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  1. I live in a old apartment building that has seen better days. I like the landlord but she is not keeping things up. The apartment above me has has some plumbing issues and I have had some backup which are gross but there has been this black stuff seeping behind my kitchen counter. Finally the landlady got a real plumber not her usual drunk handyman and he had to open up the wall. FULL OF MOLD and some sludge stuff. the plumber told me the apartment upstairs is worse with mold in a lot of areas. He said this need a special cleanup but the landlady is trying to find a cheaper work around. I now fear for my health but I dont have many options to move. I may have made a mistake but I called the city to ask questions and I gave the adress. Now the landlady is mad at me because the inspector may 'red tag" 4 apartments in the building there may be more. The city guy said I could call a county phone number for relocation assistance if the landlady would help relocate. Now Im really screwed I think. there is another two bedroom unit on the other side of the building vacant but it costs way more money then i can afford but two other single people who may need to move said to the landlady maybe we can all go there for how long it takes to fix the apartments but she said no way she doesnt want us messing it up because it has fresh paint and she is ready to rent it. how screwed it that? I dont know what to do and I dont know if I can even get my furniture out of the apartment. I may have to move toninght who knows. I will keep you guys posted. Sucks
  2. She is a real Debbie Downer what one. Horrible human being.
  3. Hi Redrum, really like you name btw. I laughed when i read this because I heard what Streep said the other day. How stupid is this woman? She hates the new guy but she adores Roman Polanski a child rapist. she hasnt made a good movie since 1978
  4. who is Rick Scott? Is he a jihadist?
  5. i dont think what I said is unlikely. there are millions of people with hateful ideology just not all of them murder. for example people who hate LGBTQ people dont all abuse them, but they still hate them. I was speaking to where the ideology comes from is all.
  6. Ipman I am so glad to hear you sister in law was not one of those people who ended up being murdered. The fact is there are millions just like this one man who hate the world. They hate women, they hate gays, they hate all other philosophies including many of their own too. The inspiration for all of this comes from someplace doesnt it? I find it hard to even contemplate how any family has peace or how one can RIP when they are murdered in the name of something that is supposed to be about peace.
  7. so true apanther, Isis and all of the similar ideology has contributed way to much to this thread for years.
  8. Just watching the news. More about the ISIS shooter in Florida and also the official electoral count made official in congress and Joe Biden declared Trump the winner.
  9. seems so Strider. Now we hear the shooter was inspired by ISIS. When will this end? RIP to those souls just standing their with there loved ones waiting for their luggage in Ft Lauderdale.
  10. Florida seems to get way more than their share.
  11. thank you ipman for the compliment. I used to read all the time I need to get back into the habit. when I was in high school I had a wonderful English literature teacher. She was at that point in her 60s and had the most beautiful way about her and was enthusiastic about getting students to read. She would mix classic novels with newer novels that many would call controversial. now to many schools ban certain books like Huckleberry Finn and Cather in the Rye. No wonder kids today are messed up.
  12. does that include me too Strider? I happened to pick the better choice which was not necessarily the perfect choice but it was the better choice over that horrible entitled corrupt habitual criminal liar. I hardly see how my choice makes me a racist, sexist, commie stooge just because I didnt pick the worse of two things. RIP to the innocent people murdered today in Florida