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  1. Someone once laid out a tantalizing fantasy about Led Zeppelin staging a Johnny Kidd and the Pirates cover album in the decision making time after H o t H but before PG.. I believe there were some rehearsal or bootleg outtakes to flesh out the fantasy. Johnny Kidd and the Pirates are most well known for "Shakin all over".
  2. Um... dweee. Whats a clave? Is that British for cowbell? Nevr mind, ill look it up. The specific critism was in a review for the Presence lp. I suspected it was Stuart Copeland driving a reassesment of contemporary style. I think Ive come to prefer Jason's stance on Trampled Underfoot.
  3. I hope Jim keeps his bed away from his award laden award shelf. What if an earthquake happens, or something? Id sure hate to see those awards bounce off his head one by one!
  4. I had a tape of this that I recorded off the radio from the live simulcast on WBCN Boston MA USA. The stereo mix for fm was pretty good, Compared to what is a good question to ask. Compared to "Sea of Love" and "Little by Little" this was sounding pretty rockin. The Les Paul was out, no B-string bender, and Page was bending notes up, making them cry and shake with vibrato. He was playing Zeppelin style and it was sweet for not being Firm style. Honorable mention goes to the lead guitar intro to WLL which I loved and listened to over and over and over.. so good it gets some duck-face from Robert., it's off to a good start, and then the drums come in too early, spooking Bob and Jim. For me the energy is back by the end of WLL, and even Jonesy can be observed rocking out, fists pumping in time from the crowd. Good deal! Lots of energy considering rock energy was absent from commercial rock of the day.
  5. The main problem with the gig was the intro to WLL, in which the drummer arrives early. The camera doesn't care which drummer got there first. Robert seems surprised to have to sing over that hence he's a little flat.
  6. Sounds like a bootleg disk made with outdated (think:"Disk-At-Once") technology... this was used to copy music or data disks, master disk in one tray, CD-R in the other, just like dubbing cassette tapes.. software then inserted unwanted space between index numbers (tracks) and had a way of gradually getting out of sync, cutting the ends of songs to make room for the second or two of silence between tracks.
  7. tell me your opinion

    Great question.. the answer is conveniently broken down into 328714 posts in the "main forum" section. Rock on!
  8. Yes, definitely. hee haw
  9. Covers: RE: Ramble on: that's pretty sharp man.. singer reminds me of Chris Robinson. RE: Bron Y R : Sounds good, but rhythmically confusing. I listened to the White Summer cover a while ago and I think I may have had the same criticism about it. I liked the Henry Bonzo montage.. covered a lot of ground. Yeah.. When I'm recording I use effects on my voice. without them I'd have just my voice.
  10. this kinks cover is nais.
  11. Prolly lots of people who never heard of Spirit until they read Hammer of the Gods in 1985. I like what I heard. It's just that Led Zeppelin is a bit of a gateway band, and if you choose to dig deeper, there's this whole history of music underneath.
  12. Now, what if Stairway to Heaven failed to generate any interest? There would be no historical rock and roll record. Is this a #SuccessPenalty?
  13. If Robin Thicke's appeal pf the Marvin Gaye family lawsuit is successful, then the Stairway lawsuit stands a better chance of going away. How much do we agree as music listeners that "He's so fine" by the Chiffons sounds like "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison? This listener hears the similarity but disagrees with the outcome of that lawsuit. This music listener likes a legal landscape that allows for innovative re-interpretations as imagined by the likes of The Beastie Boys on Paul's Boutique and Tribe Called Quest on Low End Theory. I support innovation, parody, re-interpreation, and standing on the shoulders of giants. I hope the law chooses not to strangle creativity or create new legal hassles for musicians. It's a little frustrating watching non-originators fight over their dead relatives publishing rights. At least the Jimi Hendrix family has some kind of eye on quality.
  14. Well.. I'd like to meet some PDX'rs that can jam some Led.. I know several songs, but today I posted a cover of 20th Century Boy by T-Rex. Listen here if you like Peace. Hey..Henry Bonzo is throwing in a lick from the DVD "menu"..
  15. It's exciting to think LZ pulled that out in June of 07, but it seems so unlikely.. what seems more likely to me is that Jason Bonham misspoke, and meant to say "No Quarter.. from Houses of the Holy".. I'm a confused fan regarding the 1975 set list. They avoided a lot of songs that could have helped them out. Houses of the Holy was one. Pretty sure I've not heard even one live version.