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  1. You can actually hear his breaths at times. As good as it can sound, the mellotron would sound clearly synthetic if you could A/B it side by side with harmonized wooden recorders. Seeing as this went a bit off topic, I would just say Jones "wrote " the part the OP questions in this thread title, but he likely composed it i.e. improvised it during rehearsals or through the takes. He tended to play a similar thematic variation live , but never exactly the same. Something he does on many, many tunes....i.e. Stairway, Rain Song , All My Love.
  2. Best White Summers?

    Not that I've ever seen. It really is one of my favorite performances of Jimmy, because it's so unique. It's a gem.
  3. Best White Summers?

    Agreed entirely. For Your Life would've fit well too, as would many other choices.
  4. Best White Summers?

    Yeah, love those too. He gets into a trance like vibe in that era.
  5. Best White Summers?

    Yes, on some of the the complete BBC sessions. Its on YouTube of course.
  6. Best White Summers?

    I love the Julie Felix show one, where he plays the big Gibson acoustic.
  7. New Mystery Soundboard?

    That's all I've done. I'm not paying for that shit. If I had the $$$ I might support EV since they put the thing out but I can't spare $400 right now. No way.
  8. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Yes, sorry about that. Looks like end of the month.
  9. New Mystery Soundboard?

    It's already available.
  10. Absolutely, I agree with this... however, there are many clams especially with Roberts vocals, and Jimmy, which would have to be fixed. I doubt they would sign off on mistakes being put out there officially, especially Robert.
  11. Explosive Live Tracks

    Yes! Really any version , especially the 71 ones. There's a particularly rip roaring version from one of the late UK 71 shoes, I think it's Leicester. Bonzo breaks his bass drum head!
  12. Maybe you're referring to the wooden recorders, which Jones played on the studio version. Live he used the mellotron. I think Jones said he came up with the recorder part and recorded each voice separately, overdubbing them.
  13. Exactly. Also, as I said earlier I think its likely JPJ improvised those parts in question in the OP , on the mellotron...they most likely were not written out. It's basically a solo. No composer credit for a nice solo. As someone else pointed out , JPJ had white a number of song credits, as did Bonzo, over 20. Not bad for a drummer!
  14. Updated Soundboard Wish List

    Thanks for the clarification, and thanks for all you've shared!