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  1. kipper

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    okay thanks. I have a work friend helping with this football stuff. He is amazed that Im even involved and he said sounds like your led zeppelin friends may make make a man out of me yet LOL. I thought that funny. it like being in high school again in the gym locker having fun. hehehe I will be better next time. thanks
  2. kipper

    What are you watching on TV now?

    Fox News. A lot of hysteria over some 36 year old first beer and teenage romping.
  3. kipper

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    o boy late to the party again. This is a lot of preplanning i can see. need to get off work sooner Browns (I know I am too late but...) here is the rest Falcons chiefs Dolphins Vikings eagles Packers Panthers Jaguars ravens Texasns Rams Bears Seahowks Patriots Stealers so is it okay to do the thurs game pick and then add the rest later, or do they all have to be in before thurs game starts?
  4. kipper

    Remembering contributors on this LZ Forum

    I have been paying attention, and I also for fun go back and read old threads to. Some of the worst bullshit is from people you probably think are just peachy. what seems to be common is anyone who has a right of center politic is treated like shit here. Its really lame to attach labels like you just did just because you don't like someones politics. It is your way of silencing people you dont agree with. But where were you when your buddy Walturd was alluding that me and Apanther were possibly "romantic" in his repeated homophobic underhanded slurs? Yeah, you were SILENT. Nice job acting like you are morally superior. What a jerk! Bunch of horseshit!
  5. just rocks floating in space
  6. kipper

    Imagine There's No Countries

    John Lennon was full of shit mostly. Good songwriter, but he was a total dick head in a lot of ways. He broke up the beatles by being such a dick head. I dont know why people think he was a great person. The way he delighted in making homophobic comments about his FRIEND Brian Epstien, and the comments about Mick Jagger's "fag dancing" when in fact Lennon was bisexual himself what an asshole he was. He is the most celebrated Beatle but the biggest jerk of all.
  7. there are no space aliens. People believe in stupid stuff because the are stupid
  8. kipper

    Never Forget

    I think his point was about the philosophy not about race. Unless you think their philosophy didnt have anything to do with the motiviation to kill thousands of innocent people. Sheesh.
  9. kipper

    Your Favourite Album Covers

    Chrissie is so sexy even I want to fuck her
  10. kipper

    Remembering contributors on this LZ Forum

    I just think that is full of shit I can see where there are underhanded digs at steve Jones constantly here. I think people just dont like it when somebody doesn't blow sunshine up their ass all the time. Steve Jones and I dont agree with everything, and he lets me know when he doesnt agree with me, but why some people here are such babies when they dont have 100% agreement with someone is why there is trouble. What is the point of being overly sensistive in a rock and roll forum? I would understand if this was a forum about knitting or making pies, but rock and roll is supposed to be kind of rude isnt it? John Lennon was pretty fucking rude sometimes, and so was a lot of people. I worry less about what people say than what they do. Bill Cosby was never rude but he was drugging and raping women. All this whining about one particular member here is childish. Anyone can say what they want but only if you want to be offended that is on YOU.
  11. kipper

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    late ravens falcons chargers vikings saints jets stealers eagles texans redskins rams 49s broncos patriots cowboys bears
  12. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Senator Booker reminds me of this guy
  13. kipper

    What Are You Reading?

    fake news
  14. kipper

    If You Started a Band - What Would You Name It?