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  1. anniemouse

    Grande Ballroom Detroit '69

    Thank you John.
  2. anniemouse

    Grande Ballroom Detroit '69

    What capacity did that venue have.
  3. anniemouse

    Grande Ballroom Detroit '69

    Thank you for posting these. Much appreciated.
  4. anniemouse

    Robert Plant Bluesfest O2 Arena pics

    Really enjoyed those so thank you for posting them.
  5. Just found these images. Are they of Robert as a child?.
  6. Doesn't Robert have a much younger sister called Allison?.
  7. anniemouse

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Has Mr Page or Mr Jones ever provided vocals for any of their projects before during or after LZ?.
  8. anniemouse

    Favourite pic, page, or thing about LZ by LZ

    Page 32 Plant and Bonham looking so young and almost anxious. Page 52. Apart for the amps the lack of gadgets with just the four of them rehearsing is actually amazing. How band made themselves heard is fascinating. Page 86 Likewise Page 109 Bonham Toy drumkit and washing on the line Page 150 Plant on the diving board. Page 212 /213 Just glorious group shot. Page 231 The Dove shot.
  9. anniemouse


    Pleased that they are helping you sort the issue out.
  10. anniemouse


    Mine arrived today (UK purchase). Slight bump on a corner but nothing major and no fault with printing. Was surprised the poster was folded for some reason and shocked at how heavy it is. As a relative newbie I have not seen the majority of the pictures. A couple of thoughts. How wonderful is great rock photography considering it was a newish medium in the 1960's the artistry is amazing. The picture of Bonzo with the toy drum kit and the washing on the line made me grin like a Cheshire cat, and you can feel the energy from the onstage images. The crowd images are astonishing. Care has been taken in creating this book.
  11. anniemouse

    Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Here is a link to the Rolling Stone V The Verve case (with others mentioned) https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-lists/songs-on-trial-12-landmark-music-copyright-cases-166396/the-verve-vs-the-rolling-stones-1997-60961/
  12. anniemouse

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Two vocals that I enjoy from his solo career are Big Log and Sixes and Sevens. Both have soft undertones with great feel and sudden leaps without loosing the emotion. Rocking at Midnight is a great vocal as well.
  13. anniemouse

    Happy 70th Birthday Robert Plant ! !

    Welcome to the world Colette.
  14. anniemouse

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Thanks for posting. That necklace seemed to appear in a few photographs. Any more info on the image.
  15. anniemouse

    Dee Snider Of Twisted Sister Puts Down Zep

    Every time I hear Black Dog I marvel at how they hold the rhythm together.