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  1. IpMan

    Random Thoughts v.3

    I pretty much agree with you on this, especially the part whereby our actions may have been the cause for the migrations. Case in point is the current migrations of refugees from Central American countries to the United States. The whole migration problem is 100% squarely in the lap of US government policies toward those countries, especially in the last 37 years. If we had not overthrown legally elected governments, had not supported fascist rebels and regimes, had not used those countries as drug producers / waypoints to fund black projects their economies would not have collapsed and drug cartels which we originally set up would not have taken over. You cannot blow up a pasta factory and then get pissed off when you find yourself covered in pasta. How about this, quit blowing up pasta factories.
  2. IpMan

    James Bond Movies

    I dunno, think it was better than this little gem
  3. IpMan

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Separated? Well, that's one way to put it. I love how the overworked immigration official so casually changed his name from Andolini to Corleone. Damn I love that movie. The scenes with DeNiro as young, up and coming Vito were my favorite. The problem with Michael is he was all cunning, cold and calculating. He did not have Vito's heart. On a parting thought, though GF III was not the best, the ending was perfect as it not only showed how powerless Michael was but it closed the stories circle. The bullet which was meant for child Vito finally found it's mark 80 years later when it took Vito's granddaughter.
  4. IpMan

    Ten Years Gone

    MSG 6-11 & 6-13 are my favorite versions, the whole band is just perfect. They also nail the song 110% at Pontiac as well. There are others and I would argue they nailed this song more often than they flubbed it.
  5. IpMan

    James Bond Movies

    Yep, I know, I was being cheeky. I am not a fan of that movie as Thunderball was perfect in 1965, the 83' version was nowhere near as good and Connery simply did the film as a fuck you to Broccoli. I like Connery as an actor but as a guy he is a bit of an arrogant prick.
  6. IpMan

    James Bond Movies

    What about Never Say Never Again????
  7. IpMan

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    Drugs, plain and simple. Opiods in general cause a serious lack of focus especially regarding structure and improv. Take into account Page was adding jazz and experimental structures to his solos which, if sober, would have been an amazing journey. However, juiced on heroin and your focus is shot, this also explains his repletion of a phrase or run while trying to work out a passage until he just gives up. He simply cannot focus. This is bad enough but adding alcohol to that mix then causes the sticky fingers as well. As Strider pointed out in another post, his good nights 77' and after were the result of better smack and not mixing with booze. 75' issues are a combo of his broken finger and Jack Daniels as pointed out that he would really hit a wall after Moby Dick once the Jack started kicking in. However some shows in 75' he just dove right into the Jack whereas others, the ones where he obviously was not drinking as much, he easily surpassed anything he did before. Just say no kiddies
  8. What I would like to one day see is an official musical biography of the band with interviews of Page, Plant, Jones, and engineers such as John's and Kramer. Talking about the various albums, their favorite songs and what they mean to them; their favorite gigs and why, the most disappointing gigs, favorite places to play, favorite promoters and recording studios, etc. The real meat & potatoes musical stuff. I don't give a wit about whatever sophomoric hijinx the band engaged in post-show because most bands, especially in that era, did the same and its just stupid and childish. I want to hear about the music.
  9. IpMan

    Pontiac Silverdome Footage

    The problem is, technology of the late 70's, even if the footage was shot for closed circuit in house TV for sky boxes or a video feed for the audience, would be shit. Unless it was pro-shot, which I highly doubt, and recorded with a mobile studio, even more doubtful, Page would only have the video feed and a cold, sterile soundboard. They planned on professionally filming and recording the last shows (JFK Stadium, Phili) of the aborted third leg of the tour and thus had zero desire to do anything prior as Page and Grant were tight as a Mormon on tax day. There is no pro-shot, pro-recorded shows from 1977. Time to move on.
  10. IpMan

    Your guitar of choice.

    I am beginning to consider a Gibson Flying V. That tone Jimmy has on You Shook Me is goddamned brutal. The only time he used one in the studio and it makes me wonder why he did not use one live or in the studio ever again. Just love that tone, I wonder what amp he used, and setup in general for that song.
  11. IpMan

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I am probably in the minority but not a big fan of the Ft. Worth gig, Jimmy is just a mess in places. Now the second Cleveland show, Pontiac, Birmingham, and all but one NY gig are all simply amazing shows. Pontiac is almost flawless as are the four of the six NY shows. I never heard Birmingham but people have said it is also very good.
  12. IpMan

    Is there anymore more from this photoshoot ?

    There are pics of Robert during the photo shoot for the Knebworth shows where his pants are down and his nob is dangling. The lads are all looking at him and laughing.
  13. IpMan

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Even if the itch is elsewhere, such as your arm or back? Sounds like you may have a bit of a ball fetish.
  14. IpMan

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    At least that is a happy turd which is much better than a sad turd.
  15. IpMan

    guitar pics

    ^ Oh you gonna hate me, I have almost that exact same guitar (Gibson LP wine red) except mine is a Studio with coil splitting and I love the shit outta it. It is my #1 and is just perfect. My dream guitar is either a Gibson Birdland or a PRS semi-hollow body custom model. However both are way outside my budget at this point.