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  1. Are these photos of Carmen Jane Plant Jones?

    Nope, Charlie & Carmen divorced some time ago...it has been at least 12 years if not more. He is a damn fine bass player and got the gig off his own merits long before he ever met Carmen.
  2. Are you getting old?!

    Yep, the good old Cassandra Complex
  3. Marijuana legalization

    I will believe it when I see it, after all, Walmart just closed 68 Sam's Clubs which resulted in the termination of over 10,000 employees. Also, I know of no one who has gotten a large raise last year or is expecting a large raise this year. Most companies will continue with the standard "cost of living" increase which is actually, typically, 1 or 2% below the actual COL / CPI increase. Just remember, a company can announce ANYTHING, it does not mean they will actually do it. Also, please remember, the stock market performing as it is has zero bearing on the overall economy. More than 83% of all stock are held by the 1%. The stocks are performing so well due to the reduction of regulations which allow windfall profits. We are essentially, back in the Gilded Age. On a final note, the stock market is also artificially inflated akin to a bubble. Most economists believe we are in for a major correction around August / September 2018 and a loss of around 10,000 point would not be unexpected. Also, interest rates will likely start going up around that time in an effort to curb out of control inflation. So, I suggest (for people in the market such as I) to begin moving your investments out of high gain or moderate gain stocks and into low gain, low risk such as public utilities and T notes otherwise you could easily lose half of your portfolio. Real Estate will also likely take a hit, but a small one, maybe a max of 7% devaluation, however rental prices are really going up so if you do invest in real estate, even though the property may take a slight dive in value, you can more than make up for it with the increased rental income. Another great investment will be in marijuana related stock, that shit is going up, up, up and would not be affected by a downturn in the stock market. Sessions will not, nor can do a damn thing about weed at this point whether he knows it or not. That horse left the barn once Cali legalized it for recreational use. That being said, please do your research into a company before you invest. Weed is a growing (get it) market but all the positive indicators mean squat if the company is being mismanaged so be sure to check out quarterly and annual statements before investing.
  4. World War II

    Meh, everyone knows America won the war, for everyone. That is common knowledge! If not for us Yanks, the Japs & Krauts would be running the whole show. We alone, all by ourselves saved the worlds collective ass from the evils of Hitler, Tojo, & Mousolinni. USA! USA! USA!!! #1
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    +1 A truly great first lady and IMO one of the best.
  6. Sock in Plant's pants during TSRTS

    Plant did not start wearing the silly blouses until 72' American tour I believe. This coincided with Bowie & Ziggy Stardust and all the other glam rockers on the scene who were wearing similar clothes. Jimmy would start wearing stage costumes by 73', JPJ would wear whatever looked the most ridiculous and Bonham did not give a single fuck. Now as far as the "bulge"
  7. What is your ancestry?

    Probably not because you have to be of Jewish descent from your mothers side and as DNA is not specific (at least not these particular types) you would be out of luck. However, if you were to pay for a DNA test which only tests your mitochondrial DNA (this only comes from your mother) and it shows Jewish ancestry, you may indeed have a case. Haifa is beautiful you know. Jerusalem is gorgeous as well but man, there are a shit ton of nutters there. There is actually a type of psychosis which can happen to people who visit the holy land and Jerusalem in particular. They will actually believe they are Jesus, Mohammed, David, or whatever prophet gets your goat. Funky place.
  8. Are you getting old?!

    My father told me years ago that you are not old until your pubes go grey.
  9. Marijuana legalization

    Not quite. Unlike our politicians, all males in the royal family are required to serve in the military and to my knowledge, every one has served on the front lines in combat during times of war. Also, they are pretty much the vanguard for all charitable endeavors in the UK and act as ambassadors of good will across the globe. So in reality, they do work quite hard. My only quip with the Royal Family is that they pretty much control the bulk of European Banking. They are shit ton rich yet they did not really make a dime of it. All old money pilfered from countries like India and Africa + compound interest over centuries. So like anything else, a mixed bag.
  10. World War II

    Well, nothing happens within a vacuum. No one can exclusively blame Germany, Italy, and Japan for WWII as some of that shit was a long time coming not to mention behind the scenes political chess which the victors tried to erase from history post-WWII.

    Your only reasonable system is a theocracy or anarchy? So, the entire canon of social philosophical thinking from Hammurabai to Dworkin be damned. Well, I have to say, it is sure the epitome of simplicity.

    Kurt Vonnegut wrote a short story about that but it was cats, not dogs. Either way, I believe you and Kurt are onto something there, the dogs & cats ARE in charge, after all, no one is picking up my shit.

    So if "he" is pre-existence, when was the beginning? If there is no beginning then time does not exist but is strictly a construct? Why would god be a he or a she? Does god have sex and procreate? If not, what would be the purpose of a gender for god?
  14. Marijuana legalization

    Well, of course but...where is the profit in THAT! Criminalization = tons and tons of sweet cash for several different industries. Money is typically the root of the problem.