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  1. Although i have'nt listen again the numerous live versions of Dazed & Confused i consider the St Louis 16 Feb 1975 as one of the best if not the best bow sequence with amazing variety of sounds, great construction and perfect exchanges with Robert Plant ...
  2. He is of the cameramen !!!
  3. Listening again to the complete alternate take of STH (Godfather Studio Magik 18 cd's box) i'm wondering if JP plays the completely different solo on the Telecaster as on the official version : i saw no mention on guitar used on the "alternate Sairway" topic but to my ears it sound more like Les Paul with more distorded sound than the famous solo ...
  4. My personnal ranking of LZ songs from worst to best : 1 ex aequo : All LZ songs!!!! The article is garbage : in french "déchet" and for the author : the idiot remains the same : IDIOT!
  5. One year later i'm listening again the first two albums in their 1990 remasters WITHOUT thinking in terms of comparison _ I had this approach in June/July 2014 _ and i have to say that it's a real pleasure to return to those 1990 versions ... it's just like to look a painting masterpiece with differents light and distance or angle! ... some details become more obvious and some others less but it's realy different I'll try the experience for the third album and shall wait this autumn for IV & Houses of the Holy In conclusion: Keep your 1990 editions ... enjoy and share your thoughs!
  6. +1, I could watch Jimmy playing for the rest of my life ....
  7. Speculations abour a future Earl's court official release .... Audio,Video or both .... Imo i think a mix of 24/25 may blu ray/dvd out in the next two years maybe after Jimmy Page solo project
  8. Maybe it's Jimmy Page singing on RO ... Dave Lewis didn't ask him !
  9. I have all numbered sets from I to Physicall Graffiti .... for each wave of reissue i buy first the deluxe editions and wait 6 to 8 weeks for the super deluxe at half price. In France the release date is also 31 July but many retailers put the stuff on the shelves without waiting ... so ... I enjoy!
  10. I'm coming home with the 3 deluxe just purchased in my usual record store Listening to Presence : nice sound with sharper sound and more stereo separation for all instruments _ the bigger difference with 1990 remaster is imo on Candy store rock I will next listening the Presence companion cd and then Coda entire set ...keeping ITTOD for week end
  11. The vocal line on If It Keeps On Raining (When the Levee Breaks) is almost the same as Black Country Woman in a different key!!!!
  12. maybe this Friday 3rd April ....
  13. Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters scheduled in my city _ Lyons, France_ monday 27th July in the Antic Theater of Fourvieres
  14. In my point of view OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY should unambiguously require high notes ! The lines "Many Have ..." or "Many times" are meaningless when sung in low register
  15. The post Plant/flu & Page/finger injuriy '75 U.S. tour Feb-Mar : Extravaganza ... Improvisations .... awesome sound ... long and rich setlist ...