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  1. Yes! You nailed it, thank you! I always assumed it was earlier in the year , maybe during the winter 69 tour. I have to go back and listen all the shows I have from summer 69 and try to identify the sound of two bass drums. Maybe the Rockpile shows....there could be a few moments when I thought it sounded like two.
  2. Can anyone identify the date and or location of the few photos of Bonzo playing behind two bass drums? I have only seen maybe three pics , which all seem to be from the same gig /venue.
  3. Hampton 1971

  4. One of the more obscure Zep items out there..

  5. Scared Straight 1978 Led Zep tee

    I see these and wonder, does anyone actually pay these But It Now prices??? Fucking nonsense. I have a 1980 bootleg t-shirt that I bought back then which has a memorial to Bonzo on the back. It's horribly done, the image on the front is dreadful...Plant looks like his face is stretched out like Gloria Vanderbilt. I have seen identical ones on eBay for $300 -$700 . 😂 Fucking joke.
  6. 1/22/73 Southampton multitrack

    Absolutely agree, Southampton is a good show, not bad, not great. The fidelity fluctuates all over the place too I presume because it was a work in progress when it got out to Empress Valley or whoever put it out first. I really think the biggest challenge with preparing any show after 72 for release is Plants erratic vocal performances. Europe 73 has some of the most inspired interactive playing ever , but Plant is cracking all over the place on every show. Seems like a lot of surgery would have to be done to the vocal tracks. I'll take Japan 71 over Southampton in a NY second. No contest.
  7. I was wondering that. Thanks.
  8. Jason Bonham Asked to Change Band Name to "LZ Evening"

    I cannot wrap my head around this one! They had an issue with the word Experience, and not with using the name Led Zeppelin?!! Who is they anyway, Warner / Chappell ...Page?
  9. Is it safe to assume the RAH '69 concert was pro filmed based on the big camera seen in this pic? If so, who would've filmed it and where might the footage be?

    Old thread here...just brought back a memory of standing in the back of the hall watching the video montage and feeling almost euphoric, until Kid Rock became the turd in the punch bowl. Thankfully Stairway cleansed that stench away. That was a magic night for me.
  11. It seems more than just Zep Japan and 80, most all boots are gone. They cleaned house over there. Same with other artists too, Empress Vally , many labels are blocked entirely. Sucks.