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  1. Motörhead

    Sad news: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/11/obituaries/fast-eddie-clarke-dead.html

    March '75, definitely. Probably last night in LA is the best, just a tad better than Seattle.
  3. Next Soundboard Release

  4. Next Soundboard Release

    The issue is not whether this or that particular show is the last of the bunch. The issue is what explanation is most consistent with the observed set of releases. And from a statistical point of view (with some weak assumptions about how the source is releasing individual shows, e.g. saving the best for last, etc.), it is highly unlikely that there are any '75 shows outside of mid-Feb and March, or any '77 shows outside of May, plus the first NY show (again, from this source). It is one thing to be surprised when, say, Landover shows up (as I was), it's another thing to think that Landover indicates the likelihood of any January shows. And there is no evidence to support the latter belief, at this stage the sample size is sufficiently large enough.
  5. Next Soundboard Release

    I've never heard about a partial SB of the 11th; do you have a link or reference?
  6. Next Soundboard Release

    Fine, they have the very first show from the NY run. And, likely they have the disastrous Tampa show from Jun 3rd, all 15 minutes of it, LOL. There is no reason to think there's much more than Greensboro and maybe other May shows like Birmingham or Baton Rouge.
  7. Next Soundboard Release

    I think it's much simpler than that: they (the "soundboard revolution" source) only have the 2nd leg of '75 (and a few from Feb), and only a few from May '77, and nothing from any other year.
  8. Best Stairway

    Yes indeed, fantastic version from a fantastic show.
  9. pink floyd

    Killer doom metal cover of Dark Side of the Moon:

    +100, can't wait for the soundboard.

    The 18th uses the strat? Can you tell from the sound (I don't listen to the 18th that much)?
  12. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    I'm not a Stones fan at all and Richard's comments here are ridiculous, but Page is a grown man, he has no one but himself to blame for what happened with his addiction.
  13. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Isn't Blackmore from a southern part of England? He's a big admirer of Zep.
  14. My personal remaster of Trampled Underfoot from 5/24/75

    Isn't the version from the DVD the 25th? (Or mainly so? The guitar solo certainly is.) At any rate the version from the 24th is flawless, always enjoy hearing it in any format.

    The 25th has some brilliant moments, no doubt. Main problem with the EC NQ, kind of emblematic of the EC concerts as a whole, is that all of the versions are uneven, lots of truly inspired parts, with some frankly dull passages. Of the five, if I had to pick one, I'd go with the 17th, unique by '75 versions, and a precursor of the '77 versions. But over time the 24th has grown on me, definitely some winning playing there.
  16. The Song Remains the Same - Upcoming screenings

    Indeed. I used to go see this at the midnight movie at the mall within bike riding distance all the time when I was a kid 35+ years ago. Fond memories.
  17. Coverdale/Page

    Bit OT but Coverdale recently released some remakes of songs from his Deep Purple tenure, it's very much worth checking out.
  18. Favorite/Best version of Since I've Been Loving You

    I love the versions from the '73 NA tour. TSRTS has already been justly mentioned, I'd also say the Seattle and Buffalo versions are fantastic as well.
  19. Best Heartbreaker Live

    In addition to Long Beach 3-12-75 and Vienna 3-16-73 already mentioned, I'd add Detroit 7-12-73, NY 7-28-73 (probably 29th as well), and Hampton '71 (esp. because of the heaviness of the soundboard recording). Despite the bad audience recording, I'd give consideration to Buffalo '73 also.

    Couldn't agree more, spellbinding version. The 2nd Long Beach show is nearly as good as the 2nd Seattle show, sometimes I think it's better.
  21. That's awesome, thanks for posting.
  22. Is Judas Priest the Metal Zeppelin

    Agreed, Redeemer of Souls is excellent, they are still putting out quality music.
  23. European Tour 1973

    Agreed, Vienna sometimes gets overlooked because of all the other monster shows from this tour, but it's a killer. The guitar-drum interplay on STH is particularly amazing, shows just how important Bonham was to the band.
  24. Best Jimmy Page Impersonator EVER! - Jimmy Sakurai

    I initially felt this way as well, but after hearing Led Zepagain's cover of TSRTS ("Fourth Night in NY"), I was blown away by how good Sakurai is, he really is faithful to Page's playing. Obviously no substitute for the real thing, but still worth checking out.
  25. Is Judas Priest the Metal Zeppelin

    When people ask me what kind of music I like, I tell them I'm a metal head. It's a much more diverse genre than people give it credit for. I recall an interview Page gave on the radio many years ago (can't remember any other details), where he said he didn't consider Zeppelin to be heavy metal, but that he liked metal because it didn't apologize. That hits the nail on the head, I'd say.