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  1. babysquid

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    I’m reading a hardback at the moment.
  2. babysquid

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Ah! I see it now. Yep my bad, I got you wrong
  3. babysquid

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Hang on a second, forgive me if I’ve got this wrong but wasn’t it you who just said Barrington Colby never existed?
  4. babysquid

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Ordered it! Looking forward to a few days of salacious gossip, half truths and unfounded gossip!
  5. They do tend to use the same three songs over and over and I’m beginning to wonder if they offer some clue to the final outcome of the story. ICQY was only used in the first (so far) but TY, WIAWSNB and ITE have recurred throughout
  6. babysquid

    Question: 10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod)

    That’s sounds like one of Robert’s many ribs at JPJ
  7. babysquid

    All My Love - story behind the song?

    There are plenty of relationships that last less than 5 years
  8. How did you miss the snippet of “Thankyou” just before? 😀
  9. They’re more than likely just the “sound check” covers that are already in circulation.
  10. babysquid

    All My Love - story behind the song?

    I think singing “proud Aryan” pronounced like that might have brought about a few comments regarding the Nazis!
  11. babysquid

    The hype

    Yes definitely all true. DVD should be out for 1/4/19 or 4/1/19 for American calendars
  12. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in the Temps art department, they certainly put together some classics!
  13. babysquid

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    The upcoming TSRTS reissue
  14. We’ll obviously he did play on it because the CD credits are never wrong! Ever! 😀
  15. I don’t think there has ever been an official bio of any band or artist that has put an end to the unauthorized books. I wouldn’t suggest they’d be any more trustworthy with the truth either.
  16. Now I may have this wrong but is Jimmy not quoted somewhere on this forum saying a while ago that the reissue campaign started with TSRTS?
  17. Both were already mixed into 5.1. These are Remasters not remixes
  18. babysquid

    Future Page Releases?

    Hang on! He hasn’t remastered “Remasters”, “Early Days and Later Days”, “Mothership” and “Celebration Day” yet!
  19. Audio wise is there anything new over the 2007 release?
  20. babysquid

    The Trouble with Bonham. 1978-80

    In the article you linked to he supposedly suggests to Robert that they switch roles. If it actually happened it was during the journey to rehearsal with Robert and not a drunken freak out and he was obviously not being serious.
  21. I really enjoyed WGWTE as well. I didn’t agree with all of Mick Wall’s opinions ( and he is opinionated) but I found it an enjoyable read with a different take on the band and it’s accepted history than many of the other bios out there.
  22. Ahhh that explains everything....
  23. babysquid

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    Yes he is just taking the piss. One thing this thread does highlight is the still present humor gap between different cultures and how comments can be misinterpreted by others regardless of their original intentions. Even with the well established advances in global communication our nations still have our collective individuality and idiosyncrasies.