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  1. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Cassidy was a real class act, he will be missed.
  2. Unpopular opinions re live shows

    Oh yes, I agree on that. It sounded like Jones was tripping balls or something during his organ solo, its just all over the place. Sounded as if Richard Wright took over for a spell, its that strange.
  3. There were several excellent Page solos on STH in 77' & 80'. Of course he was not consistent as a player post 75' but when he nailed it, he NAILED it. The entire NY & LA runs 77' STH are fantastic as well as Chicago 4-10 & Pontiac. Even Seattle is not too bad and those are only the shows from 77' I have listened to except for Ft. Worth which is just a mediocre show at best IMO. Of course the 7-24-79 version is one of the best as well, everyone is in top form on this one.
  4. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    Well, they did look like rock stars of their respective times. Manson was a singer-songwriter who was trying to get a record contract and was hanging out with many rock stars, not just Dennis Wilson. The Boston Bomber looked like some jackass boy-band wanabe. I do not know the intention on the part of the editors regarding these covers, but a strong possibility exists (especially for the Boston Bomber) that the whole purpose was to show that monsters seldom look like monsters. Manson in particular was 5'2" and about as intimidating as Billy Barty in Skatetown USA. I think RS sucks as much as the next guy but IMO there was nothing wrong with either cover.
  5. The Rest in Peace Thread

    An excellent read, however it should have been filed in fiction as a rather sizable portion is just bullshit. There is a shit ton of inaccuracies in the book, factual errors, and outright BS. Bugliosi was one very, very lucky bastard. If Manson was not ego-maniacal to the extreme he would have easily walked as he essentially did nothing on the surface of things. It was Manson himself who put Manson away, not Bugliosi. Having the "girls" act as they did in the courthouse essentially sealed his fate as the puppetmaster. What is truly unfortunate is old Charlie got exactly what he wanted, he was simply sent back home (prison) to live out his life. This is likely why he acted the way he did in court. If anyone deserved the death penalty it was Charlie. He may not have been very dangerous on his own but he was a master manipulator and family associates would turn up murdered over a decade after Manson's conviction. Looks like old Charlie is gonna have to compete with Saddam Hussein for Satan's affections.
  6. Unpopular opinions re live shows

    Nail on head. Rain Song live was so much better due to Plant singing so damn well (except for 75') compared to what I feel is a stoned, way to laid back approach in the studio vocals. The whole "Coldness of my Winter" part he just belts out like a banshee live, but in the studio it sounds like some bird is tea-bagging him.
  7. Hell yes, everyone smoked on this. Jimmy was jamming his ass off and Robert, horse as hell, simply pushed it for all it was worth. This is one of my favorite live versions of this song. Just like Berlin a year later, a shaky show which ended with the greatest Whole Lotta Love of their career.
  8. Stoner music

  9. Stoner music

  10. Stoner music

  11. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    An explanation as to why Relf's vocals are missing from Knowing may be due to Relf's sister. She has got a serious hate on for Page for what reason I do not know. Though I do know she has been carrying quite the grudge since the formation of Zeppelin. So I am assuming it is estate issue, insofar as since the track later on became Tangerine, Relf's sister may have threatened litigation. Just speculating on the why, though her hatred of Page is well known and well documented.
  12. Live better than Studio

    The problem with Levee live is they tried too hard to duplicate what they did in the studio version and could not pull it off due to all the treatments on the song. Now if they would have performed the song along the lines of the studio outtake version it would have worked brilliantly. In fact I really love that new version of the song, what a gem. Have to disagree with NQ as that song in the studio was flaccid as hell IMO yet truly came into its own live. Of course by 77' it had become overblown but the 73' & 75' versions, especially 5-23-75 EC is on a whole different level. But yes 77' and Nutrocker??? WTF??? First they slam ELP then they try and be ELP? Completely destroyed the vibe of the song. Plus the addition of the Boogie section in 77' was dumb as hell as well. It would be like Alice in Chains doing Sickman live and in the middle throwing in Fox on the Run for shits.
  13. The later albums?

    Definitely the best of Page, he is a monster on Presence. However I would give the edge to ITTOD in regard to Bonzo just for FITR alone. His work on FITR is perhaps his finest work in the studio and one of the most complex drum patterns done which somehow does not sound like a complex drum tutorial. Bonzo is actually playing two different rhythms in two different times simultaneously. And no, it was not overdubbed. Amazing.
  14. Robert should know better at his age that calling his vocals from a song recorded in 1968 when he was only 20 horrific, that is just silly. Everyone is typically over the top at 20, that's the whole point of being 20. There are quite a lot of things I would not do now which I enjoyed when I was 20 but I would not call anything horrific, just the actions of a 20 year old. My guitar playing now is much more textured, subtle, and dependent on tone and emotion compared to my bombastic, overdriven speed playing when I was 20 and all I cared about was fast runs. Do I think my playing at 20 horrific? Hell no, I call it the playing of a 20 year old with the life experiences of a 20 year old. Sometimes I don't know if Plant is just being hyperbolic for shock value or if he truly believes what he says to such an extent.
  15. John Paul Jones @ the unveiling of The Adoration Trilogy

    Yes, much better...thanks Woz.
  16. Plant's vocals on I'm Gonna Crawl

    For me this has always been Zeppelin's best blues number, it is truly a perfectly constructed song from beginning to end. Everyone just gels so well on this song while Page gives us his ultimate blues solo and Plant sings his damn ass off. Plus the lyrics have more depth than your average, baby done me wrong, blues. This song comes off more as an apology to the woman he loves...he was the source of pain, not his lady. A song which turns blues on its head in a very good way.
  17. John Paul Jones @ the unveiling of The Adoration Trilogy

    Indeed, and still at the pinnacle of his game. IMO one of the most talented multi-instrumentalist on the scene.
  18. Random Thoughts v.3

    Oh c'mon now Steve, I know you are not THAT old.
  19. Random Thoughts v.3

    Besides DC, Hollywood is about as corrupt and low as one could go, however DC is still#1 in such a regard. Anyway, Hollywoods time has pretty much come and gone. The independent studios making the indie films are the present and future for a while to come. Almost everything coming out of Hollywood is just rehashed ideas coming around for the umpteenth time with overblown budgets and "LOOK....SQUIRREL!!!" moments every 10 seconds. Let the MF'er burn.
  20. Best Kashmir live version

    Yes, sounds like Plant to me, however, whoever grabbed his dick to incite such a howl earned a gold star.
  21. Thanks to fans, Final concert

    Likely that lovely 27 year old he has been shagging. I can't speak for anyone else but if I were a 73 year old rock legend coming home to 27 year old Scarlett I believe the last thing on my to do list would be write new tunes, go on tour. Then again that's me, I am a lazy bastard who likes to screw.
  22. Thanks to fans, Final concert

    ...and in current news, angry old white guys still pissed off that Warrant broke up 13 years ago. When told vocalist Jani Lane died in 2011, these men replied, "No excuse!!! Jani faked his death due to liberal plot to assassinate him..." In other news congress eliminates mental health care from the new health care bill.
  23. Random Thoughts v.3

    Sure, and NAMBLA is a persecuted institution.
  24. Thanks to fans, Final concert

    Well still...fuck those 1,600. Dirty entitled bastards! VIVE' REVOLUTION!!! BWAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAA... Sorry, could not help myself
  25. Thanks to fans, Final concert

    Sure celebrities are entitled as much as anyone else, however, if they wanted to go they should have put in for the lottery like everyone else. Just because one is a celebrity should not equate to special consideration. Especially 8,000? I never knew it was that many. WTF??? I can see maybe 100 of the bands friends, family, and "special celebrities" such as other musicians but 8 friggin k? Sorry, but that is serious bullshit right there, bullshit which is inexcusable.