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  1. Coverdale/Page

    Bit OT but Coverdale recently released some remakes of songs from his Deep Purple tenure, it's very much worth checking out.
  2. Favorite/Best version of Since I've Been Loving You

    I love the versions from the '73 NA tour. TSRTS has already been justly mentioned, I'd also say the Seattle and Buffalo versions are fantastic as well.
  3. Best Heartbreaker Live

    In addition to Long Beach 3-12-75 and Vienna 3-16-73 already mentioned, I'd add Detroit 7-12-73, NY 7-28-73 (probably 29th as well), and Hampton '71 (esp. because of the heaviness of the soundboard recording). Despite the bad audience recording, I'd give consideration to Buffalo '73 also.

    Couldn't agree more, spellbinding version. The 2nd Long Beach show is nearly as good as the 2nd Seattle show, sometimes I think it's better.
  5. That's awesome, thanks for posting.
  6. Is Judas Priest the Metal Zeppelin

    Agreed, Redeemer of Souls is excellent, they are still putting out quality music.
  7. European Tour 1973

    Agreed, Vienna sometimes gets overlooked because of all the other monster shows from this tour, but it's a killer. The guitar-drum interplay on STH is particularly amazing, shows just how important Bonham was to the band.
  8. Best Jimmy Page Impersonator EVER! - Jimmy Sakurai

    I initially felt this way as well, but after hearing Led Zepagain's cover of TSRTS ("Fourth Night in NY"), I was blown away by how good Sakurai is, he really is faithful to Page's playing. Obviously no substitute for the real thing, but still worth checking out.
  9. Is Judas Priest the Metal Zeppelin

    When people ask me what kind of music I like, I tell them I'm a metal head. It's a much more diverse genre than people give it credit for. I recall an interview Page gave on the radio many years ago (can't remember any other details), where he said he didn't consider Zeppelin to be heavy metal, but that he liked metal because it didn't apologize. That hits the nail on the head, I'd say.
  10. Is Judas Priest the Metal Zeppelin

    I love Priest, but I'm not sure how to answer the question, or what it even means, to be honest. As others have noted, they tended to play the songs live as they appeared on album (I believe Tipton has said in interviews he didn't like when bands played studio songs completely differently on stage). So on that basis, I'd say "no". Although, like the best metal bands, they have a lot more versatility than they're given credit for, so "maybe"?
  11. The Black Sabbath Thread

    Eternal Idol is a very good album, but that's about all I listen to from that era. Basically that was the point in Sabbath's career where I just couldn't commit effort or interest to listening to the new direction/evolution.
  12. The Deep Purple Thread

    Yeah, Born Again is another overlooked album (horrid cover, though), probably the last "real" Sabbath album before the long string of effectively Iommi solo albums. Gillan apparently made a humorous comment about never being formally dismissed from the band, that he should go to a show one night and get ready to go on stage: https://www.geeksofdoom.com/2012/03/29/interview-former-black-sabbath-lead-singer-tony-martin
  13. The Deep Purple Thread

    Hasn't this been around for years (e.g. Scandinavian Nights)? So it's a typical re-release stunt? Unfortunate if so, but agreed, the version of Child in Time is astounding. Black Night is really hot, too.
  14. The Deep Purple Thread

    I'm a huge Purple fan. Burn is my favorite (love the Coverdale era, even though Stormbringer is not particularly strong), with Machine Head being a close second. Also agree with Perfect Strangers being a truly great album. Have to disagree with your opinion of In Rock, it's a classic, and Fireball is very underrated IMO. (Who Do We Think We Are is pretty weak, however.) And of course the various live albums are just smoking (pardon the pun). FWIW the Mark IV/Tommy Bolin era is unfairly overlooked.
  15. I've actually never thought Seattle '72 is as bad as everyone says; not great by any means, but I don't have to make any real effort listening to it. Baltimore '73 immediately comes to mind as a show that's clearly great, but requires some serious work to focus and listen to the awful recording.