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  1. I have been able to listen to a good portion of the new version of the show and it sounds great. Pitch is now being adjusted then it will be remastered and posted. I’m going to try to also post a version without breaks between songs so that it can be listened to as it was on the original tape.
  2. Here's a bit of an update. It's coming along. The new recording does include the ending to No Quarter and the correct Moby Dick. I believe that it should run about 2:54 or so when done.
  3. I just wanted to report back that the transfer of the Audio from the Listen to This Erik June 21 Forum show is going well. Azimuth-adjusted playback is on a NaguchiCR-7A cassette deck. Capture is 24/96. It will be available soon!
  4. Hey Strider, no Unfortuneatly I didn't keep the tape running to long after the end. As you yourself know it was LATE! I had to be at work at 8 a.m. So I think we pretty much headed out quickly. GB
  5. I've made arrangements to have the original 6/21/77 tapes redone by one of the best guys around. I did make a 2nd copy very early and never played the original after that. Not sure what the conditions of the tapes are but I have unbelievable confidence that the tapes will be done to their best possible sound. I'm more anxious than anyone to hear it. I'll get it out as soon as I get it. I'm planning on posting to as many free sites as possible. Just so stoked that people are enjoying it for what is- a very raw raucous f'ing unbelievably loud epic Zeppelin show. From June 22 (when then show actually ended:)) to now I can't help but get chills every time listening as Page hits that first note of TSRTS, also Page strolling out from the drum riser just as he starts the Stairway solo, and when Bonzo kicks off Rock and Roll (insane crowd reaction!). This was a night I'll never forget (even thought Erik did) and this tape has made it a very vivid memory for me even to this day. Peace, Gary
  6. Very cool that you were at that 6/21 show too! I've been to over 500 shows at least and the intensity of both the band and the crowd that night have never been matched! And it's not even close!. The funniest thing is looking at the price on your ticket stub- $5.25. I paid $6.75 for first row above walkway right at corner of the stage on JPJ's side. I saw where someone posted that you wrote a great post about that show. I'd love to read that. Is it still on the Forum site? Hopefully I'll get that new version out ASAP. Take care, Gary

    1. Strider


      My avatar is of my 1972 Forum ticket stub. For the 1977 shows I paid around $9. Look for "Strider's 1977 Tour Thread" in the Main Section of the Zep forum.

  7. Sorry didn't mean to repost your post- just trying to reply! Still learning about this forum. Here's my reply: Thanks. The crowd is one thing I'll always remember from that night. It was insane. They were scheduled to come on at 7:30 and by the time they came on there was mass hysteria. When they walked onstage there were so many flashbulbs going off it look like someone had turned on a strobe light. My tape definitely captures that. It was insane. I'm stoked to see so many people like it. I can't wait to get a better version made. It will get done and I'll share it as soon as I get it. Take care, Gary
  8. While not an official musical track, the Stones Live in Texas from the Some Girls tour features the line, "Jimmy Page is all the rage, I could not see the reason why" in the song Star Star.
  9. I'm the guy with the alternative to LTTE. I finally made it back onto the LZ Forum. I've been reading the posts about my Youtube posting of the June 21, 1977 Zeppelin Forum show. I'd forgotten my password and couldn't sign in. As I stated on the youtube posting this version is cobbled together from the iTunes playlist that I had made years ago of my recording from the show. I messed up at some point years ago and somehow putthe Seattle version of Moby Dick on that playlist. When I get this redone it will have the correct version of MB. There is some speculation that Whole Lotta Love and RnR are from LTTE but unless I messed up again (and I won't know until I re-hear the original tape) it is the copy from my tape. I definitely will get it transferred in a better format. Several people have reached out to me to assist this transfer. Right now I'm planning on giving it to a friend in the Bay Area for transfer to a better digital format in 2 weeks. I live in San Luis Obispo, CA and if there is anyone that lives nearby and has the ability and equipment to transfer it before then that would be awesome. I would really love to hear it when it's done right. As for why it took 40 years to get this out, I have no great reason. There was already LTTE (which I've had for about 20 years). I just simply didn't know there was a great demand- Sorry! I've listened to this show since June 22, 1977 and can still remember so many things from the show by having the tape. I'm completely stoked that people like it. I still get chills just listening to the first notes of TSRTS. I will post as soon as I get done. I would love to hear the quality enhanced and done right. Take care, Gary P.S. the reason that I call it "listen to This Erik" is in honor of my longtime friend Erik. He unfortunately was so wasted at the show that he couldn't remember anything! Bad choice on his part!
  10. Los Angeles, CA- The Forum- June 21, 1977

    I was at this show and it was the most amazing single concert I've been to. This includes seeing The Wall performed live in 1980 and seeing Springsteen 26 times going back to 1980 as well as hundreds of other shows. . We had great seats in the loge. They came on over 2 hours late and the crowd was insane. There were so many flashes going off that it seemed like a strobe light. I still get chills listening to Page strike that opening note for The Song Remains the same. I snuck in a tape recorder and got a pretty decent recording of almost the entire show. Missed a couple of spots changing the tape. Not as good quality at "Listen to This Eddie" but in some places I like it better. I have very vivid memories of the show since I've had the recording from the start. On thing that I prefer on my recording is the reaction of the crowd to the start of "Rock and Roll" during the encore. You really can't heard that on the Eddie recording since the crowd noise has been taken out of it mostly. . It was almost 1:45 in the morning and when Zeppelin went from Whole Lotta Love to RnR the place exploded (again!) It was amazing. Saw them again on the fifth night of the stand but it wasn't nearly as memorable. My wife understand that if they ever come back (doubtful unfortunately), I will pay anything to get up close.