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  1. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    I've always really liked Carouselambra, despite the shit mix. It was obviously a bit of an experiment, which can be risky, buts that a good thing. The song seems to take you on a journey with all the changes in moods and tempo's, very fucking creative for sure. One of the things that bugs me about it though is all the goddamn "Ahh Ahhh's" it just seems to go on and on. And then, they shift into the dreaded "Trucker's Gear Change" and Plant continues with the fucking "Ahh Ahh's". The song does get a bit monotonous but it has amazing movements, urgency and intent throughout, so overall, for me...its a winner.
  2. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Carouselambra is about as "indirect" and vague as anything Plant has ever written. To even entertain the thought that Page purposefully created a shitty mix in order to bury Plants lyrics cause' it was about him is far fetched and fanciful at best. The difference between Plant on Presence and ITTOD is that #1) Plants son had died and #2) Plant stopped doing blow. Before that, he was happily rolling down the tracks on the party train despite all of his many colds/flu's/laryngitis "episodes" that marred many of his vocal performances and tours. To think that Plant would be now be admonishing Page in his lyrics for his continued 'proclivities' is laughable really, not to mention hypocritical. Maybe Plant was still butt hurt over being forced to record Presence with a fucked up leg, we know he wasn't happy with his vocal performance. I never understood why a fucked up leg would prevent a singer from doing vocal tracks in a studio, what, your on painkillers? That aint nothing new, your already on 'em all the time, might as well make good use of time and make a fucking record. If the drummer has a fucked up throat I would still expect him to lay down drum tracks. Never quite got that one. You got guys now (Axl/Grohl) that go out on 'tour' with a broken fucking leg, sitting in a fucking chair for christ's sake! Sorry for straying off topic, but I find the Robert good/Jimmy bad narrative a little hard to swallow. Either that, or its correct, and it was one of the ingredient's that made them as great as they were. Either way...it was one a hell of a ride.
  3. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Page may have been fucked up during this time, but he wasn't fucking around while laying down those solo's, or any of his tracks for that matter. It all sounds really good and done with purpose, nothing on this record was mailed in. The thing that I've noticed is that while the production value on most songs are excellent, ITE & Carouselambra don't have that crispness the others have, they're a bit muddy. As far as the songwriting goes, I think its impressive they could pull off an album as good as this without Jimmy's usual input. I've always felt that he kind of approached this record with a session player mentality in a way.
  4. Debut Album Openers

    Mountain - Mississippi Queen Steely Dan - Do It Again The Cars - Good Times Roll The Police - Message in a Bottle Ice Cube - The Nigga You Love to Hate TPOTUSOA - Kitty Rage Against the Machine - Bomb Track A little off topic, but...anyone ever noticed how Smashing Pumpkins 'I Am One' steals the 'Welcome to the Jungle' riff?
  5. Black Country Communion

    Can i be honest? Ok, I will. #1) BCC really should not be in the pre/post zeppelin section of forum. That should be reserved for the surviving members of band. #2) Repeat #1. #3) 'Collide' reminds me a lot of Kingdom Come's 'Get It On', but not quite as good....
  6. Burton Cummings has to be the most unheralded rock singer ever. What a fucking voice this man had/and still does...
  7. Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Kanye West has a face that would line people up for miles in order to take their slaps at it. However, I'd be slapping the Kardashian's somewhere else.
  8. Blues Thread

  9. What show or live song are you listening to now?

  10. Best Page & Plant boot

    Vegas is better.
  11. What did they think of other bands

    Not sure if this has anything to do with Bonham's opinions on Peter Frampton, but its funny as hell none the less. Sorry for going off topic:
  12. What did they think of other bands

    We know they were also very influenced by both Joni Mitchell and CSN&Y. In fact, I'd go as far to say that Plant got his "it makes me wonder" line (which he turned into a refrain), from the song Deja Vu. I also think Zeppelins live 'sit down acoustic sets' were directly inspired by CS&N
  13. What did they think of other bands

    Pretty sure this is the track/album Bonham was playing to at the Riot House in '75, causing the guests on floors below to flock to the front desk with their noise complaints. I imagine the building was shaking a bit...