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  1. Soundboard release just announced. Looks like it will be 2CDs. So, not the complete show. Given that EV have release Immigrant Song, Stairway, and Friends, I would guess that the recording is missing the last third of the show.
  2. pluribus

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    The version you used as a reference (net source on BB site) runs much too fast. At least a whole step. Has a noticeable effect on how the band’s performance sounds. The TCOLZ version runs at the right speed.
  3. pluribus

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    That's the Balboa Soccer Fields on Balboa in Encino. Bangers/Dark Horse is 3-4 miles away, down Balboa>Burbank>Reseda. https://goo.gl/maps/txU5GvAwRDK2
  4. Nope. I’m going off of the same info as everyone else. Given how the release of Deus Ex Machina went (with the release of a song sample and then the entire show), I think it’s most likely that EV will be releasing the complete 929 soundboard on September 29. Time will tell.
  5. Probably a solid release for those wanting the silvers. If this is what helps Empress Valley to keep on delivering those wonderful soundboards, then it’s just fiiiiiiine by me. The Japan 1972 box was an absolute winner. They have provided so many incredible soundboards, with the occasional upgraded audience source here and there, so I don’t really mind whether some of their other releases are just downloaded shows packaged in fancy boxes. They are supposedly on the brink of releasing the Osaka 929 soundboard, obviously have 928, no doubt have Long Beach 3/12/75, and who knows what else still to come. If it takes them releasing twenty more sets like this one, just so we can get to hear even one of those unheard gems, it will be absolutely worth it.
  6. If this show were ever to get released, it would probably be a “listen once” type of thing. Think of Page’s broken finger, Plant’s flu, and the band’s rustiness overall during that first leg. Sure, hearing Levee and Wanton Song on soundboard would be a treat on some level, but all signs point to those versions at the first show probably being pretty rough performances, given how the band sounded in a Chicago a few days later.
  7. pluribus

    I've Been Sleeping On Bradfford 1973

    http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=1322 Sounds tasty to me!
  8. pluribus

    I've Been Sleeping On Bradfford 1973

    What version are you listening to for the soundboard fragment? Those songs sound pretty great to me. I mean, 99% of the unofficial recording stuff would be considered “bad” to any normal listener.
  9. pluribus

    I've Been Sleeping On Bradfford 1973

    January 1973 is very overlooked. Oxford 1/7 is great even though the vocals are rough. Aberdeen 1/25 is up there with Bradford, and the fragments from 1/27 and 1/28 are fantastic too. Liverpool 1/14 has a lot of good bits. Don’t forget that Bradford has a soundboard fragment for Dazed, WLL and Immigrant Song. By comparison, I’ve found Stoke 1/15, Southampton 1/22 and Preston 1/30 to be less interesting shows. Those three are probably the best tapes of that tour, which would help explain why people don’t bother to check out the other gigs from that month. Lots of reward there.
  10. pluribus

    Black Dog 73 vocals

    I like the Suedonim remaster.
  11. pluribus

    Black Dog 73 vocals

    Yep, Baltimore. Baltimore 7/23, Pittsburgh 7/24 and New York Night 7/27 (from what we've heard) are Plant's best vocal nights overall for 1973. And the band is right there with him. Baltimore for the win, though. Check out Eddie Edwards remaster. You gotta work for that experience due to the sound quality, but it's a nice reward when you hear that out-of-order Dazed and Confused and Plant actually trying to hit the high notes in Stairway to Heaven.
  12. pluribus

    New 1968 Live shows for the 50th anniversary

    The setlist on that website is listed as "probable", likely submitted by a fan. No actual setlist circulates for any of those early 1968 shows. For all anyone knows, Zeppelin's earliest shows could've been 100% Yardbirds songs. They did start as "The New Yardbirds", after all.
  13. pluribus

    New 1968 Live shows for the 50th anniversary

    I guess that there would have to be at least one 68 soundboard out there. The question is what it sounds like performance-wise. The only reference we have is that December 1968 recording, which sounds a lot like a band that had just formed. Then again, by Boston a month later they were on fire. Maybe they were already playing like that in October-November? If I had to guess, a pre-December ‘68 performance might as well be filled with Yardbirds songs. Ready to be surprised though!
  14. pluribus

    Empress Valley Warning

    I would guess that there may be some truth to that. That being said, EV are still putting out boxset after boxset of things, including the Japan 1972 box, so I would also guess that we might still see a 75 board or some more Japan 1971 sooner than later. They are in it to make money after all, right?