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    The Southern/Lynyrd Skynyrd Thread

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    The Beatles thread

  3. Badgeholder Still

    Recordings that have "that special something" for you

    Fair enough. I would describe this recording as a beautiful priceless treasure. Different strokes... But I enjoy audience/lo-fi recordings to the point of almost preferring them. Beyond the usual suspects, these are recordings that have become for me indispensable. 1969-01-31 New York 1971-09-03 New York 1972-12-22 London 1973-03-17 Munich 1975-01-22 Chicago 1977-06-26 Los Angeles 1980-06-23 Bremen
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    The KINKS thread

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    Any bluegrass fans?

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    Grateful Dead

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    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

  9. Badgeholder Still

    The Firm Thread

    Great Interview. Sadly, The Firm doesn't get much love around here. They are eternally cursed as Jimmy's first band after LZ with expectations they could never live up to. One thing The Firm has in common with LZ is there were 4 distinct voices in the band. I dug that from the get-go. That can't be said about Coverdale-Page or Page-Plant. Or any post Zep project. I suspect once Jimmy is no longer with us, listeners with will rediscover this band's unique mojo.
  10. Badgeholder Still

    Stone Temple Pilots

    Agreed, but i couldn't find this comment more ironic considering how AC/DC was able to move on without Bon. Who would have thought in early 1980 AC/DC could move on and be as or more successful without Bon? If the surviving members of STP have more great music in them, lay it on me. But when I think of STP, I think of Scott Weiland. Might serve 'em better to create a new identity for new music.
  11. Badgeholder Still

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    Seriously? Scotty Moore described their first session, resulting in the recording of "That's Alright Mama": This is old news and well documented history. Basically, you're calling all Elvis Presley fans since 1954 (including Led Zeppelin?) chumps who can't see through a phony. I can see through a phony. Counting missed notes in Led Zeppelin concert recordings is your thing. Stick to that.