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  1. nick2632

    The best "Rain Song" live

    Not saying this is my favorite Rain Song since its missing the first 3 1/2 minutes lol, but Stoke, UK - Jan 15, 1973 is pretty damn killer.. Killer sbd recording too, aside from missing half the song. Can't wait to hear the 2018 remastered TSRTS Rain Song.
  2. nick2632

    Future Page Releases?

    I'm ready for some remastered companion audio already.
  3. nick2632

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    Hmm this is a bit tough when thinking about what song on the album would have made a better opener. The other 6 songs on ITTOD would have made very awkward openers, Wearing & Tearing would have been the only other option but In The Evening is a perfect opener with the extended moment before a classic Page riff. I'll have to say For Your Love would been a better opener on Presence.
  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get Celebration Day Remastered for the 50th anniversary release.
  5. This is something I have thought about before, for the benefit of showing others how great Zeppelin was live which breaking out Eddie or Blueberry Hill just doesn't work with most people as heavy bass driven, overly produced is what many people tend to listen to.. Enjoying Eddie or Blueberry Hill takes a serious listen for anyone who has never heard a bootleg before. That being said, I must 2nd Paul's suggestion of Houston '77 making for a solid release. Not saying Houston '77 is the best show ever, but between the performance and sound quality it's amongst the most enjoyable shows IMHO. Frankfurt 1980..? Some may find this a silly answer, but I find it a lot easier to get through Frankfurt '80 than Dallas '75.. The only moment I get bored throughout Frankfurt is during White Summer, which allows me time to roll a J before... Montreux '70.. How is this not an official release? A compilation of the '71 NA Tour would be possible between Hampton and Orlando. My own compilation of Royal Albert Hall & Vancouver '70 (Heartbreaker, SIBLY, & Thank You to complete the setlist) would also work. But if Jimmy took this route he better tell us upfront that those 3 tracks are from Vancouver '70 rather than us finding out after buying it lol.
  6. nick2632

    My cover of Thank You

    Haha not quite as bad as getting booed on stage, I would imagine.. I have a feeling I will experience that someday if I ever dare get on stage! Anyway, thank you.
  7. nick2632

    My cover of Thank You

    Trying to be bring my A game here, but perfection is left for the professionals.
  8. Zeppelin participating in record store day..? Yeah, not going to happen. Also, highly doubtful of that bird from III being the slightest indication of what's to come. I've almost ruled out getting anymore studio material, but if we do it will certainly be interesting. It was obvious that Page's #1 rule with the companion discs was to include professional sound quality tracks, which has left an opening for that 2-3 CD compilation album of more interesting material. But that's something for 5 years down the road. We need something exciting for a 50th, meaning 929.
  9. nick2632

    Favorite HMMT performance?

  10. nick2632

    Favorite HMMT performance?

    Anyone listen to Toronto 1969-08-18? Not the best, but damn did that concert sound like a blast!? Love the way Plant introduces the band "On drums, and lead guitar.." lol. Anyway 2 questions about it (HMMT intro). Before Plant introduces Bonzo, he said "On bass guitar, and Hammond organ.. JPJ". Could have sworn Jonsey strictly played bass through 1969 because it's expensive to haul a Hammond organ around..? Also, anyone know who introduced Plant!? Could that have been Jimmy Page!?!?
  11. I'll have to say for me, it's specifically Thank You - Montreal 1972-06-07. The recording isn't great to begin with, then concludes with the most tedious CUT at the final chorus... Yet something about it has drawn me back to it so damn many times.
  12. nick2632

    top 5 favorite No Quarters

    I'll keep this one simple.. 1973-05-26 - Salt Lake City. 1973-07-17 - Seattle. 1973-07-28 - New York. 1975-03-19 - Vancouver. 1977-06-23 - LA Forum.
  13. nick2632

    Europe 73 - Best of

    Yeah.. Unfortunately the only way to do that would be if they multi tracked the shows, which a soundboard recording does not have individual tracks..
  14. Here's what I mentioned.. Now don't under any circumstances go away with any impression that this will be it, but I don't see there being a few shows that the band recorded (on soundboard, obviously) for a personal reference being out of the question.. These guys were a little bit more professional than what many might think.. They were certainly doing their homework (listening to themselves and perfecting every detail in their music) throughout 1969-1973. While touring throughout 1971, and working on the definite rock n roll album they certainly were making some type of sound board recordings, before the NA tour. Why hasn't some magical recording like this been released by now? Simply because this isn't golden standard multi tracked material that Page prefers to use for official releases, It sounds like Page has been scraping the bottom of the barrel of the multi tracked tapes of RAH '70, Osaka '71, CA '72, Southampton & NY '73, EC '75, Knebworth '79.. But perhaps decided to take a look at the bottom shelf 'band reference' soundboard tapes to see if there's anything interesting.. To say the least, there might be a coincidence between the specific things we randomly got last year between these photos, the Montreux show (and the photos of the reels of that show), and the 1971-09-28 Black Dog... All seem like little things that purposely get out when Page digs into the vault.. I would imagine that when Page and Shirley or whoever digs in the vault and gathers some shows, along with the digital transfering work they would label everything in a rather quick, yet authentic fashion like this, as they are quite professionals in the music production business. But at the end of the day. If this is just some random audience recording someone has the fortune of hoarding, and we get some underwhelming EC '75 compilation live album, I'll still be happy to get to add something to my Zeppelin collection.. Heck just an audio release of the DVD would be awesome lol.
  15. It looks like pure speculation around here so I'll try to add to that... I have no idea how I could remember this, but I know everyone remembers back in September 2016 when we got the Montreux '70 upgrade with Communication Breakdown, and the unexplained photos that complimented it.. I seem to recall a photo of what seemed to be an official document of Copenhagen 1971-05-04 setlist (the unheard following night) which listed Gallows Pole... September 2016, as soon as TCBBC was all finished and released it was certainly time to began checking the vault for something special for this upcoming release.