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  1. This is great, only learned of it yesterday (they have a great cover of Paranoid off one of the Sabbath tribute albums as well):
  2. Is there anything later than '77 anyway? The '80 tour has a ton of SB, Knebworth has an official release (essentially), so I guess you're referring to the Copenhagen '79 shows?
  3. Uhh, why would you think I would object to any Zep board being released? How is that at all relevant, any way? To the point at hand, there is simply no evidence that the source of these "revolution" boards (whether ESVD has already bought the entire stash or whether they're being fed one show at a time) has anything from Jan or early Feb '75, or anything outside of May '77 (apart from the 1st NYC show, which is early June).
  4. They don't. They have 3 or 4 remaining from '75 (6 or 7 if you include LA, which is a definite possibility), maybe 2 or 3 from '77.
  5. I think the 3-25-75 NQ is the best version from the LA shows, probably my all-time favorite in fact (although overall I prefer the '73 versions).
  6. Haha, indeed it would be, it's an amazing show, hope you get a chance to listen to it.
  7. Black Dog from 3-21 deserves to be on the list too. What a great show!
  8. I have to revise my list: SIBLY from 3/21 (soundboard really blows the audience recording away) CB from 2/13 (had forgotten about that killer jam with Ronnie Wood)
  9. It's #2.
  10. I'd go with: Rock and Roll - 3/17 Sick Again - 3/21 OTHAFA - 3/19 IMTOD - 3/20 TSRTS - no opinion The Rain Song - no opinion Kashmir - 3/4 No Quarter - 3/21 SIBLY - 2/14 TUF - 3/20 Moby Dick - 2/12 D&C - 3/21 Stairway to Heaven - 3/11 Whole Lotta Love - no opinion Black Dog - no opinion Communication Breakdown - 3/21 Heartbreaker - 2/12
  11. To the OP's question (what comes next as opposed to what we want to come next), I'd bet on either Greensboro '77 or the 1st San Diego '75.
  12. I was thinking this as well. A parallel/private market has probably always been part of their strategy, before a general/public release, but it will become much more central now. This is why (along with the fact that they didn't release 3-21 last), I now suspect they have the '75 Forum shows: they will eventually have a monster LA release, catering to rich fans who love the whole Zep-in-LA mystique (which probably describes a number of ordinary fans as well).
  13. Yeah, they also mess up the chorus before the solos, only real screw-up on the audience tape as well, hardly matters as it's still a smoking version.
  14. I think this new release cements this show's status as one of Zep's all-time greats. Nothing disappointing about it, no flaws disguised by the audience recording brought to the fore, just an all-around amazing performance. (And since I'm a typical greedy fan, can't wait for the 2nd Long Beach show to come out!)
  15. +1