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  1. The Black Sabbath Thread

    Eternal Idol is a very good album, but that's about all I listen to from that era. Basically that was the point in Sabbath's career where I just couldn't commit effort or interest to listening to the new direction/evolution.
  2. The Deep Purple Thread

    Yeah, Born Again is another overlooked album (horrid cover, though), probably the last "real" Sabbath album before the long string of effectively Iommi solo albums. Gillan apparently made a humorous comment about never being formally dismissed from the band, that he should go to a show one night and get ready to go on stage: https://www.geeksofdoom.com/2012/03/29/interview-former-black-sabbath-lead-singer-tony-martin
  3. The Deep Purple Thread

    Hasn't this been around for years (e.g. Scandinavian Nights)? So it's a typical re-release stunt? Unfortunate if so, but agreed, the version of Child in Time is astounding. Black Night is really hot, too.
  4. The Deep Purple Thread

    I'm a huge Purple fan. Burn is my favorite (love the Coverdale era, even though Stormbringer is not particularly strong), with Machine Head being a close second. Also agree with Perfect Strangers being a truly great album. Have to disagree with your opinion of In Rock, it's a classic, and Fireball is very underrated IMO. (Who Do We Think We Are is pretty weak, however.) And of course the various live albums are just smoking (pardon the pun). FWIW the Mark IV/Tommy Bolin era is unfairly overlooked.
  5. I've actually never thought Seattle '72 is as bad as everyone says; not great by any means, but I don't have to make any real effort listening to it. Baltimore '73 immediately comes to mind as a show that's clearly great, but requires some serious work to focus and listen to the awful recording.
  6. Vancouver 7-18-73 photos

    Truly outstanding pics from a very underrated concert (probably because of Plant's "illness"). And agreed with the commenter who noted that Page looks like Blackmore here, LOL.
  7. Pontiac 1977 - New Photos

    I'm no fan of '77, but I have to admit, these are very cool pics, thanks for posting.
  8. Dallas 3-5-75

    I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the 3-4 show, because back in the day it was the only soundboard from the US tour, but overall both Dallas shows are pretty mediocre. 3-4 has a brilliant OTHAFA and Kashmir, but sadly what sounds to be a great NQ is cut in all versions. The 2nd half that surfaced with the "soundboard revolution" is very sloppy and mars the complete experience. Overall the 3-5 show is probably better, but still pretty uninspired; even NQ with some nice bells and whistles comes off as sluggish. (And neither version of TU from these shows is on par with any of the West Coast versions.) The recently revealed Fort Worth show is much better than both Dallas nights, mainly because of the level of spontaneity, very enjoyable.
  9. What did they think of other bands

    Yes. The old Fleetwood Mac could put out some pretty good jams live. (Got no use for the better known pop lineup.)
  10. What's your favorite live Trampled Underfoot?

    Too many to choose from, but picking just three I'd go with 2/13/75, 3/27/75, and 5/24/75. In truth I'd take the entire bunch from Nassau-Vancouver-Seattle-LA.
  11. Atlanta 1973 soundcheck photos

  12. Southampton 73- Why it's the best bootleg

    This is a good way of putting it (and I'd add TY to the stand-outs).
  13. Southampton 73- Why it's the best bootleg

    Amazing sound quality, but performance too sloppy. Still quite enjoyable to listen to (this is '73 Zep after all). And I can't agree with your characterization of (some of) the European shows as being "a bit on the extreme side". The Euro '73 shows were unparalleled musicianship, pure and simple.
  14. Southampton '73 Multitrack

    No, and maybe. I think the sound quality is amazing, but overall the performance is very sloppy, esp. by the standards of '73. I would take May 24th or even 25th from Earl's Court as an official release over Southampton. (Or better yet, all three MSG '73 shows, like Purple did with the three shows comprising Made in Japan.) However, as you say, Southampton definitely has its moments (TY and CB come to mind, and I've always like STH from this show), so yeah, including them in a future compendium makes a lot of sense.
  15. Montreal 2/6/75 Underrated?

    The three minutes between Black Dog and Heartbreaker are particularly funny.