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  1. Maybe you should reapply this logic to yourself; You weren't present backstage with Led Zeppelin at their 1977 St. Paul stop, or at any show ever. Therefore, your speculations about Peter Grant's presence of mind on any specific day are pointless. What you can confirm, if you're paying attention, is that only one 1977 show was cancelled/aborted due to substance abuse. Otherwise, the band showed up for every date on the tour and for the most part performed 3 hour+ shows. Impressive considering Jimmy Page and Peter Grant apparently had no mental functionality. Yes, heroin use within Led Zeppelin has been documented. Thank you for clarifying that. Again. God forbid every thread in the forum doesn't devolve into a discussion about heroin use.
  2. My favorite Franks
  3. Forward thinking artists don't move from project to project creating new work to accommodate the short sighted. Presence and ITTOD aren't supposed to sound like other Zep albums. That was by design. Daring to take chances experimenting with new ideas is what sets this band apart. The results on Presence and ITTOD are what the band intended and being unavailable to consider the unique beauty in these works with an open mind is a shortcoming on your part.