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  1. What next? AGAIN

    Word, though I'd be very happy with an officially released best of Earls Court , or 77 LA run , or Copenhagen 79.
  2. What next? AGAIN

    Dig it, well....live release it will be then.
  3. What next? AGAIN

    Yes, I agree... although I dont think anyone expected St Tristan's Sword or Carrot Celery, Pea Pod medley. Did Jimmy pointedly say no more unheard studio material exists, or will surface? Most diehard fans would eagerly welcome a live show or even a compilation. My list would be Japan 71, Earls Court, LA '77 (prob no multi tracks??) or Copenhagen Warm Ups. I just don't know if the powers at be think there are enough die hard fans to warrant another live release. I would think k so , but...🤔
  4. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    The master transfer of this tape sounds very good and clear but not as bright as this remaster. A good EQ job to the master would provide nice results, and that would be the complete show.
  5. Gawd!! I hope that's not what's being prepped for release.
  6. Seattle 73 Question

    Does anyone here have the Graf Zep 5 CD set? If so, I'm wondering if the mono source patch used for the beginning minute or so of No Quarter is only one channel? the Neckey remaster is dead on the left side. Did Graf fix that issue and put the audio in both channels?
  7. Seattle 73 Question

    Correct. As I said the Neckey remaster uses that stereo source, which is missing Dazed, Moby and some other parts. The only boot label to release it is as the primary source is Graf Zeppelin in their 5-disc title.

    Here here!! One of my favs too. The coda is a bitch too!
  9. Bootlegs

    I have an excellent sounding transfer on vinyl of Paris Olympia. There is almost no point though in owning the vinyl sonically over a CD if they use digital sources and transfers . It's really just for the aesthetic value, the artwork. Then again, that damn Paris show sounds and it's cool to see the colored vinyl spin!
  10. Thanks to fans, Final concert

    Yes, I agree. Only Jones would be able to cover his role without difficulty, IMO. Plant would have to speak his words and Jimmy seems like he won't ( can't) even jam on a blues with friends anymore. If they want to do something for the fans then I wish it would be a concert video, as.discussed in the other thread here on that subject. Then legions of fans young and old would be happy. If not then what we got is what we have.
  11. The Rain Song

    Yes, a very nice unintentional variation !
  12. Seattle 73 Question

    Agreed on discogs comment. The first source according to AA is the shorter source found only on LP originally. He calls Source 2 the long, almost complete tapes used on TDOLZ. However, bootledz says Graf is the only label to use source 2 as the primary which is no correct unless he's calling AA's source 2 source 1 ! ?? Is he mixing up sources?? Seems like there is some misleading info somewhere in there. Neckey was name for a remaster bloke, he was not the taper. The Graf Zep title may likely be ripped from the Neckey which was shared on dime years ago. Maybe Graf did their own merge but I doubt it. I have the Neckey, pm me if you'd like it.
  13. Gary, I want to say THANK YOU for making the effort to get the tapes properly transferred and for preserving this treasure. Mad props!!
  14. Seattle 73 Question

    I assume Graf Zepp either used the Neckey merge or did their own version along the same lines, using the old LP version as a primary source?
  15. The Rain Song

    I can't really point to a specific live version that really stands out, precisely because of what blindwillie said. Since there really is not much improvising other than the playing of the ensemble parts/no real solos to speak of, it makes for a fairly predictable song live...and Plant's voice was often rough live in 73 and 75 , so most live versions he sounds like he's straining . There are some good ones ...usually if the mellotron isn't out of tune that automatically makes for a good version, and if Plant can hit the notes . Actually I think TSRTS film version is a great one and I think its the only song from the soundtrack that is exclusively one take, not spliced. Bonham plays with mallets and sticks live which gives it a different feel than the use of brushes only on the studio track.