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  1. It Makes Me Wonder

    Also with Dancing Days... The group didnt feel like the hippie flower power lyrics were relevant past 1972.. Again hopefully someone comes along with quotes
  2. It Makes Me Wonder

    I have no quotes to back this up however i do seem to remember a bootleg could be wrong though but it was bonham who was never too thrilled with The Ocean... I love the riff but it can be a bit repetitive and that part he didnt like .. Someone will be along shortly to correct me ;-)
  3. Pontiac 1977 - New Photos

    And another pic showing the Opryland camera... The footage has to be out there. I think ive said this before... But im just going to live the rest of my days under the delusion it exists... It makes me feel better
  4. New audience tape source for 6/21/77

    Thank you
  5. New audience tape source for 6/21/77

    Could someone drop a link to the youtube page please?
  6. Immigrant Song Ending Chord

    The OP has it right from what i can see which i find interesting because when i approach this chord i play it as a gmin7 3rd ommited in the bass ala standard jazz way and some times i just focus in the upper register and nothing in the bass but it looks like jimmy includes the Bb 3rd in the chord. Its really a chord you strike aggressively and jimmys fingering just doesnt feel natural to me which is weird because im playing his song lol
  7. Immigrant Song Ending Chord

    I thin I think that 7 #9 your hearing is because the main riff is rooted in f# so that ending riff having the g min chord thrown in gives it that kind of sound with the Bb D and G of the minor... ... Ive messed around with the live solo but am not even sure how jimmy is approaching it
  8. Immigrant Song Ending Chord

    It is a G minor... I think you've got it right
  9. 1977 North American Tour - 40th Anniversary

    I thought back for a moment and remember that part... I was waiting any moment for a botched not but he was super on it
  10. Favourite 'Achilles' Last Stand' of the '77 LA Run?

    Yeah i noticed that too
  11. 1977 North American Tour - 40th Anniversary

    Ive heard some clunky White Summers as far a 1977 goes and am in the boat that maybe this piece should have been retired by that point but I was listening to 6/27/77 and was really blown away by how good it was... He even pushes it but keeps it even!
  12. Favourite 'Achilles' Last Stand' of the '77 LA Run?

    I listened to this show the other day and when it started I wasn't sure if it was going to be any good but by the acoustic set onward i really enjoyed it
  13. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Hey this question is for those out there who are making matrix out of shows. Would a matrix sound good of the sbd and the audience recording or would the recordings not mesh? Anyone tried yet? What issues if any have you run into?
  14. Pontiac Silverdome 1977

    Thread bump on this one too!!! Wish we could atleast get a teaser on the possible vid of this show. And if there is a soundboard it will come out last as a grand finale.
  15. Houston 5/21/77

    Thread bump with all this talk of the Houston 77 video existing thought this might need to be bumped