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  1. LZ II Reel to Reel - The Only Way To Fly?

    I have seen several copies of LZ II in reel ro reel at both 3.5 and 7 ips (inches per second/tape speed), and owned one for a time.. Ivee never seen one that said "the only way to fly". Nice little rareity I think.

    Loves me some Alice Cooper Group.esp Easy Action LP.
  3. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    This is killer modern psychedelic rock. Gonna look for this on vinyl.
  4. LZ talks Beatles

    Oh f___. Look how well spoken John Bonham is before the alcohol takes control. I did a forum search, but I didnt try particularly hard. This clip is new to my eyes at any rate.
  5. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I love this track so much. I suspect Jimmy censored Robert's lyrics by using delay effects, making the lyrics unintelligible. I believe there to be a narrative thread that connects this track with other tracks throughout Robert's career. For example (IMO) Rude World, For your Life... and before the guilt set in, Celebration Day. " Overlook me now, but you cant skip JAMES.. I'M sorry about that" -Rude World/Page Plant/ Rainier Patek comp
  6. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Re: japan 71 esp Osaka: Do you suppose they have been avoiding that because of Mr Bonham's generosity with his crash/ride cymbol? I like that sound personally, I find it powerful, but it takes up a lot of sonic space.
  7. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I thot they were at Page's house on 24 sept 80? Who was the engineer for Death Wish? My speculation stems from an interview with that guy.. the person Jimmy hired in 80 to work SOL.. was that Leif? Polar sounds slick whereas SOL sounds kind of dry. Darlene and Ozone Baby sound dry, like 'Death Wish II' not slick like 'In through the Outdoor.' If I recall correctly the engneer describes getting a stack of tapes that will comprise Coda, and he left this reader with the impression that he was not 100 percent certain where the latter tracks were from.
  8. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    SOL studio was up and running in the summer of 1980, was it not? What if two tracks from Coda were falsly attributed to Polar studios? We now know that Page lied about We're gonna groove, prolly due to contractual obligation of one more Zepp studio album. The original Bonham radio announcement describes a "recording session" that he became too drunk to participate in. What if Darlene and Ozone Baby were actually recorded in summer of 1980 at SOL studios?
  9. What next? AGAIN

    My opinion is that the three got together just as Them Crooked Vultures was contemplating a 2nd album. I also think this was test marketed and abandonded. A high tech video for the time appeared on youtube containing many shots of a natural beach.. and the chorus of the song sounded a lot like "ahh, Sebastiani Beach". It was titled with (you guessed it) unpronouncable symbols... and also listed as a new zeppelin song. I was convinced it was them after listening to it several times
  10. What type of strings do you use and why?

    Mine sounds like this, strings on for about 10 weeks.. https://dylanpatrik.bandcamp.com/track/can-you-feel-it I think I can hold out a couple.few more weeks before i re-string... but it sounds less like a sitar when the strings are fresh.
  11. What type of strings do you use and why?

    Ernie Ball 'regular Slinkys' (10s). I bot an $11 in-hole accoustic pick up on Amazon and turned my 1969 Stella Harmony cowboy guitar into a noisy but stringy electric. These can sound pretty good for a few weeks if your friends aren't playing it with resin on their fingertips.

    I don't think we've discussed the merits of a Led Zeppelin hologram arrangement.

    Also I'm kind of keen to see the Jason Bonham wedding.. maybe that could be on the Deluxe Celebration Day, in 2032. I'll be alive by then, right?

    All I really want at this point is Jimmy Page with a guitar and some focus.

    Y'all see that announcement about big label plans to promote Zep's 50th? http://ledzepnews.com/2017/09/18/led-zeppelins-record-label-planning-series-high-profile-events-bands-50th-anniversary/