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  1. Another year! Per tradition (well, at least since year 5) I've put C' Day DVD on and relived the night. My other enjoyable LZ experience this year (utilizing the USB audio input on my upgraded vehicle and having loaded a "high rotation" drive) was twice on long trips listening to the studio tracks in order from GTBT to I'm Gonna Crawl. Very rewarding!
  2. 6th anniversary of...

    And now... 7th anniversary
  3. Doesn't time Know what I'm going to watch tonight!
  4. australian fans

    Anybody else going to see Robert Plant / SSS shows? Taking my 13y.o. to the Sydney Ent Cent on March 28. (And he's coming to Deep Purple next week - wish my parent's had been like that!)
  5. What is your favorite football team?

    Hi Andy. My team vs. them last night http://www.footballaustralia.com.au/videos/aleague/Mariners-hold-Victory/246546/6840/1013/1 Hope you can view it in your country
  6. LED ZEPPELIN - CELEBRATION DAY (official announcement)

    ANOTHER SPOILER WARNING - in case you do not want to read this until it's in your hot little hands. Jason's contribution to the booklet in the DVD package (just beautiful)...
  7. Moved it to here: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/18330-led-zeppelin-celebration-day-official-announcement/page__pid__630469__st__600#entry630469
  8. So, it's Friday lunchime here. Today, 16th, being our Australian release date (don't ask me why). Didn't pre-order because shipping would take til Monday and had to duck and and get it NOW. Unfortunately only the 2CD/DVD; DVD/2CD (see explanation later) and Blu-ray/2CD available - but I couldn't wait! (Have to get the Shepparton version later, maybe with Blu-ray as I guess I'll get a player at some stage). At A$22.95 for the DVD/2CD is a bargain anyway. Would you believe I teared up when I saw them all on the stand and when I was handed the package after paying and again when the CD got to to the first chorus of Ramble On in the car on the way back to work (which was the point in the concert that this feeling of "this was so worth the effort" swept over me). CD goes straight into BOM BOM - BOM BOM of GTBT and I'd started it so loud (vs. the movie) that I nearly jumped out of my skin Sounds great. I'd recommend what I got in the DVD/2CD format, just because the booklet is physically bigger that the 2CD/DVD in its CD sized case.
  9. [TBL] Celebration Day Bonus DVD Review.

    Bloke at JB HiFi Tuggerah said probably end of next week. No T-shirt packs today either.
  10. Did it once from end to end during a long car trip. Amazing experience actually. It was Easter 2009 several weeks after I'd randomly in a music shop seen the remastered studios as a quite cheap special. All except Physical Graffiti, which curiously was the only one I had on CD already! My vinyl collection was fair but incomplete, other bits had been on cassette - ha ha! About time I did it again
  11. Led Zeppelin: CELEBRATION DAY (Global Press/Media Coverage)

    Ignorant journalist moment This thread http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/18318-led-zeppelin-to-receive-kennedy-center-honor/ seems to explains it. As I read it, Jimmy, Robert and JPJ sit in the box with the President and watch other performers - as yet unannounced - play tribute versions of their songs.
  12. Celebration Day Movie - Forum Reviews

    I've been thinking about this too. The experiences were so, so different for the same event. I saw much more in the movie, I felt much more at the concert. Not surprisingly, after meticulous re-mix and mastering, the sound was much more defined in the movie. I don't clearly recall the lasers in D&C but there are 2 'had to be there' moments for me, which I can almost pick up in the boot (I only have an audio), definitely not there in the movie (on 1 viewing): - In D&C when Jimmy turned around for the violin bow there was a collective gasp of "he's getting it" in the crowd around me. - In STH following Robert's line "and the forests will echo with laughter", there was an audience (around me anyway) spoken chorus of the TSRTS "does anybody remember laughter" - which Robert has wisely left to history. I'll need to see the DVD to try (again) to identify the backscreen moment which my fluked avatar captures. One concert moment (absent from Celebration Day, of course) which I'd be happier to not recall, was when the not-unexpected surge foward occurred at the start (I was about central floor) some 'well-ard' London (I presume, English anyway) bell-ends started throwing their weight, fists, elbows and shoulders around to get where they felt they were entitled. Coudn't believe it at such an event. I spent the first half of GTBT scrambling for some safer people to be around.
  13. Celebration Day Movie - Forum Reviews

    Almost: "Her face was cracked from smiling..." Lovely review. The days are dragging now for the DVD to come out to watch their talent and enjoyment over again
  14. Celebration Day Cinema Screenings - Volume Issues

    Good one. I'm strongly suspecting well over 90% of the showings are done and dusted. Certainly, as far as I'm aware in our country there were none other than on the evening of Oct 17. Will there be another run done with appropriate sound? I'd doubt it here, my cinema was only 25% full and I'd blame local promotion rather than Omniverse for that. And maybe the Wednesday night didn't help.
  15. Feels Like 12.10.07 on 10.17.12

    It's been really exciting over the day's rotation of the Earth through the evening of Wed Oct 17 to progressively see people's reaction to the movie. This time anybody could see the whole thing for themselves rather than reaching for the experience through a fortunate few.