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  1. Not exclusively, the interviewer asks him questions that are not related to his solo album.
  2. Very nice little interview, but I wish there was a bit more. Especially a question about Zep's 50th anniversary.
  3. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Listen to the difference between Heartbreaker and WIAWSNB. Heartbreaker sounds natural, dynamic and your get a sense of space, you can hear the audience when the music is low level. WIAWSNB sounds dull, and noise reduced, , volume jacked up but none of the ambiance of the original 7th source tape. Maybe it is a transfer of the "newly found" remainder of the 7th source tape but in that case it's a shit transfer or the tape degraded, due to damage or time. Those first 7 songs of the 7th source are outstanding. Anyone know what's the deal with this?? For the full show I prefer EV's First Attack Of The Rising Sun (source 5) or Wendy's Meet The Led Zeppelin.
  4. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    It's hard to believe that the remainder of that show that Empress Valley released on Flying Rock Carnival is from the same 7th source. The story was the master tapes were lost in a fire, after an earthquake in Kobe in 1995. Someone who is really knowledgeable about tape sources can comment on this in detail but to me it sounds like they took another source and tweaked it as much as possible to try to sound close to the first fragment. That old 7th source tape which was released on Watchtower as Rock Carnival , sounds way more natural and clean than the songs after Stairway on the EV's Flying Rock Carnival.
  5. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Yep, that's true. I forgot about that...been a while since I listened to that tape. Still a very enjoyable listen to me.
  6. Atlanta 1973 soundcheck photos

    Yeah, the rings were added after Tampa for the Jacksonville gig. That kit does look great in the sun, like orange candy. He made them sound better than they usually do. Magic touch.
  7. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Agreed! That's an often listened to show for me. Early versions ran slow but speed corrected , that is a bitchin' show!! I don't have a low gen to compare but TDOLZ version sounds as good or better than any other release I've heard, it just needs to be sped up quite a bit. I had EVs latest low priced release and it was at correct speed but sounded like a much higher gen tape or poor transfer. Dull and hissy. There is a no label cdr release that sounds brilliant, bright , clear, no noise reduction or heavy EQ.
  8. Atlanta 1973 soundcheck photos

    I wonder if Bonzo had played these drums in England before coming over for the tour, or if he met his Vistalite kit in the US , at this soundcheck?? Notice the bass drum doesn't have the 3 rings yet .
  9. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    RAH 70 is the best but it's basically officially released so I don't count that show. The soundboard / multi track fragment from Long Beach 72 is my favorite, sonically. With audience tapes, I have several favs, of course Millard recs, but I think 2/12/75 AUD source is actually better than Eddie (ok, here it comes) ...it sounds a bit cleaner and more distinct, though perhaps not as atmospheric as Eddie . Copenhagen 79, Baton Rouge 75 , Bonzos Bday, Munich 73, Blueberry Hill stereo source 5. Then there's 9/23/71 ...the partial 7th source which is only the first third of the show. That may be my fav! Too hard to choose.
  10. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    I like this post. But I hope you're just a little wrong and that they (EVSD) unveil some real treats for the 50th year. 🙁 As much as I love those 75 board tapes, I have heard enough for a while from that tour, especially after the outstanding 3/21 show release. I find I'm often listening anxiously to SBDs from '75, hoping Plant and Page won't make too many mistakes. Japan '71 would indeed be something else entirely.
  11. My Ringtone

    Just record whatever song clip you want to use to your phone, assuming you have a smart phone with an audio recording function. You can then save the file as a ring tone.
  12. Peter Grant & Robert Plant interview 1976

    Third leg of the tour??
  13. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    Yes, exactly. HTEWW!! An early 75 show would be a treat, but after being teased with that Black Dog...come on for chrissakes! Let's have it!
  14. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    So no word yet. If they do have the full 928 board then they may wait until 2018 as a 50th anniversary type thing. Now that would be something to look forward to for 50th Zep bday, a board tape from 71!! I don't care much if it's going to be another 75 board. It feels like they're saturating the bootleg scene with 75 shows , so if there are truly board tapes in their possession from other years, please ....a little contrast and variety!
  15. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    Has there been any more info regarding a possible release of this SBD tape? The Black Dog teaser is so tantalizing. Empress Valley, I implore you ...please put this one out next, in an affordable version if you will!