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  1. Coverdale/Page

    Dude, might I suggest an Ambien? You need to chill out. You don't come onto a Zeppelin board and start trashing RP over nothing. No one on here that I know gives a shit about what was or was not said about whom in 1988, its about the music, nothing more. As already pointed out, many don't like David's sophmoric lyrics and his cheesy approach but I have heard no one challenge his vocal prowess. BTW, the song you posted, Southern Comfort has IMO some of David's best singing hands down. Understated yet very emotive and powerful. Thank you for that. Also, all of the songs you quoted as Plant stealing the lyrics from (except for NFBM) were credited and royalties paid, thus, Robert did not steal anything in regard to those songs, he was given permission. Now...quit being a dick and relax. It's all good.
  2. What's the worst live performance of a song?

    The Vienna version is excellent
  3. Random Thoughts v.3

    http://www.snopes.com/is-sacramento-paying-gang-members-not-to-kill/ Once again another Faux News bullshit story. You know Red, how about you take 30 seconds to verify the validity of a story before you pass it on. It is people like you spreading disinformation and propaganda which has helped destroy the democratic process. IMO people such as you should be banned from all social media and message boards. I am so sick of this crap.
  4. Robert Plant to headline 2018 Byron Bay Bluesfest

    Wow, co-headlining with Lionel Ritchie AND on the same bill as the incredible Dumpstaphunk. Things appear to be looking snappy for old Robert Sorry to all our Australian friends (Hi Slave), just taking the piss
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    Emasculating? He is the one with the scissors.I would say on a deeper psychological basis the boy represents youth, the dolls the current establishment, and the scissors the tool of control over that establishment. The boy is in effect emasculating current societal norms and expectations. Then again he might just be a little pussy who likes to play with dolls...goddamned nancy-boy.
  6. Lest we forget: May 4th 1970

    I friend on mine was also at Kent State the day of the tragedy. She was not a student but rather an out of town protester and gave me a very detailed account of what happened. Even though she was a protester, she was not a radical, in fact she voted for Nixon but felt betrayed when he ordered the invasion of Cambodia. This was the only reason for her attendance. She had been there for the Friday night riots and explained to me that she believed (could not confirm) that those who were responsible for most of the violence and who started the fire at the ROTC building were not students, but rather a contingent of Weathermen who had mixed with the protesters. She came to this conclusion after speaking with two men in their late 20's who said they were with the group and were there to "bring it on home" to "the man." She believed they were acting as agent provocateurs and were hoping for a tragedy such as would occur three days later, in an effort to lend credence to their cause...at any price. She told me she spoke to several policemen on Saturday and Sunday and told them what these two men had said and gave them a description of both but the police dismissed her claims. She was actually in the process of leaving on Monday as the majority of students were NOT going to protest on Monday as had been planned due to the Governor's order prohibiting the demonstration. She further confirmed Jim's account of the number of those gathered in the commons as rather insignificant and that most students were just trying to go to class. Most of the original student protesters from Friday were very disillusioned due to the violence (which they did not support) which occurred and were, in their words, "emotionally spent." She further explained that when the Guard showed up it really scared both the townsfolk and the students. It appeared quite easy, according to her, to distinguish the outsiders who were there for trouble yet nothing was done by the police regarding this. When all hell broke loose on Monday, she was with two friends who were students moving between classes saying her goodbye's as she was ready to hitchhike back home to Cleveland. She saw what had happened unfold in front of her and this is what she said, "...we were in the parking lot as I was saying my farewells to my friends when all of a sudden about a dozen or so students, people, and a faculty member started running toward us from the football field. We turned to see what was happening as we were facing the other direction. When we turned we saw the contingent of Guardsmen in the football field looking disorganized, confused, and shouting at each other to move back up the hill which they did. It was at this point we saw three or four young men follow the Guardsmen up the hill from a distance shouting profanities and antagonizing the Guardsmen. We did not notice exactly what they did when they reached the summit as we were focusing on the young men shouting, it was then we heard the gunshots and saw several people fall. We just ran like hell as did most everyone else, away from the Guardsmen. I have no idea why they shot, the closest person to the Guardsmen was quite a distance away. I don't believe the Guardsmen were in any danger from those men as the men were indeed following the Guardsmen but they were following slowly and keeping their distance. It was inexcusable, it was horrible, and those two men I had met the previous Friday had gotten exactly what they wanted." This was her account which she gave me several years ago in a paper she wrote for her own studies at Case Western which she was attending.
  7. Hammer Horror, The Musters, The Addams Family

    This is one of the greatest movies ever, not just horror but in general a really good movie. I give this five dead teenage cheerleaders!
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    My mom would not have kicked my ass, she would have made me clean the whole house though. I always preferred an ass-kicking to chores or, heaven forbid, being grounded (I would have BUILT a new house if necessary to avoid having my wings clipped). An ass kicking is quick, no muss, little fuss and back to business. However if my mom ever uttered the G word...forget it. Worst punishment ever IMO. Then again, my mom was not some nut job like you see on the news that beats the living shit out of jr. or puts out cigarette butts on her kids so I guess it is all subjective. In the overall context of a "normal" family though an ass kicking (spanking, literally, with hand, pants up) was preferable to chores or grounding. My mom was great while I was growing up and is still great now. I thank god every day that she is still with me and handing out sage-like advice when my dumb ass needs it (frequently). That being said, the commercial sucks. Once again another commercial showing a child being destructive as something cute. How are kids supposed to know boundaries with crap like this on TV? Then imagine their surprise when their parents beat their ass when they try the same thing, or the parents think this behavior is cute as well thus instilling in their kids that being an asshole is something to be celebrated.
  9. Peter Grant & Robert Plant interview 1976

    He was a very nice man, just as long as you did not screw with Zeppelin or try to steal his money, blow, wife, or food.
  10. Astronomy - Planets , Stars & Heavenly Bodies

    Hey, I have heard Planet X or as some call it, Niberu is scheduled to slam into our lovely sphere on Saturday, September 23rd and destroy our planet. This Planet X supposedly is on one hell of an elliptical orbit which has it swing way out into the Ort Cloud and then back where its orbit takes it between Mars & Earth every 24,000 years. Question: If this were true would we have not experienced serious gravitational forces months ago? Second, being a week away would we not see this planet with the naked eye 24/7? Third: Why do I read this shit???
  11. I can explain that, Mack was the guy who was responsible for holding Robert's knob when he pissed.
  12. Without a doubt. I find it very hard to believe this would happen, in fact the last thing anyone with a pulse would do in such a situation would be to show up in a foreign country's ER with a suitcase full of cash demanding treatment. If it is a first-world country like Germany you would likely get arrested and in a third-world country they would shoot you and your mate and keep the money. Fact-Checker would give this a pants on fire.
  13. Page's best live solo

    This is the show where he used the Strat instead of the LP on NQ and it really make a difference. My favorite version hands down, Page does some crazy stuff.
  14. Hard To Find Photos

    Yes, it is Robert Plant
  15. Hey, I hear they are auctioning off a set of Jimmy's underwear from the first tour of England back in 68'. The auction description says they are Fruit of the Loom however four groupies and a proctologist all swear Jimmy exclusively wore BVD's. Anyone with inside info? Anyone?