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  1. kipper

    Whats your favorite movie?

    This is always a difficult topic for me because I have so many. Sometimes I'll say the wizard of Oz and then sometimes I'll say the sound of music. Overall I have to go with the SOund of music
  2. kipper

    The Retro Thread

  3. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    I dont think puritanism is behind this. Its just more of the me too victim thing for women.
  4. kipper

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

  5. kipper

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Made it back. Moving across the hall was more work than moving across town. Thanks Strider for putting in my thurs pick ahead of time. here are the rest of my picks for week 6 Eagles (w) Falcons Bengals Chargers Texans Bears Vikings Jets Seahawks Panthers Rams Jaguars Ravens Chiefs Packers
  6. kipper

    If you had a time machine...

    here a "cowboy" can mean a lot of things. A hot shot-- or thinks he is, or someone who is impatient and charges right into things. In the city it also has a sexual reference too. Contractors who do a half ass job are so common here I dont think we have a name for them. My former land lady would never hire mexican immigrant workers because she said they were always flaky. Work hard not smart she would say. We also have gypsy tradesmen who go around taking advantage of people with bad work.
  7. kipper


    My cats could never survive in the wild. Besides, I keep them amused as much as they do me. I see how they look at me, and I know what they are thinking.
  8. kipper

    If you had a time machine...

    do they have cowboys in England? I thought Englishmen rode sheep?
  9. kipper

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    🏈 🏈 🏈 🏈 ☮️
  10. kipper

    Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    without Jack and Clapton God...
  11. kipper

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Strider, here are the rest of my picks for week 5 Titans Panthers Bengals Ravens packers chiefs Broncos Stealers Chargers Eagles 49es Rams Texans Saints Strider, I also want to go ahead and put in my Thurs pick for week 6 if I can. I have to move to another apartment in the building starting tomorrow and just in case I dont get my computer set up by thurs I want to not miss that days pick so if okay I will pick the Eagles for thurs 10/11 I think I should be all set up again before next sunday for the rest thanks kipper
  12. kipper

    They don't make things like they used to

    I think the Japanese are a better culture than the chineses are
  13. kipper

    What are you watching on TV now?

    I watched the vote and all of the screaming was scary. Women screaming like a Beatles concert. so nuts. A lot of people are like children these days. But I was glad the man was cleared. Making false charges against his was just evil.
  14. kipper

    Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    on top of the world
  15. kipper

    Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    the song and dance man...
  16. kipper

    Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    don't pass it to Bogart
  17. kipper

    Make me laugh!

  18. kipper

    Beautiful Women

  19. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Strider, I think some of this stuff just gets out of hand I agree, but I guess some wounds are deep. Did Apanther start the thread that got deleted, I dont remember if not, but there was some interesting stuff in there about the past. I have not been here to see a lot of the stuff but I have seen and heard enough to know there are distinct camps and lines here which unfortunatly draws people into the issues.
  20. kipper

    Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    were fishing for sharks and...
  21. kipper

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    strider, I was just making a joke because I misunderstood someting but you already cleared it up. This is a fun thread and Im glad to be part of it, and chance to be one of the boys. Im sorry my joke went flat, but really I didnt even know who this Andy Dick is. Im having fun especially since I dont follow football or watch the games. Only person who is nudging me is a guy at work who helps with the picks. I didnt mean in any offense to you, I was just teasing walter because he is always teasing me. Im having fun especially hoping I might win more as I learn more. Sorry, Kipper PS. Okay I just saw the other post and so "Andy Dick" is Apanther then? Uh, no, I wasn't nudged by him at all. I just saw what I thought was Walter having two different pick lists and I thought that strange because I was comparing my picks to his but it looked like he had two lists and so I asked. I didnt realize at first it was for his family. I dont have any kids, my cats I guess are my family so I was just making a joke is all with my cat having a pick too. Apanther had noting to do with my joke please dont blame him.
  22. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    you have it wrong strider