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  1. I think this is the best Dazed & Confused I've ever heard. Love the timing mistake & recovery coming into the end of the mid section.
  2. I love everything about Led Zeppelin III, this song included. It's a great and bizarre way to end the album.
  3. The Vanilla Fudge red snapper footage would come before that for me I have to say.
  4. I got the chance to listen to three songs last night (NQ, SIBLY & Kashmir) & I have to say I'm blown away by this gig, great sound, great playing & everything you could hope for from a 'bootleg' really. My missus is taking our Son out for a few hours tomorrow so I'll get a good chance to listen to it properly & up to 11 then, can't wait. I also noticed there are bits & bobs going up on Youtube.
  5. Just to add that I've received a link & one poster has very kindly offered to send me the CDs (I don't want to name him in case he gets bombarded with requests) so I'm all good for this now. I'm like a kid at Christmas now.
  6. Would it be incredibly cheeky to enquire about the possibility of a PM?
  7. Ha ha. In a similar vein, I reckon Bonham was a big fan of the drumming on The House That Jack Built by Aretha Franklin. Worth having a listen to anyway.
  8. Aye, I hear it loud & clear.
  9. Is it not Maureen Plant who smiles as Plant is singing Since I've Been Loving You? For some reason I always assumed it was.
  10. I think most John Bonham fans would admit that his solos did go on too long at times. I love his 'shorter' solos personally but his real contribution was how he played in the group setting. *apologies - I didn't get a chance to read the article as it's blocked at my work
  11. That's great to read. I think Bonham wanted to talk about drumming & music more but got asked a lot of stupid questions about other things by journalists, which is a real shame. He was always very complimentary about other drummers from what I can see, even towards the likes of Ginger Baker who has nothing nice to say about him.
  12. Apparently Bonham told Butch Miles he was a big admirer when he saw him play in 1977.
  13. Football Focus is still on. I see Jose 'other clubs are spending too much money' Mourinho is going to spunk another £40m on Matic this week.
  14. He had those Adidas trainers on in Milan (picture below) so it could very well be.