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  1. cosmic_juice


    Regardless of examples i can vouch for this effect... Ive been to quite a few shows with lasers... One being Tool ... They also use a bunch of colorful spinning lasers and dry ice which creates this distorted effect when watching it and pics can have the same distortion.
  2. cosmic_juice


    The lines you see are an effect from the lasers... And if you want to see CCTV footage from that arena youtube the who and aerosmith...
  3. cosmic_juice

    How the west was won

    Search Youtube for the bootleg Burn Like a Candle ... Its a wonderful aud recording of the whole show with great atmosphere
  4. cosmic_juice


  5. cosmic_juice

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    You know ive been thinking the same thing... And plus if they are tight knit and are able to write together ... Even if it "sounds" similar to Zep they would be a cool retro sounding group
  6. Im really not trying to be negative just point out that there are a ton of No Quarter threads that have been started. Im thinking like 1 to 2 threads a month are started and the topic references NQ This must be evidence this is a fav song among die hards
  7. cosmic_juice

    favorite band (besides zeppelin)?

    Kiwi in my time on this forum I find it so awesome how our music tastes are so much the same (along with some other folks on here like Stryder and Sath). I was hanging out with some acquaintances one day who were dogging on early Fleetwood Mac and lets just say I didnt hang out with them much longer. Kudos on the Peter Green love ... Next to Jimmys les paul that Peter Green Les paul sound is so sweet and nasty. Cheers!!!
  8. cosmic_juice

    Record search

    Hey NA hopefully you hear it again and you can report back with some more info we would love to help. FYI led zeppelin was active between 1969 and 1980.
  9. cosmic_juice

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    I'm with you on fragmentation... There are so many more music styles and the music business has changed so much... With technology came that DIY spirit where artist can record and release without a physical product... Talk to 10 people on the street and each one could name bands/artists they love that the other 9 never heard of...
  10. cosmic_juice

    It Makes Me Wonder

    Also with Dancing Days... The group didnt feel like the hippie flower power lyrics were relevant past 1972.. Again hopefully someone comes along with quotes
  11. cosmic_juice

    It Makes Me Wonder

    I have no quotes to back this up however i do seem to remember a bootleg could be wrong though but it was bonham who was never too thrilled with The Ocean... I love the riff but it can be a bit repetitive and that part he didnt like .. Someone will be along shortly to correct me ;-)
  12. cosmic_juice

    Pontiac 1977 - New Photos

    And another pic showing the Opryland camera... The footage has to be out there. I think ive said this before... But im just going to live the rest of my days under the delusion it exists... It makes me feel better
  13. cosmic_juice

    New audience tape source for 6/21/77

    Thank you
  14. cosmic_juice

    New audience tape source for 6/21/77

    Could someone drop a link to the youtube page please?
  15. cosmic_juice

    Immigrant Song Ending Chord

    The OP has it right from what i can see which i find interesting because when i approach this chord i play it as a gmin7 3rd ommited in the bass ala standard jazz way and some times i just focus in the upper register and nothing in the bass but it looks like jimmy includes the Bb 3rd in the chord. Its really a chord you strike aggressively and jimmys fingering just doesnt feel natural to me which is weird because im playing his song lol