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  1. Richard Cole

    Sorry after reading the first line above I stopped....how the hell would you know Richard Cole wasn't a very good Tour Manager? why I wonder did people like Eric Clapton take on Richard as tour manager after Led Zeppelin or indeed Black Sabbath in fact why would any other band,manager use a person to tour manage a huge tour if they were fucking useless......really!!!
  2. Richard Cole

    Hi Steve, yes you did friend. and your posts were/are always welcome.
  3. Richard Cole

    Thank's mate, I was kinda thinking I was fighting(ok guys not really) a one man battle. What you say is correct and I hope those who have slagged him off will appreciate that.
  4. Richard Cole

    The Old Hermit...At least you agree that he was a "Brilliant Tour Manager who was ahead of the curve" and yes the rest of what you say is documented enough, all great bands have to have great people behind them to make the ship run smoothly as did Richard. It's so so easy to slag off somebody you might have read about, Richard is these days in a good place and living a happy healthy life in London.
  5. Richard Cole

    Jeez guys you sound so bitter!! you do know all this happened a very long time ago...you should perhaps chill out a bit.
  6. Richard Cole

    That is the name of the group page, I am not asking you to like it or join it, It always amazes me how many people seem to dismiss Richard as somebody who only was good at getting the drugs the birds and the booze sorted..that is a very big mistake. Richard worked long and hard previous to any tour to make sure all was at it should be...could you do it?
  7. Yes but again you just the Narcotics and the ladies..do you think Richard Cole was only good at Acquiring this? Zeppelin were one of (if not the) biggest band in the world at this time and as I said above Peter Grant wouldn't risk any of this with man only interested in junk, booze and birds!!
  8. Rare Zeppelin pics...

    Surely this is Jimmy and NOT Robert?
  9. Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    This was taken at French's Forest Sydney Australia.
  10. Richard Cole

    Hi all, I run The Richard Cole Appreciation Society on Facebook, this is the link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/42640399682/ Richard often comes on to the page as do many people who were around at the time of Zeppelins great successes.
  11. Hi, if you are on Facebook I run a group called The Richard Cole Appreciation Society. If you want to join just go to the page.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/42640399682/

  12. So Richard Cole was very fortunate was he. Yes I dare say he was BUT nobody can just walk into a job that requires a person with a very quick mind someone who can think on so many levels sometimes all at once, AND who has to deal with so many important issues whilst others are living it up. Yes of course Richard enjoyed the perks that come with such a position but he was the right man for the job why did he last for 12 years if he was no good? Peter Grant a savvy man who looked after his charges took Richard on not just to tour manage Led Zeppelin but many of his bands, he wouldn't have done so if he had any doubts.