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  1. anniemouse

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Thank you Mook.
  2. anniemouse

    Robert Plant Photo Mystery

    It does look like the photo was altered.
  3. anniemouse

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Is that Molineux the Wolves home ground. Any idea what this photo relates to?.
  4. anniemouse

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Such a lovely family photograph.
  5. anniemouse

    Hadn't seen this one before. What's the origin?

    Was there a major rift after the recording because Jimi seems at ease with Lord Sutch in that picture. Bonham's drumming is amazing, especially on Flashing Light.
  6. anniemouse

    Hadn't seen this one before. What's the origin?

    Is that around the Heavy Friends era?.
  7. Can I ask a hypothetical question. If Mr Bonham had lived and Zep breaking up at some point (whenever that would have been) would he have been open or not open to any reunion talk.
  8. anniemouse

    John Paul Jones & Alice Cooper photo May 2018

    Thank you for posting this.
  9. anniemouse

    New Plant interview

    I enjoyed that. Thank you for posting.
  10. I think as others have mentioned Mr Page and Mr Jones would have been successful anyway. Plant and Bonham would have had to over come more hurdles but it would have hinged on the following. Good management; In Roberts case getting to grips with song writing, and making the most of the emerging new pub circuit that would greatly help developing the UK live scene. Globally I have no idea, here in the Uk something could have happened.
  11. anniemouse

    Gibson files for bankruptcy protection

    Are other guitar firms in good shape ?.
  12. Considering they gave so many classic LP's of that era a kicking what were the Lp's getting praised.
  13. There is another reason why I would find Led Zeppelin recording brand new material uneasy. If new work exists then the record company would in this day and age want them to do the media trail. Cast your mind back a couple of years to the trial and how the media (comedians, commentators and music journalists) really stuck the boot in. No Peter Grant to protect them and a rabid media with an agenda stemming from decades ago. They have tried so hard to make their legacy about the music. A couple of dodgy interviews and press conferences could set that back years.
  14. ABBA as previously mentioned still have all four original members with us and from what I can gather the new material, which is two to three new songs at best is interesting but not a full reboot. Where Led Zeppeling are for me at least No Bonzo: No Zep.