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  1. Presence

    I think Tea For One is one of the best things Led Zeppelin ever done. The whole LP is great really, it's probably the studio album I play the most in the house these days.
  2. Chris Squire Rumours

    In my defence, it's got people talking although it was more meant to stimulate discussion on the musical implications of them recruiting other people into the band rather than the 'Celebrity Death Match' thread it's turned into. The comment about Squire knocking Bonham 'on his ass' has set the tone unfortunately & am more than happy for the thread to be deleted if people don't like it.
  3. Chris Squire Rumours

    Wasn't Chris Squire a bit of a pisshead? He probably would've been down the boozer with Bonham in his big glittery wizard jacket before rehearsals.
  4. Chris Squire Rumours

    Yeah, I agree with all of that but still doubt Squire would've joined Led Zeppelin & twatted John Bonham for turning up at rehearsal with a drink in him. The Stones should've quit when Mick Taylor left, they've been phoning it in since the mid 70s. The Who were notorious for fighting yet made some great music & that's what it's all about at the end of the day.
  5. Chris Squire Rumours

    To be fair to Steve, the thread was meant to be about the musical implications of such a move rather than 'Who would win out of a fight between John Bonham & Chris Squire?'. I think it would be highly unlikely for anyone to join a hugely successful band & then immediately start beating people up for having a drink before a rehearsal. I agree that Chris Squire would've changed the band's sound a great deal, he certainly didn't have that James Jamerson thing going on that Jones did although there's no doubting he's one of the great bass players of all time.
  6. Chris Squire Rumours

    In the books I read, I believe it was discussed somewhere around the '73 to '75 period. Of course it could've been nonsense from the likes of Davis & Cole.
  7. I've read in two or three Zeppelin books that there was a point that they were thinking of getting Squire in & moving Jones to keyboards permanently. Does anyone have any details on this? I was listening to the Seattle bootleg tonight & it struck me how ludicrous this decision might've been, John Paul Jones was 10 times the bass player he was a keyboardist.

    I'd love to have a look at it but paying £95 for a book of pictures is way beyond my level of financial decadence.
  9. What next? AGAIN

    Jimmy Page has cut a fair bit from the recent Yardbirds 68 release so I don't see him changing his ways anytime soon.
  10. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Mine arrived yesterday, what a brilliant version of Mr You're a Better Man Than I on the live album. I'll try to get a proper listen over the weekend.
  11. The Black Sabbath Thread

    Any news on this California Jam '74 album coming out? It's out in a couple of weeks but there's no cover image or track listing on Amazon...
  12. Aretha Franklin

    Possibly the most underrated song of all time...
  13. Aretha Franklin

    I love Aretha.
  14. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    I got my shipping notification on Monday morning (UK based & CDs) so would expect to receive mine today or tomorrow.
  15. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    That's good news then, thanks for letting us know, RockDude & JTM.