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  1. pluribus

    New 1968 Live shows for the 50th anniversary

    The setlist on that website is listed as "probable", likely submitted by a fan. No actual setlist circulates for any of those early 1968 shows. For all anyone knows, Zeppelin's earliest shows could've been 100% Yardbirds songs. They did start as "The New Yardbirds", after all.
  2. pluribus

    New 1968 Live shows for the 50th anniversary

    I guess that there would have to be at least one 68 soundboard out there. The question is what it sounds like performance-wise. The only reference we have is that December 1968 recording, which sounds a lot like a band that had just formed. Then again, by Boston a month later they were on fire. Maybe they were already playing like that in October-November? If I had to guess, a pre-December ‘68 performance might as well be filled with Yardbirds songs. Ready to be surprised though!
  3. pluribus

    Empress Valley Warning

    I would guess that there may be some truth to that. That being said, EV are still putting out boxset after boxset of things, including the Japan 1972 box, so I would also guess that we might still see a 75 board or some more Japan 1971 sooner than later. They are in it to make money after all, right?
  4. pluribus

    pick one

    As much as I want to hear 7/27 in full, it has got to be Baltimore.
  5. pluribus

    Jimmy's amp "stacks"

    Page did have his cabinets stacked, from 1969-1971. Anyone's guess as to why he started spreading them out, but one reason could be that he may have wanted more sound available across the stage, and to get some of that volume away from his ear-level. He also needed the echoplexes at a height where he could adjust them, such as for the theremin solo. Another reason could be that between 1969-1971 he was only running 2 amp heads, with 1 of those amps doing double-duty for the theremin. So, two stacks of cabinets made sense. When he added the extra amp just for the theremin in 1971, that's when he also got more cabs and spread them out. He also started putting a cabinet on the other side of Bonham's drum kit, so he could still hear himself while he was listening to Jones' keyboard amps for Stairway.
  6. pluribus

    Next Soundboard Release

    This is the same version and files I posted in the link. In fact, I believe it showed up on Dime within an hour of me posting it here
  7. pluribus

    Next Soundboard Release

    The link is to a zip folder which you download, then extract/copy the folder inside the zip to your desktop or wherever you want it. The audio files in the folder are in FLAC format, which you can play using a player like Foobar2000 or decode to WAV using any number of programs (FLAC frontend, Trader's Little Helper, etc.)
  8. pluribus

    Next Soundboard Release

    Good for a week: https://we.tl/4ty6FbL7yM
  9. pluribus

    Next Soundboard Release

    I believe the Winston Remasters version is longer. Empress Valley forgot to patch one of the cuts somewhere.
  10. Most fluid for 1975 is Philadelphia 2/8/75, Uniondale 2/14/75, Long Beach 3/12/75, and Seattle 3/21/75. Honorable mention to 2/12/75 and 2/13/75.
  11. pluribus

    Am thinking Jimmy must be the sb source

    Good time to post this link again: http://www.bootlegzone.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=11600 From the Langley bootleg trial, where Jimmy took the stand and was asked questions about his perennial sidekick Ross Halfin. The lawyer asked Jimmy about a recent home-movie that Jimmy's daughter Scarlet had filmed, which still somehow managed to show up on a bootleg in Japan. Ruins the theory of these things only coming from the 1980s house robbery or from a Showco employee or from some secret collector. Given that the defendant Langley was himself behind a few bootleg labels and knew many of the players in the game, it's not a difficult one to piece together. As for Jimmy's denial...he's also denied ever having lifted song bits from others in court too, so.... MM: You've said already that you know Ross Halfin. Was it he who introduced you to the bootleg shops in Japan? JP: Yes, it could've been. MM: Does Mr. Halfin give you bootlegs? JP: Yes, sometimes. MM: Perhaps Mr. Halfin will return from a trip to Japan and bring back with him some CDs which he'll give to you? JP: Yes, perhaps. MM: I put it to you that your attitude towards bootlegs is not as serious as you would like it to appear. I put it to you that Mr. Halfin is a conduit.That he acts as a go-between. That the film your daughter took was passed to Mr. Halfin with your knowledge and consent, and that he then took it to Japan to be made into a bootleg. JP: No. Absolutely not.
  12. FWIW Page has photos from the Blueberry Hill show listed on his personal webpage as being from 8/21/71, which happens to also be the same show that John Paul Jones swore that the crowd gave an 8 minute standing ovation to Stairway to Heaven. So, yeah, memory about these things isn't always completely accurate. I don't blame the band or the various photographers mistaking a concert photo. A lot of photos are mis-dated. What does surprise me is when a bootleg label like Empress Valley puts the wrong photos on the artwork to a show. Being in the business that they are in, they no doubt have access to all the same resources that fans do. Yet, most of the EV releases use photos without much regard for the actual date of the show they're actually releasing. Especially the "Soundboard Revolution" series. Most of those shows have photos from a different date on the artwork, even when there are numerous common photos available. Even a simple look on the lz.com site will easily identify which photos go to which shows.
  13. To each his own. I don't personally think you're taking a "crap" on Page. I think you're doing what countless aspiring guitarists have done since the dawn of rock: Compare their idol to themselves, observe the gaps in proficiency here and there, and so look for weaknesses to try and bring their idol back down to earth. It's great that you're listening to the shows. I think we all need to take a second look at every gig out there, as there are lots of great moments to discover. But this type of note-by-note thing seems a lot like counting the "ums" and the "uhs" in a famous speech. It misses the forest for the trees. Yeah, Page had an "affected" year in 1975. Everyone has known that for the past 40 years. Partly from injury, partly from drugs, and probably a good bit to do with a deliberate shift towards showmanship vs technical precision. Page was already an undisputed success, he was already a respected guitarist, he had already proved his ability to pull off a good solo a thousand times over, and he was obviously now focused on making the shows more about the over-the-top type of presentation that was becoming more popular at the time (see: KISS, Alice Cooper). Jeans and t-shirts and standing still for each solo gave way to fancy suits, laser beams, and duck walks. For all anyone knows, maybe Page was even a little bored with the guitar by that point. Find me a player who reached that height of success, sustained it for that long, and didn't have rough periods or tours where they just tuned out. The better shows of the 75 tour have long been known, and even those shows have plenty of "missed notes", just as some of the "worst" shows still have flashes of brilliance. Since you're on a 75 kick, I think 2/6/75 is a good show, but I think it lacks a bit of that extra "oomph" of other shows. Not too many special moments to it. 2/7/75 in NYC is much better, but Plant is in much weaker voice. 2/8/75 in Philadelphia is the best of the lot, and is one of the best nights of the tour.
  14. pluribus

    Best version of Vancouver 3/19/75

    I think the Liquid Led versions are the best for both 3/19/75 and 3/20/75. A shame that LL dropped off the map before the release of the Seattle 3/21/75 soundboard. Would've been nice to hear his take on it.
  15. pluribus

    Listen to This Erik Japanese import posted

    But didn't they also release the latest Osaka 9/28 audience source? I think they put out a couple of other sources like that, that no one had heard.