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  1. babysquid

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    That looks plastic to me! 😀
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hurdy-Gurdy-fledged-musical-instrument-UGears/dp/B07771DV5J/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526715479&sr=8-1&keywords=ugears+hurdy+gurdy buy one of these and play it yourselves
  3. Is he “SO AFRAID” or has he just moved on?
  4. babysquid

    Zeppelin's most exotic song

    It wasn’t Eddie Cochran, it was Ritchie Valens. They credited Mrs Valens as they’d heard that she hadn’t received any royalties from her sons catalogue and they wanted to make sure she got something from it.
  5. babysquid

    Zeppelin's most exotic song

    I was being facetious! Personally I’d probably go with something along the lines of “Friends” with it’s open tuned guitar, eastern psychedelic flavored arrangement, winding string part, synth drone and just generally being one of the more off the wall offerings from anybody.
  6. babysquid

    Zeppelin's most exotic song

    exotic ɪɡˈzɒtɪk,ɛɡˈzɒtɪk/ adjective 1. originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country. "exotic birds" synonyms: foreign, non-native, tropical; alien, imported, introduced, unnaturalized "exotic birds" foreign, faraway, far off, far-flung, unfamiliar; distant, remote "exotic places" So maybe the entire In Through the Out Door Lp as it was recorded in Scandinavia?
  7. babysquid

    Zeppelin's most exotic song

    Not a real one anyway😀
  8. Does he? Do you owe the first person who employed you your career? If there is a debt how do you know Robert hasn’t paid it? When does he stop owing Jimmy? What does Jimmy owe Robert? Who knows but them. Would they have been as successful with Terry Reid or just another Humble Pie? Who knows? Robert may have been nothing without Jimmy but Jimmy could have just been “That last guitarist in the yardbirds who never did anything after”. Purely judging by their post Led Zeppelin output it seems Jimmy needs Robert more than Robert needs Jimmy. Of course Jimmy’s solo album and tour are happening next year and that might change everything .
  9. babysquid

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    Hey dude, sometimes what we write on these forums doesn’t read with the same inflection as intended. I can easily see now that I’ve re read my comment how I might’ve come across as a pedantic knob!
  10. How can something be both tiresome and awesome?😀 I flooding the market wish numerous live releases of varying quality might dilute the potency of the band’s mystique .
  11. We would have heard of Jimmy due to the Yardbirds and maybe JPJ due to his prolific session and arranging work. Bonzo was already getting work with Tim Rose, but wether that would’ve led to being a household name rather than a respected drummer I couldn’t say. As for Robert, he was certainly hungry for the limelight but he hadn’t really gone anywhere until he hooked up with Jimmy.
  12. babysquid

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    They were an hour.
  13. babysquid

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    Led Zeppelin reforms as a support act!