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  1. JohnOsbourne

    Iron Maiden and Judas Priest

    Slightly OT, but there's a funny story about Maiden sending a demo tape (with their pre-di'Anno singer, I believe) to Swan Song offices in the late '70's, but it was of course lost in the drug haze there. (And also probably irrelevant, but Priest was on the bill at the notorious final Zep shows in Oakland in '77.)
  2. JohnOsbourne

    Iron Maiden and Judas Priest

    I'm a huge fan of both bands. I generally agree with the observations here re. Priest's superior overall variety, esp. their 70's output, and I'd probably also give Maiden a very slight edge on 80's stuff alone. I still follow Priest actively (love Firepower, their latest), but to be honest I stopped following Maiden after Dickinson left the band after Fear of the Dark, and for some reason I couldn't get motivated to check out their material after he returned. (I still listen to their older material regularly.)
  3. Agree w/Dancing Days, mainly because it was somewhat pointless, they almost never improvised anything (the 1st London '72 show being an exception), so it was pretty much the same version every night. At least with MMH on the Euro tour '73, Page would mix things up a bit during the guitar solo (which for some reason he stopped doing on the American tour).
  4. JohnOsbourne

    Updated Soundboard Wish List

    Have to disagree with the previous two posts about the '73 and first '75 SD show. I've generally found the San Fran and LA shows in '73 to be overrated, I think SD is the best of the Cali bunch (a tad on the sloppy side by '73 standards, admittedly). I've always really liked the first SD show in '75, it definitely gets overlooked. You can sense throughout that the band is energized to be back on the West Coast, esp. after the lackluster Texas shows. A caveat, I enjoy the gloomy, murky vibe from the audience recording, it's possible the show will be a disappointment when the soundboard comes out, akin to Landover. The 2nd SD show in '75 is indeed shit, except for the epic NQ. The band really sounds like they woke up late that afternoon and realized they had a show that night, they sound completely unprepared.
  5. Rey said the 6-23-77 version was 40 minutes long, if I recall it's "only" around 32 minutes. Even if you include banter/Plantations, it seems clear he was exaggerating.
  6. 7-28-73 is perfect, no doubt. But 7-29-73 is almost as good, and there are many other truly great versions from '73 and '75 (at which stage it was basically a different song). The 40 minute versions are a myth, probably started in Luis Rey's book. The '77 versions were in the 32 minute range.
  7. JohnOsbourne

    Am thinking Jimmy must be the sb source

    Yes. There are many reasons to doubt Page as the source, but this is a big one.
  8. JohnOsbourne

    pick one

    Good topic. A complete 7-27 is my personal Holy Grail.
  9. JohnOsbourne

    Next Soundboard Release

    Sounds weird. I've been downloading from that site for 10 years now, hopefully it's not down permanently.
  10. JohnOsbourne

    Stephen Davis on the 3/12/75 show

    And Plant indeed references Valhalla after the string break. (Yeah, Davis does botch the Les Paul description.) Interestingly, as the page ends, Davis seems to be more describing NQ from the previous night (the 11th) than the 12th.
  11. JohnOsbourne

    Stephen Davis on the 3/12/75 show

    Plant himself says first broken string in "six and a half" years, so Davis is not off here ("almost seven years"). (You can check the bootleg.) Apart from probably confusing Page's pants on the last LA show with this night, I'm still not seeing this as one of Davis' characteristic face-palm moments.
  12. JohnOsbourne

    Stephen Davis on the 3/12/75 show

    I assume you mean his claim that Page wore the Earl's Court dragon suit at Long Beach? He did wear the dragon pants at the LA show, no? Maybe that's what Davis was referring to. Plant's banter (vibes being better, broken string) is at least confirmed by the bootleg, not sure this description is glaringly inaccurate. (I recall from Hammer of the Gods that Davis claimed in '75 that STH was preceded by a snippet of WLL, that would be a better example.)
  13. JohnOsbourne

    Best No Quarter from '75 US Tour

    Great list that I'm largely in agreement with, although I can't see how you left the sublime version from St Louis off the list. (Also, I can't say I understand how much love the Baton Rouge version generally gets.)
  14. JohnOsbourne

    Best No Quarter from '75 US Tour

    3-25 is probably my all-time favorite version. 3-27 is very nice, but a bit sluggish at times; from the LA shows, I think the 24th is better.
  15. JohnOsbourne

    Best No Quarter from '75 US Tour

    Sticking with just 3, I'd go with 3-25, 3-12, and 3-21.