  7. Ozzy took 2nd place for me. Especially early-mid 70s Sabbath. So wild on stage.
  8. Black Sabbath - A National Acrobat
  9. Today I decided to grow my hair out again. Used to be almost to my waist. But I was dumb and chopped it off.
  10. Man, I love their live rendition of that song so much. To me, it really captured some totally classic Zeppelin sounds. I think I'll go listen to it now...
  11. I lost it on Jimmy's. So anticlimatic haha XD
  12. Viper. Bill or Ted?
  13. Led Zepp For your life "had to pull away to save me" I heard-"I had Napoleon to save me" And "Down in the pits you go no lower, The next stop's underground" I heard "she wanna picture of my bloodwork, next stop's Charlie Brown" And to be honest I'm not a hundred percent sure that the "correct" lyrics I put are actually correct, I'm really bad with lyrics.