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  1. Ditch FITR? I am not sure if you were around or old enough in 1979 but I was, and can assure you the biggest song (popularity wise) off of ITTOD was FITR by a country mile. That song was being played on a non-stop loop on FM rock radio from August 79' well into the 80's. All of My Love though also a popular tune did not even come close in popularity until the mid-80's. Plus, FITR is one of the best John Bonham drum tracks hands down. Dark Lord had it right, the album was perfect in regard to songs and pacing upon initial release. The only issue I have ever had with ITTOD was the mix, particularly on Carouselambra, however this was mostly fixed with the release of The Epic, otherwise known as the mix which SHOULD have been used. The hate for IGC makes no sense as this was, IMO, the best blues song the band composed hands down. Jimmy constructs what is perhaps his best blues solo, Robert's vocals are otherworldly, and Jones & Bonham are sublime yet powerful. The ultimate album closer of any Zeppelin album.
  2. Fast forward ten years and the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform naked except for tube socks rubber baned to their dicks. I will take your day at the beach and raise you tube socks on our tubes...Give it away, give it away, give it away now.
  3. Was this a rehearsal for the Copenhagen shows or was this an encore for one of the Copenhagen shows after they came back on-stage after the main set? I always thought it was the later and from the 24th.
  4. I saw posted elsewhere on this forum that Bonham was enduring stress related to possible family issues. If this was the case, it could make sense. Bonham doted on his family and hated to be away from them. If he was worrying about possibly losing his family his weight loss makes perfect sense. Also, he was suffering from stomach problems on the European tour which could have been stress related as well. It is all speculation but those pictures and stills IMO shows a man tired and sad. He does not look sick per se just tired and worn. A man of 32 looking more like 45. These pictures truly make me feel sorry for him and his family. What a shame.
  5. Yep... After all, Jamie crawled out of the lake about a half mile or so from the battlefield, still in full armor. You cannot swim or tread water in armor, you sink like a stone (just like in the prior episodes ending). Jesus Christ, at least have him crawl out in just his breeches, showing he somehow removed his armor and swam away (for a half mile or more, under water, without being detected). BTW, Sam's father deserved being burned alive, the guy was a complete dick to Sam and as Tyrion stated, switched sides when convenient. Screw that Post Toastie.
  6. I would assume those two Copenhagen shows would have soundboards as they were warm-up gigs and would likely play them back for reference. They would need to know what worked and what did not, what (who) needed improvement and what (who) was solid.
  7. Not anymore, however back in the 1970's and early 80's his work with Genesis and his drumming were quite impressive.
  8. As much as I like Bron and the fact that this show is a fantasy series, I kinda feel like they came close to jumping the shark with last weeks episode for the following reasons: Bron and that giant crossbow: No way in hell that thing would work in any universe. Trying to shoot an unguided projectile and hit an object moving (unpredictably) in a three dimensional space is just silly. Also, why didn't the stupid dragon (after being shot at the first time), either just circle Bron until he fell off the platform and then flamed him, or attack Bron from a steep angle so he could not even bring the crossbow to bear? I call this the Prometheus Effect. Bron & Jamie: Bron escapes death from the dragon not once but TWICE and Jamie once. So, the dragon can flame an entire formation of men but one guy can simply roll out of the way of the massive blast of fire? Just like other action movies where the characters can outrun a blast or other explosion expanding at five hundred miles an hour. Would it have been that difficult to find another way to defeat the dragons? Maybe they get an inside man in Dani's camp to poison one or more dragons by tainting their food? Or maybe one of those Red Witches sending some demon spawn after them? Just about any other idea is better than a giant crossbow. Or how about this...Cersei hires a warg who possesses one of the dragons? Now that would make for some very interesting scenes. As soon as they unveiled the crossbow I knew the writing was gonna get lazy. I still like the show but the problem is the writers wrote themselves into a corner once they had Dani, the dragons, and her massive army of Mongol hordes land at Dragonstone. With the Dothraki and three dragons, that alone was the end, Dani only needed to lead the army to the gates of King's Landing and use the dragons as air support, killing any approaching enemy while not using them on Kings Landing. Dani would again have become the Breaker of Chains and won the prize but no...we have Dani decide to take Casterly Rock with a relatively small force and no assistance from even a single dragon. Euron's entire fleet would have been decimated if she sent one silly dragon. The ending I would like most to see is Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne...alone, everyone else dead and the land laid waste and barren. The population dying of sickness and starvation. Then, as the camera shows Cersei on the throne, Jamie enters and he approaches Cersei. They embrace and all of a sudden Cersei's expression changes to one of pain and surprise as she realizes this is not Jamie, but rather Arya who has finally completed her list. Cersei collapses and dies, Arya smiles and walks away. End of show.
  9. This, my friend, is the greatest video of all time: I bow to your awesomeness.
  10. I have always loved this song. It is quite simply Robert Johnson & Howling Wolf on crack, with a dash of hallucinogenics on the side.
  11. Listend to this whole concert and all I can say is, incredible. What a great show. Now there were a few "low" points but nothing major: Kashmir - It just sounded weak and the mix was all over the place. Nothing but mellotron, then some guitars, then just mellotron, and then in the end all of a can hear the bass pedals way up in your face. The whole song, no bass pedals and then...BAM! Nothing but bass pedals. Sick Again - As I mentioned prior, the song is good, the solo is good, however the solo sounds like a work in progress. Jimmy has ideas but never quite follows through on any of them. That's it really and again, nothing major. Now for just a snippet of the highs: D&C - Holy shit! Possibly the holy grail of the long D&C's. Page executes perfectly, bringing varying ideas into fruition and then merging with a new direction and something wonderful. For such a long D&C it feels much shorter. This IMO is the zenith of the long jam D&C's. Bonzo is all over the place yet locked tight as can be with Page and Jones. Changes galore in the second half of song, all executed perfectly despite no rhyme or reason. How the hell do they do that? Communication Breakdown - Just great, everyone is great here. JP does a very different solo for this but it works. Black Dog - Nice, juicy version. No Quarter - One of the best versions I have heard with Jimmy playing around on the nut quite a bit, and doing wild, truncated bends simulating the sound of a whammy bar a bit. He would construct the perfect, greatest NQ solo two months later on May 23rd and you can hear the beginnings of that here. Moby Dick - Another long tune that goes by quickly, and I usually don't like drum solos longer than 10 min. Bonzo on this is like Jimmy on D&C, ideas and phrases galore all weaving together. The song simply flows. Heartbreaker - Except for the flub on the one-handed solo, the song smokes. Once Jimmy gets hand number two back on the guitar, the solo is brilliant and moves in different directions as well. Very well articulated. IMTOD - Holy Shit! It appears the word of the day was changes. This is in effect, the heaviest prog-rock (please bear with me here) you will ever hear. The prog-rock part I mean in extended jams like D&C & NQ where there are so many parts, so many time changes, rhythms and polyrhythms interweaving. Classical, jazz, blues, you name it, its there. To think only three musicians made such music live, Now that is rather impressive. That being said, hows about NY 13-6-77 or LA 22-6-77 up next.
  12. Don't forget the fretless bass used on of Mr. Jones best bass works. Seeing him play that live, his hands and fingers flying all over the neck, simply WOW!
  13. I was so damn curious about this whole Alembic vs. Fender Jazz thing I went to a few bass boards last night and I have to say, bass players are really some of the nicest people around compared to guitarist or drummers. Most were actually tripping over themselves not to offend anyone, it was pretty funny but also very refreshing as well. Anyway, as usual, it pretty much comes down to what you are trying to get out of the instrument. The players said you cannot even compare these two instruments as the sound differences are so far apart. However, everyone loved and supported both instruments. They explained the how and why the Alembics became popular in the 70's, with the greatest players in both jazz and rock using them from the mid 70's on, especially Jaco Pastorius. These alembics were essentially designed to hold their own against the crunch and assault of a LP through a Marshall, without overpowering the other instruments. It was essentially designed to use the bass as not only a rhythm, bottom end instrument, but almost as a co-lead with the guitar to a certain degree. The players on those boards pointed out that JPJ's three circle series II 8 string in particular is one of the most sought after basses on the planet, with prices starting in the $20,000 range. Now this is making perfect sense. The bass IS used as a co-lead instrument on ALS & NFBM without a doubt. Also, due to Jimmy's sometimes inconsistent playing during the 77' tour, the alembic in a live setting would likely mask mistakes or faux pas made by Jimmy. There were even a few people on those boards who attended the Zeppelin gigs' in 77' and said, directly, the sound and tone of the Alembics live is what turned them on to bass in the first place. They said when Jones hit those basses, the floor of the arena shook and the sound was incredible. My take away was this: Studio work was best done with a Fender Jazz or Precision bass; however live work for a prog-rock, jam-rock band or improvisational jazz outfit such as Weather Report is best done with the Alembics.
  14. I really like the May 23rd EC NQ. Jimmy's use of the Strat instead of the LP made for a brilliant, and very interesting solo. The tone is great and his tremolo use is great but yet not over-done. Perhaps one of my favorite Page solos hands down.