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  1. drpete

    Empress Valley Warning

    I wasn't going to pay big money for the original release but did buy the discounted version as have a silver disc to hold still means more to me than a download only
  2. drpete

    Empress Valley Warning

    Before the internet I spent 1000s of dollars on expensive silver disc boots of Zep, Stones and Beatles from all over the world. I've since downloaded the entire collection from the internet. While I like having the original discs, I sure would enjoy the money I spent more, lol. That as it is, I usually buy a EV silver only when it is something special like Seattle 75 as it feels more real to me to have something to hold.
  3. Dont buy Ebay. I went to my store 8 hours after its doors opened and there were at least 20 copies left for 9.99$
  4. I'm convinced he has to be the only person who has access to all these releases and considering that they weren't multitracked to be made an official product, he s getting them out through EV. He seems to have a good relationship with them . And maybe just doing a song by song release of Japan 71 to wet our appetite for an official release. If this is so, I can forgive him for cutting up the medley on HTWWW, lol.
  5. Anyone yet compare this to How the West was REDONE?
  6. drpete

    Next Soundboard Release

    Thank god for the internet. 15 years ago I'd be spending 60$ per song
  7. Well I guess the real last studio statement is the record store day release. Unless its not
  8. drpete


    Between seeing two fantastic Page&Plant concerts and having a 07 dvd, they played any Zep song Id ever hope to hear in fabulous form. Any thing else at this point isn't necessary if they have no interest in continuing
  9. Hopefully it will be mass produced since I can' t get to the store till 3. Then it's to eBay if I can' t get one, ugh
  10. drpete

    9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Even Missing segments can be fixed. The Who Live at Hull didn't have the bass recorded for several songs so they used John's Leeds bass recording for a patch
  11. drpete

    9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    a torrent link to the song is up at Tradersden
  12. drpete


    A reunion would bring out the people who would just complain that it' s not as good as 1972, the set list has too many warhorses , they look old, can' t play or hit the notes blah blah blah.. Just check out IORR everytime the Stones play. So much negativity instead of appreciation for what you got.
  13. drpete


    I' m not sure why everyone is So upset there's been no reunion. First John is dead. 2nd we did get the fantastic 07 performance with Jason. And we had 2 Page&Plant tours which were fantastic and 90% Led Zep music. At this stage of life, any further reunion efforts I feel would pale to these previous performances.