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  1. One more chime if I may. For excellent examples of Bonham finesse in drumming one look no harder than GTBT from the first album. HIs patterns are an almost perfect fusion of jazz & rock, just an unbelievable drum track. Another fine example of his swing are two of Zeps most underrated tracks, Down by the Seaside & Night flight. I will end my examples with three tracks which showcase his New Orleans swing, then a jazz / rock fusion, and closing with one of the most difficult yet beautiful drum patterns in history where he combines Jazz, Latin, & Rock all in one song. Royal Orleans, Hots on for Nowhere, and Fool in the Rain. No one can listen to those six tracks and claim Bonham could not swing, did not have finesse, or was too heavy handed. As a drummer on this forum pointed out in regard to Fool in the Rain, the man was a master with ghost notes (the very measure of finesse), while playing two different time signatures simultaneously. IMO FITR is one of the most impressive drum tracks in music history, not just rock but music in general. Swing...there was a reason he was called Bonzo, because he could swing like a goddamned monkey.
  2. IpMan

    Your Favourite Album Covers

    Anything by the Ohio Players
  3. IpMan


    Six Degrees of Lou Gramm???
  4. IpMan

    post anything

    Per your own words: "No mental illness with this man, just massive balls. This guy knew what he was doing, and was so sick of the profound bullshit associated with being a man in our society that for 90 minutes he took his life into his own hands. Answering to nobody." Sounds like if you admired the guy any more you would have asked him on a date had he lived. Then there is the fabricated social constructs of social constructs, "the profound bullshit associated with being a man in our society." Talk about a load of absolute shit! Awww, whats wrong, are poor white men sad because they no longer hold absolute power over women and minorities? Awwwww, boo hoo. Suck it up buttercup. I guess getting along on personality and talent alone is not cutting it. Oh well. The very fact of your above quote pretty much proves white privilege, because if it was simply a construct, why so butthurt over equality? BTW, Bonnie & Clyde were sociopathic twats, I don't see why anyone with half a brain would romanticize those two losers.
  5. Bill Ward of course, Lars is a shitty drummer and his tone is perhaps the WORSE in music history. This guy is supposed to be playing metal yet his drums sound thin, hollow, and weak in general. I am not big fan of Metallica to begin with but those shitty drums. Forget it. Plus Lars is a world class douche. He obviously needed to start his own band just to get someone to hang out with.
  6. IpMan

    In Concert...

    I thought that as well but I believe the photos posted for May 17th & 18th are for the whole of the EC run...I have no idea which pics are which date.
  7. IpMan

    Best RP stage outfit

    Oh Myyyy....
  8. IpMan

    post anything

    So let me get this straight, when a black guy steals a pair of $120 Nike's he is a thug, but when some white guy steals a 10 million dollar plane and endangers the lives of others (you know there were humans on the ground below him right?), he is a hero? I heard of white privilege but DAMN!
  9. IpMan

    Best RP stage outfit

    Ah, I get it...you are being sarcastic in regard to my sarcasm. You are one hip chick, the cats meow, the bees knees. What is life with out a bit of humor right?
  10. Happy Birthday Percy, you've come a long way BABY!
  11. IpMan

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    By god man you are correct! I looked at that picture and not a single punter is in uniform, proof positive of your statement. Wow, I sure feel like a fool now. My friend was stationed in Germany at Boeblingen outside Stuttgart 79' - 82' (which is the same base I would be at six years later). He was quite the traveller and went all over Europe whenever he had leave. The late 70's and well into the 80's were a tough time for terrorism in West Germany, the Red Army Faction and Rz were particularly nasty. By the time I got there in 88' things had calmed down to a degree compared to the early 80's but the groups were still active, just not as much. I really loved my time in Germany and Europe in general.
  12. IpMan

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    Thanks for the geography lesson, BTW, how far is it from London to Bruges? I hear that Bruges is a very calm place.
  13. IpMan

    What are you watching on TV now?

    Season 6 is Roanoke and is filmed as some sort of reality show BS. It really sucked, reminded me of Blair Witch Project 2. Season 7 is called Cult and for some harebrained reason is all about the 2016 election and Trump in particular. Everyone on this board knows how I feel about this issue but come on, did they really have to go there? Now to be fair I have not seen it so it may surprise me however I doubt it. The new Season 8 is called Apocalypse and is a crossover of seasons 1 & 3 and sounds like it will be a return to form and the best season since Hotel (Season 5). Yes, Lily Rabe as a great actress and very pleasant on the eyes. I would love to take her out for a lovely dinner.
  14. IpMan

    What are you watching on TV now?

    So far my favorites are seasons 2 (Asylum), 3 (Coven), and 5 (Hotel). Season 6 was utter rubbish IMO. Have yet to see season 7 however I have read the synopsis and it sounds boring. Thoughts?