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  1. JohnOsbourne

    Rehearsals at Manticore Studios, early 1977

    Interesting that Page looks reasonably healthy, esp. in comparison to his ghastly and emaciated appearance in America just a few months later.
  2. Fair point, I'd overlooked the drum intro.
  3. Some of the great improv in D&C (near the return to the main theme near the end) that was in the movie was not in the original '76 soundtrack. Their inclusion in the 2007 release alone makes that version competitive with (if not better than) the original IMO. Plus the inclusion of OTHAFA, SIBLY, etc. And it's not like NQ really loses any of the essence of the sublime solo. Count me as favoring '07 over '76 here.
  4. JohnOsbourne

    Best live version of The Rain Song

    Actually I think this has been asked here before (I'm too lazy to chase down the link), but it never hurts to bump a good topic. I agree with selecting the NY '73 versions, but I'd go with the 29th over the 28th, very nice heavy vibe.
  5. JohnOsbourne

    Next EV Release

    I'm not a '77 fan so I wouldn't care about a Greensboro SB. I really like the 3-10-75 show from the AUD tape but I'm concerned the SB will expose flaws like with Landover. Obviously the excruciating wait at this stage will be for the all-time great 3-12-75 Long Beach SB; sadly that's still probably two years away.
  6. JohnOsbourne

    Next EV Release

    If I had to bet I'd say either Greensboro '77 or the first '75 San Diego show.
  7. JohnOsbourne

    Led Zeppelin 50 Years Later - The Economist (Article)

    Ha ha, no, I suppose not.
  8. JohnOsbourne

    Led Zeppelin 50 Years Later - The Economist (Article)

    Uh, I don't know any old folks who would listen to hard rock or rap. Maybe they're ok with the Stones or Queen, but I think you're overstating things here.
  9. JohnOsbourne

    I've Been Sleeping On Bradfford 1973

    I don't think the 2nd leg of the British 72-73 tour is as good as the first leg (Dec '72 is very underrated), but I agree, Bradford is a really great show.
  10. JohnOsbourne

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    More likely it'd be his grandkids who have a box of tapes in their parent's garage who have no idea what their significance is. But as a general point I highly doubt this scenario. Or, at least I have little reason to believe it. Sure, there's probably still some dicks who won't share the shows they have, and some old timers who have no idea how technologically simple it would be to make the shows available, but at this stage I have to think these kinds of scenarios are very unlikely, and that it makes much more sense to assume that any shows that have yet to see the light of day, won't, for the simple reason that the recordings don't exist outside the Zeppelin camp. Outside of the Soundboard Revolution shows (which almost certainly come from the band in some way, either by consent or [probably] subterfuge), what new shows have come out since, say, 2002/3? (I'm thinking of the 7-7-73 Chicago show there.) Not very many.
  11. JohnOsbourne

    Robert Plant Oakland 07/24/77

    I thought it was generally accepted that the band recorded all of their shows, at least starting in 1970 or so, so they could review performances, etc. Which is why it's also generally accepted that these "soundboard revolution" tapes originate with someone connected to the band somehow, either through theft or leak. Which is not to say individual or particular soundboards couldn't get out by other means, like the Destroyer show you mention, but those are the exceptions that prove the rule.
  12. JohnOsbourne

    1975 US Soundboards "Live Album"

    To each his own, but NQ from the 28th is easily the worst from all the shows you picked from. In fact of all the soundboards I'd probably only put it ahead of Landover and maybe tied with the 2nd Dallas show. I've always thought the Baton Rouge was overrated. St Louis NQ vs 2nd Seattle, now that would be an interesting controversy.
  13. JohnOsbourne

    Audience recordings Vs, Sound boards

    Depends on the show. Compare Landover '75 audience vs soundboard, and Seattle '75 (2nd night) audience vs soundboard. In my experience ones opinion of an excellent audience show won't be affected by the soundboard, but a merely good show (no matter how enjoyable) very likely will. For example it's very possible the 1st San Diego '75 show will be cut down a few notches when the SB comes out, but there's no way the 2nd Long Beach '75 show will.
  14. JohnOsbourne

    Updated Soundboard Wish List

    Actually I really like the '75 Fort Worth show, it's a hidden gem. Sloppy, sure, but inventive and spontaneous which is lacking in a lot of '75 shows. It's much better than either Dallas show, I've never been able to get into the 2nd show, but the 1st show does start out strong before fading fast. Agreed about the Nassau shows, the Feb 13th is an all-time great, even better than the more renowned Feb 14th show (which is also great).
  15. JohnOsbourne

    Things You've Heard From The Audience?

    In the audience recording of the 7-27-73 show, in the middle of Jimmy's STH solo when he slows it down, someone (Rick Flair?) yells "Whoooo!" A very appropriate reaction.