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  1. Jimmy's side of the story, "I'd like to be seen playing live again, but don't expect it to happen any time soon".
  2. Very Very deceptive cover suggesting a great story regarding these three and the show.
  3. It was a huge white light with a wheel of colored gells that spun around. Kinda like the mini ones people used to use to light their christmas trees
  4. I saw a couple Page Plant shows from all their tours. In 98 Jimmy was playing extremely well but it's not Zeppelin so I'm in the "I'll take a 77 show over Page and Plant camp"
  5. Listening to Clapton is like watching paint dry.
  6. C'mon We need a translation!!!
  7. those are awesome
  8. Shhh!, Don't tell anyone, It's in my garage!
  9. The Jones symbol with Feather The Bonham behind his kit The Hermit The Oakland postcard and the dark blimp on chest
  10. I use flac all the time, it is smaller than wav but not by a huge amount. GTBT/CB is listed as being 4:06 in my winamp playlist
  11. Hey peeps Is there anyone here who can hook me up with this Thanks
  12. What shenanigans?