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  1. I think you've explained this perfectly. The key word was "embellish" which is basically what is done naturally, thats what all musicians do. Also, I seriously doubt JPJ was expecting to be credited for Kashmir after not getting credited for tracks like STH or RS, both of which I think JPJ contribution to was even more significant than Kashmir. Man, you listen to ALS and can't help but think that both JPJ and Bonham have to be credited as co-writer's of this song due to the obvious magnitude of their playing on it. But, they didn't write it. They sure as hell embellished the shit out of though, thats for sure. As usual.
  2. The disaster was that the Tampa show was filmed by an audience member then accidentally exposed it afterwards. They were definitely on that night, both TSRTS and SA are among the best of the tour IMO. Also, whoever bootlegged the audio did a damn good job before the rain came down. Would have been amazing to have that whole show recorded in this quality along with some film footage. Fuck!!!
  3. JPJ has stated that Kashmir is "one of his favorite LZ songs", he also said "I didn't write Kashmir". He did what he did with every Zeppelin song whether or not he was receiving a writing credit, he took it to another level. I think JPJ was treated fairly (for the most part) where writing credits are concerned. Out of the 73 songs written from LZI to ITTOD JPJ received writing credits on 31 tracks, thats over 40 percent. He's fared much better than any of his peers in comparison for sure. The guys worth about 80 million dollars, most of which came from being in a band that ended 37 yrs ago. Seems to have worked out for JPJ any way you look at it, IMO.
  4. If this show were to come out in the same quality as Deus Ex Machina, I think it would blow it away.
  5. What's criminal to me is being forced to watch JPJ riding around on a fucking horse while Page is playing the best solo of his life (or anybody else's).
  6. So true. Another drummer I think Bonham must have loved was Richie Hayward. I know Little Feat were Page and Plants "favorite american band" and I cant help but think that Bonham would have really dug Richie's playing, he was fucking brilliant.
  7. How bout this thought, there never was a robbery. Maybe, it was staged. Ya' never know with these guys except for one thing...never believe what they say If the premise is that "the mafia got to them" then it would make sense that there would be no need to put that cash in a safety deposit box. Just hand it over to the mob, pretend there's been a robbery and get the money back from the insurance company. According to Grant, they actually got back more than they lost. Sounds like a win win situation if you look at it that way, not to mention the publicity it generated.
  8. If you took the 10 greatest guitarists ever and turned them into one person, you'd wind up with this guy: