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  1. kipper

    What Made You Happy today?

    somebody donated $2000 at the battered womens shelter today anomomusly. made our day
  2. kipper


    Is it tin-eye-tis or is it tin-it-is? Pete Townshend says tin-it-is and I always say tin-eye-tis. I don't think I have this.... wait a second the phone is ringing, I'll be right back
  3. kipper

    Miley Cyrus dead.

    she is adorable of the most adorable kind
  4. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    what happened in London today? More fun and games by the bringers of "peace"?
  5. kipper

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  6. kipper

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  7. kipper

    Jimmy Fallon

    Jimmy Fallon is very talented as a sketch performer but he isnt a good stand up and he is a pretty lousy interviewer.
  8. kipper

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  9. kipper

    Phrases that make your blood boil.

    Ipman, you are such a typical eletist. You say whatever you want and intentionally offend anyone you wish acting like you have all the answers and everybody needs to listen to your opinion. If you dont want people to respond to thing you say publicly then say them privately because there is a pm option too. so no, you dont get to tell me what I can say or not. I dont care what you believe or dont believe but I care what i believe and other people do too. if you check I never said you were right or I was right, or you were wrong or I was wrong, or that Jimmy Page was right or wrong. All I did was ask a question about how any of us can claim anyone else is wrong. I said people believe things and even if you want to say it is baloney that is a challenge to people to disagree, so why else then would you say what you said. Just because you talk does that mean you are always right? I dont think Im always right and I'm not even one who wants to debate religion. I just think when you call people out like you do and make offensive statement you need to wear big boy pants and take it if someone publicly disagrees with you. I guess I need to buy some more candles.
  10. kipper

    Movies You Never Get Tired of Watching

    The Wizard of Oz Beaches Cabaret West Side Story The Sound of Music Spartacus Hairspray Rocky Horror Picture Show Brokeback Mountain Legends of the Fall A Streetcar Named Desire Some Like it Hot Lady and the Tramp
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  12. kipper

    Fruit or Veg you Don't Like

    I have never like bananas. not that they dont taste good but they are so embarrasing to eat with people watching. I also don't like pomegranates because they are more work to eat then they are worth
  13. kipper

    Phrases that make your blood boil.

    how do you know prayers mean nothing? You can say they mean nothing and I can say they do. I cant prove you are wrong and you cant prove i am wrong. It is sad how many people have never seen a miracle. And talk about irony, even Jimmy Page believes in some sort of thing out there, not what i do but are you gong to call him impotent to for what he prefers? why so angry ipman?
  14. kipper

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  15. kipper

    Sir Edmund Hillary

    very sad and you dont understand what hospice is. Nobody wants to die alone.