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  1. Thank you. I'm trying to reach Jason...he's gotta see BONZOLEUM ! Maybe he already has?? Haha.
  2. Such a terrible way to go, sorry for her family and friends.
  3. OK, so my friend Terry , aka Bonzoleum came over last week and we geeked out on a couple Bonzo topics... one of which was the stuff he played on live versions of D & C. This is just the end , but for those who like this kind of drum geek mania - the whole video, and a couple others we did can be found on YouTube. Here are both. We plan to unite and make a new YouTube channel focusing on Bonham's drumming. Stay tuned! P.S. Apologies for the vertical perspective...it is all terry's fault ! Future videos will be in horizon aspect. Sheesh!!
  4. Famous Shows On New Vinyl

    As a drummer that ruins the whole thing for me. They fucked with Bonzos great solo!? Fuck em, they ain't getting my $$. I'll stick to hearing the show as it was played on another release which I can't imagine this sounds that much better, if at all.
  5. Yes, and that may be a giveaway that it's a front of house board mix , not multitrack.
  6. I just assumed it was Empress Valley that leaked the Black Dog sound board tape, because wasn't it an extra track on one of their other releases? Also, it doesn't sound so much like a multitrack recording to me but I would defer to someone more experienced in audio matters.
  7. Famous Shows On New Vinyl

    I cannot imagine it'd be any better than a well done digital transfer, since I am pretty certain the pressing plates are sourced from digital download or CD. The covers have nice pics though. You just have to see a good unbiased objective review, or take the chance and buy it and hear for yourself.
  8. Third album with Crowley quote

    Is it a UK or US pressing? If it's an early UK plum orange label pressing it may be worth a few hundred bucks in EX condition. Consult discogs for pressing info and comparable pricing.
  9. Third album with Crowley quote

  10. Famous Shows On New Vinyl

    I have the Paris Olympia show on a recent yellow vinyl issue and I think it sounds as good or better than any other version I've heard, probably because I have a good turntable and amp set up, but my guess is these pressings are just sourced from digital , either downloads or prior CD releases so there isn't much point to having them other than the aesthetic value of the vinyl and large cover art. Most of the time they're not complete shows anyway. If this Blueberry Hill is simply the old vinyl copied to digital and then repressed there's no point really in getting it. The old vinyl runs off speed. I'm curious to hear too what this is. Is the track listing the same as the TMQ double LP?
  11. What next? AGAIN

    Yeah, and the moaning vocals I could do without. I much prefer the instrumental version which is slamming.
  12. Question Re: Concert Footage TSRTS

    I have to politely disagree here. The performances on TSRTS are superior to EC, especially by Page.
  13. Hard To Find Photos

    Wish I could see whatever this is, but I'm not on Facebook. 😐