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  1. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    There's a YouTube with vocals from Keith Relf. A part which is same as Tangerine
  2. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Apparently Jimmy wiped away Relf s vocal from the early Tangerine so not to pay royalties. So very strange
  3. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Are the aud and 3/17 recordings upgraded at all?
  4. New Mystery Soundboard?

    If you got the zip file completely downloaded, then unzip it with WinZip or 7zip.
  5. New Mystery Soundboard?

    The download is perfect. Probably better than an official release
  6. New Mystery Soundboard?

    I agree and have literally spent 1000 s on original EV, TARANTURA, And Vinyl Gang cds. Occasionally my budget gets tight ?
  7. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Eel grass has the same silver disc s as EV but at half the price. The packaging is obviously not as good but it's ok
  8. NEW: Hampton Coliseum 1970 - DATE CORRECTION!

    Awesome news. Now if we just had the complete show..
  9. Definitive Seattle 72/6/19

    I've never heard one that was an enjoyable listening experience except that LZ is so freaking good!
  10. An article in Rolling Stone discusses that after 50 years, the copyright of any recording disappears and can be released by anyone officially unless the artist releases it themselves. Hoping Jimmy cuts loose on any decent recording he has, like Dylan is doing
  11. BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    Is the medley on the 71 show edited or complete?
  12. Led Zeppelin being booed by the audience?

    I grew up in Kansas City and rumor was they were either booed in 69 or something pissed them off to make them never to play there again
  13. Am I the only one who hates Jimmy's noise solos?

    I generally skip past the drum and the sonic mishmash guitar solos. Each is the worst part of 70s classic rock live concert excess
  14. Landover 2/10/75

    I've come to the conclusion that sb s from before 73 don't exist other than what we know. I'm happy to have something new, especially a poorly booted show