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  1. top 5 favorite No Quarters

    I'll keep this one simple.. 1973-05-26 - Salt Lake City. 1973-07-17 - Seattle. 1973-07-28 - New York. 1975-03-19 - Vancouver. 1977-06-23 - LA Forum.
  2. Europe 73 - Best of

    Yeah.. Unfortunately the only way to do that would be if they multi tracked the shows, which a soundboard recording does not have individual tracks..
  3. Here's what I mentioned.. Now don't under any circumstances go away with any impression that this will be it, but I don't see there being a few shows that the band recorded (on soundboard, obviously) for a personal reference being out of the question.. These guys were a little bit more professional than what many might think.. They were certainly doing their homework (listening to themselves and perfecting every detail in their music) throughout 1969-1973. While touring throughout 1971, and working on the definite rock n roll album they certainly were making some type of sound board recordings, before the NA tour. Why hasn't some magical recording like this been released by now? Simply because this isn't golden standard multi tracked material that Page prefers to use for official releases, It sounds like Page has been scraping the bottom of the barrel of the multi tracked tapes of RAH '70, Osaka '71, CA '72, Southampton & NY '73, EC '75, Knebworth '79.. But perhaps decided to take a look at the bottom shelf 'band reference' soundboard tapes to see if there's anything interesting.. To say the least, there might be a coincidence between the specific things we randomly got last year between these photos, the Montreux show (and the photos of the reels of that show), and the 1971-09-28 Black Dog... All seem like little things that purposely get out when Page digs into the vault.. I would imagine that when Page and Shirley or whoever digs in the vault and gathers some shows, along with the digital transfering work they would label everything in a rather quick, yet authentic fashion like this, as they are quite professionals in the music production business. But at the end of the day. If this is just some random audience recording someone has the fortune of hoarding, and we get some underwhelming EC '75 compilation live album, I'll still be happy to get to add something to my Zeppelin collection.. Heck just an audio release of the DVD would be awesome lol.
  4. It looks like pure speculation around here so I'll try to add to that... I have no idea how I could remember this, but I know everyone remembers back in September 2016 when we got the Montreux '70 upgrade with Communication Breakdown, and the unexplained photos that complimented it.. I seem to recall a photo of what seemed to be an official document of Copenhagen 1971-05-04 setlist (the unheard following night) which listed Gallows Pole... September 2016, as soon as TCBBC was all finished and released it was certainly time to began checking the vault for something special for this upcoming release.
  5. Favorite/Best version of Since I've Been Loving You

    ...really one of my favorite songs found in the setlist from '70-'80. It's truly amazing how they approached the song so many different ways, yet always nailed it. Now I know my former self would disagree, but I have been leaning towards '71 as the best performances of the song.. Now don't hold me on this because I have been really enjoying the long waited SIBLY from Seattle '75. But as with Heartbreaker, I'll say Hampton, VA 1971-09-09 is absolutely great. Highly recommend this partial soundboard recording (GF: High Heeled Sneakers) has to be one of the best bootlegs, despite it ending early.. Is this release just a soundboard recording? Certainly one of the best quality soundboard recordings out there.. It's never
  6. Pat's Delight

    I think part of it has to do with the tone of the guitar being similar to Cream.
  7. Best Heartbreaker Live

    Hampton 1971-09-09 gets my vote. I also really like the Zeppelin I companion disc version. Love the energy of those opening 3 tracks!
  8. It Makes Me Wonder

    I was just referring to a couple comments at the beginning of this post about Bonzo possibly not liking to play the song.
  9. It Makes Me Wonder

    C'mon amateur's. Dancing Days came up a few times in '77 The soundboard recording of the 1977-05-26 Landover performance is incredible. As for The Ocean, really should have been an occasional encore through the end.. However, I believe Bonzo being against it. He seemed a bit frustrated with it since the 5th take.. Perhaps he just never felt confident with it. I don't know much at all about drums, but that does seem like a very tedious song to nail on drums.
  10. Best LIVE VERSION of Ten Years Gone?

    Well Ten Years Gone is actually a rather easy song to play on guitar, though it does take some concentration to get the timing right and of course you have to be feeling it to get the solos where they were on the good nights. It doesn't really matter how difficult Jonsey's part was, as he was always on. Now Bonzo's roll played a huge part on this song as it suffered extremely in the outro in San Diego.. But also one of the few songs that would benefit from a mediocre Plant, maybe not benefit but not be held back like Rock And Roll was in 75.. Thank You was another song I thought was great when Plant wasn't at his top (Phoenix 1970 perfect example).
  11. The Rain Song

    I'll try to toss my 2 cents in.. Best performance of Rain Song? Truly difficult to answer, but some favorite live performances (at this moment of time).. Vancouver 1975-03-20.. This is actually a long time favorite.. This is the one where everyone is ON. Tokyo 1972-10-02. Never really been a fan of the early performances of the Rain Song, but the very 1st performance varies the furthest from the original studio release making it a refreshing listen to say the least. Brussels 1980-06-20.. There is more to 1980 Zeppelin than Frankfurt and that botched Kashmir in Zurich... Earl's Court 1975-05-23..
  12. Copenhagen 24.07.79 Oh yes!!

    Since I've Been Loving You. No Quarter. Ten Years Gone. Have always been the standouts to me.. Best ever? No.
  13. Best White Summers?

    I agree with this... I actually like that short performance on the studio album, it's very mesmerizing. But i do not like it live.. besides when it ended with Kashmir.
  14. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Not quite sure who to thank for this one, but I have not heard a soundboard + audience (matrix) recording like this since 1975-02-12 ~ New York.. Which has always been right below the professionally recorded shows of my list of best sound quality shows.. Heck, you have to actually listen with a good, solid stereo to tell it's not quite as good as TSRTS. http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=2457
  15. Kashmir - 1977-07-20 Tempe, AZ. Damn a soundboard recording of this show would be very interesting. I really like Bonzo's delayed intro on this one.

    Vancouver 1975-03-19.
  17. Ten Years Gone is an absolute pleasure to listen to from that show. One of my favorites.
  18. ^^ Yes, a better recording of LA '71 is a dream. That's one to remember that a poor recording is 100x better than no recording. However, I would rather see EV releasing LA 1971-08-21 (SBD) than Led Zeppelin.. I would imagine Thank You not being included (see HTWWW for example). I hate to believe that LA '71 wasn't recorded with the same equipment as Orlando 10 nights later.
  19. May 4, 1971?

    Another Gallows Pole performance!?!? That's what I love about them Zeppelin bootlegs.. I keep getting older, but they slowly keep on coming. Alright, alright, alright, alright. Thanks for sharing.. I'm oddly more excited about seeing the possibility of this show existing than I am to hear the Seattle soundboard.
  20. Bootlegs with the guitar on only one channel

    1973-01-22 ~ Southampton University, UK is exactly what you're looking for.
  21. Hmm I think overall including the circumstances of the show being complete I must choose the legendary Royal Albert Hall performance on January 9, 1970.. For anyone who has never came across the recording of Jonsey's Organ Solo intro into Thank You from the RAH '70 show.. Keep in mind it's a 50 second clip, but be sure to listen on a decent stereo or good headphones to feel Bonzo's drums during the intro. http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/mp3/m204-700109-LH-006-A07.mp3
  22. Just stole a mp3 copy of Tokyo Japan 1972/10/02 after previously dismissing the Japan '72 run besides that glorious performance of Thank You in Nagoya 1972/10/05. For being the very first live performance of the Rain Song, I must say what an absolute killer performance!? I have never cared to hear any '72 performances of the Rain Song, but this one is something else.. Love the way Plant sings the climatic section here. Glad to have added this show to my collection.. I must be getting close to 80 full shows by now (mp3 copies, that is). Also added Montreal 1972/06/07 to it yesterday and have a tough time not listening to that performance of Thank You.. That guitar solo is completely out of this world.. The extended pause between the end of the solo and when Plant comes in is something else.. Page and Plant are both at the very top of their game here, and makes it seem obvious of how this specific month is often claimed as Zeppelin's peak. However, I nearly end it in tears due to that f***ing cut. But at the very least, I will take this cut performance of Thank You wayyyy over no recording of it to begin with though! Also got the U.K. 1971/11/16 show (only other show with Gallows Pole performed full other than Copenhagen 1971/05/03), and still can't believe what a great one that is.. That performance of Gallows Pole as the encore is absolutely blistering!! Certainly one of the best recordings of Since I've Been Loving You as well! Oh also got another new one yesterday specifically to listen to today.. San Francisco 1973/06/02!! Can't believe I never had this one before.. Off to that now.
  23. The Blue Oyster Cult thread

    Ugh.. Half a life time ago I was offered a free ticket to see BÖC, and at the time I knew it, and still nearly 2 years later I know that was the best damn concert I have ever seen!! (I've attended nearly enough concerts to count on 1 hand..). But before the gig I was well aware of Burning For You, I believe from Joe Dirt haha. I purchased a used BÖC like a decade ago, but just never got into them.. However, I have listened to Godzilla probably 500 times since this performance in this video.. Seeing them in a small venue that fits 250 people, and only like 50 people in the pit area, which I was the last person down there allowing me to rest my hells on the last step down there which allowed me to rise about 12" above everyone else making me nearly 7' tall giving me perfect visual of the entire band... It was a great night! Since then I was able to pick up a copy of their Spectres LP used for $4.. That's actually a Promo Copy
  24. 1972 and 1973 Shows

    I must add San Diego '73. A partial soundboard recording is available for this one, and dispite the cuts throughout it we still get a pretty damn good show. Very enjoyable to say the least.
  25. Since I've Been Loving You has always been known to have been a hassle for Jimmy to be satisfied with the solo.. And to be convinced Bonzo's squeaking pedal wasn't too distracting from the song... Bonzo had some trouble with the timing on Stairway To Heaven, directly before the solo.. Clearly heard on the fantastic rough mixes of the song, that were somehow dismissed while releasing some silly Sunset Sound Mix..