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  1. Mook

    Still the greatest rock band!

    Apart from Led Zeppelin, that list is pretty hideous. The Foo Fighters at No.2? Rock music for deaf accountants.
  2. Mook

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    Do we really want a live album from the 70s with overdubs done in 2018? I'm probably jumping the gun a bit there but it does all seem a bit odd.
  3. Yeah, fair enough, mate. I guess some people have that need to see old musicians reliving their youth for money, it's understandable even if it's not for me.
  4. This thread is almost a year old. I think it's time to forget about it to be honest, I don't think we're getting a 'holy grail' live album.
  5. You maintain that he has a moral obligation but it's not demanding? Ok. I was born in 1979 & I don't need anything else from anyone who was in Led Zeppelin. This culture of entitlement that younger people have now irritates me far more than anything Robert Plant has ever done. He's not going to reform Led Zeppelin again, time for some people to move on with their lives.
  6. Mook

    Grande Ballroom Detroit '69

    Great photos, thanks for sharing.
  7. Plant is rich because he's contributed immensly to our musical enjoyment over the years, not because he's a great interviewee. Personally I don't feel the need to demand anything from him, Page or Jones because I'm eternally grateful for what they've given us. Other people are clearly more 'high maintenence'.
  8. Plant doesn't need to understand anything, he seems quite happy with his lot. When rock stars start bending over for music journalists & their stupid questions, we should all just pack up & go home.
  9. Mook

    Robert Plant's recent set lists

    He's Robert Plant, he's 70 years old & he doesn't have to pander to anyone else at this stage in his career. He's playing the songs that he wants to play & going by the times I've seen him, he's enjoying himself & so are the audience. If you don't like the look of his set lists or his concerts, don't go & see him. It's really quite simple. His (& Led Zeppelin's) entire back catalogue is there if you want to listen to any of it on your stereo at home.
  10. Mook

    Robert Plant's recent set lists

    Seems odd that he's not playing any of his solo tunes. So odd in fact, that I think you might be making it up.
  11. I'm not convinced they made it up 'on the spot', there's a fair bit of arranging involved in that song & I'm guessing the riff had come from an earlier jam, it was 100% rehearsed by the band prior to the take we've all heard.
  12. Mook

    New Peter Grant Book

    Thanks, Zep Head. I'd forgotten about this book for some reason so will pick it up next time I'm in Waterstones.
  13. Mook

    Could Bonzo play with anyone?

    When I used to play drums, my style, drums & cymbals were heavily based on Bonham & I can say that when I auditioned for a few bands, they would generally give me the job & often have to change their writing to accomodate my drumming unless they were playing heavier stuff already. Obviously that was very low level stuff compared with Zeppelin & Deep Purple but a drummer has a huge, huge effect on a group's sound unless they happen to be extremely versatile. The best example I can think of (in a rock setting) is putting Keith Moon in The Beatles, the whole thing would sound completely different (I love Moon & Ringo by the way). Bonham was a great, great drummer but he always sounded like John Bonham, which is a good thing. Luckily Zeppelin & him were a match made in heaven.
  14. His Dad looks like a bit of a character.
  15. Mook

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Jimmy Page has come out this week & said there will be no reunion so we can definitely put that one to bed. A 2018 live release also looks dead in the water now.