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  1. What next? AGAIN

    My opinion is that the three got together just as Them Crooked Vultures was contemplating a 2nd album. I also think this was test marketed and abandonded. A high tech video for the time appeared on youtube containing many shots of a natural beach.. and the chorus of the song sounded a lot like "ahh, Sebastiani Beach". It was titled with (you guessed it) unpronouncable symbols... and also listed as a new zeppelin song. I was convinced it was them after listening to it several times
  2. What type of strings do you use and why?

    Mine sounds like this, strings on for about 10 weeks.. https://dylanpatrik.bandcamp.com/track/can-you-feel-it I think I can hold out a couple.few more weeks before i re-string... but it sounds less like a sitar when the strings are fresh.
  3. What type of strings do you use and why?

    Ernie Ball 'regular Slinkys' (10s). I bot an $11 in-hole accoustic pick up on Amazon and turned my 1969 Stella Harmony cowboy guitar into a noisy but stringy electric. These can sound pretty good for a few weeks if your friends aren't playing it with resin on their fingertips.

    I don't think we've discussed the merits of a Led Zeppelin hologram arrangement.

    Also I'm kind of keen to see the Jason Bonham wedding.. maybe that could be on the Deluxe Celebration Day, in 2032. I'll be alive by then, right?

    All I really want at this point is Jimmy Page with a guitar and some focus.

    Y'all see that announcement about big label plans to promote Zep's 50th? http://ledzepnews.com/2017/09/18/led-zeppelins-record-label-planning-series-high-profile-events-bands-50th-anniversary/
  8. Boots of P and P touring in the 90's

    Shake My Tree was a fav from the 95 tour.. almost a hit.
  9. Black Country Communion

    RE: Collide. I like it.
  10. Yardbirds clip with Page and Beck : French TV 1966

    Also included: inexplicable Lord Sutch perfomance... this guy hires Page Bonham and Jones as a studio band in 68. Musta been a...
  11. Anyone wish Zep had done a cover album?

    Someone once laid out a tantalizing fantasy about Led Zeppelin staging a Johnny Kidd and the Pirates cover album in the decision making time after H o t H but before PG.. I believe there were some rehearsal or bootleg outtakes to flesh out the fantasy. Johnny Kidd and the Pirates are most well known for "Shakin all over".
  12. Presence, Creem Magazine, and H-0-R-S-E

    Um... dweee. Whats a clave? Is that British for cowbell? Nevr mind, ill look it up. The specific critism was in a review for the Presence lp. I suspected it was Stuart Copeland driving a reassesment of contemporary style. I think Ive come to prefer Jason's stance on Trampled Underfoot.
  13. Jimmy Page and Joe Elliott to appear at Classic Rock Awards

    I hope Jim keeps his bed away from his award laden award shelf. What if an earthquake happens, or something? Id sure hate to see those awards bounce off his head one by one!
  14. I had a tape of this that I recorded off the radio from the live simulcast on WBCN Boston MA USA. The stereo mix for fm was pretty good, Compared to what is a good question to ask. Compared to "Sea of Love" and "Little by Little" this was sounding pretty rockin. The Les Paul was out, no B-string bender, and Page was bending notes up, making them cry and shake with vibrato. He was playing Zeppelin style and it was sweet for not being Firm style. Honorable mention goes to the lead guitar intro to WLL which I loved and listened to over and over and over.. so good it gets some duck-face from Robert., it's off to a good start, and then the drums come in too early, spooking Bob and Jim. For me the energy is back by the end of WLL, and even Jonesy can be observed rocking out, fists pumping in time from the crowd. Good deal! Lots of energy considering rock energy was absent from commercial rock of the day.