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  1. Best Stairway

    I'm surprised no one mentioned Offenbach 73', a stop on the early Euro/German 73' trek. Maybe it's not considered much because the first boots of that show ran too fast, although consistently fast and with kind of a metallic tinge to the sound. It is plenty clear though, Plant is pretty intense and Jimmy and Bonzo seem to be engaged in the solo in some kind of cosmic drama, playing as if they are fighting to the death to save some eternal cosmic principle. Of course there are many others, but this one is technically dazzling AND Jimmy plays few wasted notes.
  2. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Yeah, ITE and Carouselambra are a bit muddy. But one wonders, did Jimmy muck up Carousel a bit because he realized some of the lyrics are about him, despite the drug haze ?? Presence has Robert saying things as well, but they are much more indirect. And the contradiction at hand, that Jimmy was already a polydrug/alcohol abuser, yet he plays like a master on ITTOD, is stunning. Certainly in the studio even back then you could slice and dice, but to my ears some of the solos at least sound like a whole take, not 8 pieces of tape painstakingly spliced together. A very creative album, but I remember at the time although many Zep fans still liked it, I and others grumbled a bit about the lack of hard rock. But Presence was much more hard rock, so looking backwards ITTOD seems much more logical now. Jimmy and Bonzo themselves thought ITTOD was a bit fey, and the next album would be much more hard hitting. But despite Jimmy's masterful playing on ITTOD, I am not convinced that Jimmy had some storehouse of monster riffs or sledgehammer material ready to go later. Jimmy's story was Presence was my "guitar" album, and ITTOD was JPJ's "keys" album. Ha Ha Ha. And drugs played no part in this., of course. Jimmy is one funny man.
  3. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Well, back to ITTOD. The album is slicker than any other Zep release. But much of that IMO is that many of the songs have multiple layers of guitars, keys and so on and the songs with few exceptions are milder Zep, so the complexity replaces to some extent raw emotion. For me only HOTH is as diverse as this album, and the band really stretches. I don't understand critics who say Jimmy had run out of ideas; he is not repeating anything he did before, and there are some excellent solos here. I was in a band and we used to play Hot Dog, everybody loved it, seriously. And my favorite Zep mood changer is OTHAFA, apart from the "dramatic" live solo, this song to me is a song of happiness, that life is good, everything will turn out good. "You really ought to know"......total life affirmation.
  4. Yeah, how many people know that Roy Harper( British Folk "Protest" singer and friend of Jimmy and sometime collaborator) mentioned in some English farming magazine that he was writing lyrics for the next Zep album. Jimmy apparently knew Robert read this magazine, and although Jimmy tried to be patient with Robert and his grieving, he was getting impatient, and Robert got in touch with Jimmy very quickly after Roy's comments. So as pointed out in a earlier post, Zep was basically on life support from 78' on. Just can't imagine anyone in the band somehow going on into the 80's, without seriously compromising the band. As far as Sabbath, the rhythm section of Geezer and Bill Ward were very unique; they actually swung and got jazzy over Tony Iommi's Panzer Tank riffs, other bands could cop some of Iommi's sludge but not the jazzy rhythm section.. Thought RJD was damn good(excellent live !!) but it wasn't Sabbath .
  5. The big differences here is that all the bands mentioned, who replaced one or more members, the replacements were usually acceptable and may have even done some cool stuff. Still not like the "original", but Zep just couldn't do that, everyone was distinctive and great. And live they had that ESP thing happening a lot. In Ozzy's bands( after Sabbath) Randy Rhoads was basically the best song composer and soloist, Jake E Lee wasn't too bad. After that, Not too good. Zakk Wilde may be a very good soloist, but many of the riffs and songs weren't too original or creative. I also in particular think Jimmy wasn't even fit to continue on with the band. So not just Bonzo's death.
  6. I don't understand much of the logic about a lot of this. Funny, not sure Houses would've sounded right in 75' or later, that song needs Robert's high range. OTHAFA, great choice, but to have the middle solo, 6-8 minutes ?? FYL sounded good, but Jimmy played it totally studio. The solo was cool, radical, but you don't go see Jimmy to see him playing a Zep tune straight up, you want some interesting twists. I just read that Robert was the total boss in 07', so there you are. Musicians are paid to act and think off their heads, for the delight /disgust of others.
  7. Yeah, I fully understand the veil of secrecy while in Zep. And if anyone remembers, after Zep, Jimmy fully cemented his image as some legendary recluse. At least until Hammer Of The Gods and the Firm, and the release of 77' and further boots which at times showed a guitar legend declining rapidly and a slave to various substances. Jimmy has a right to not answer difficult or uncomfortable questions. Unfortunately this leads many to speculate. A very good example is Jimmy's stomach and digestive problems, which many think were 100% drug related. Jimmy had some of these problems before Zep. In fact if you have a keen eye, on many of the large tours before 77', Jimmy's weight tends to bounce around quickly, although mainly a small beer belly, not really overweight. Well I'LL be interested in what Jimmy says, regardless.
  8. It would be astronomically cool if Jimmy let his guard down and told surely incredible tales. Forget potential liability, etc., there are plenty of non-legal binding insights and adventures at hand. I find some of Jimmy's caution and reserve at many times to be ridiculous, everyone under the sun knows Jimmy has done and participated in actions and practices few on earth as a whole have done. Yes, Jimmy is "reserved", but Jimmy also should not say concerning drugs that " I was focused when I needed to be focused". I totally love Jimmy, but that statement is sheer delusion. Would Jimmy say that all the tours/albums were simply different, that the Euro 80' tour was just as powerful as 73' ? . Sorry, in too many nterviews (hopefully not this one) Jimmy plays dead, unless the theme is purely musical. Which can be cool, but we all want to get inside Jimmy, the mystique thing at this stage isn't relevant much anymore.
  9. Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    Yeah, RAH is a home run, all the way thru. But that is the conundrum....D&C from TSRTS, even patched together, is a bit more typical of many live Zep songs. Out of nowhere the band surges, and just as quicly the energy dissipates. Earlier on, the band was always full of adrenaline, almost punk energy, and sometimes there was subtlety, sometimes not. A lot of the footage from the HTWWW DVD shows this. The Iceland snippet is truly magical and mysterious, very unique atmosphere. Well, again there is the question of does Jimmy have much more, but because of his guitar mistakes or whatever, it's just not coming out ?
  10. I must chime in, for Zep at least Page absolutely did not want "fake" recorder sounds or anything comparable, I vaguely do remember that Page statement. I have dozens of Zep books, this matter is not often discussed, as other extremely technical studio knowledge. From so many posts about JPJ not getting credits in particular, this is clear as day. After Zep, Isn't it somewhat amazing that Jimmy hasn't come up with almost anything near Zep quality ?? Bonzo and absolutely JPJ were as important as Jimmy himself.
  11. So simply speaking, or debating ?? much more interesting if debating, but being that times are set, unclear. It would be great if the other luminaries start to debate why Jimmy has abandoned his musical career. Maybe the confusion with the 23rd or 24th is intentional if Jimmy feels he is not "match-fit" to speak. Imagine if Hendrix had lived, quit his musical career a bit prematurely and did poetry readings by other poets. Oh the horror !!?!$@;!!
  12. Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    I think this maybe was mentioned earlier, but many fans who saw Zep live have often mentioned that some of the boot shows which were looked upon as shaky performances if only the audio was heard, were as a total experience very good or excellent. TSRTS is kind of proof of this, as some of the music matched with the visuals is quite effective, but a good portion of the music video kind of eludes the real Zep magic. I agree that more shows etc. should have been filmed, but remember Peter Grant would be totally anal about the retention and storage and even the trustworthiness of the filmer. Also, didn't Grant himself say early on that Zep live simply didn't translate well to tv or even film ? IMO the whole concert videos of Zep don't really capture the essence of the band(unofficial), like Seattle 77'. Actually Jimmy plays decently enough, but he was sick on that date, so his stage presence is restrained. Well the video is spotty, but if there were a whole show like 3/25/75 filmed( Page is spectacular with his physical antics on TSRTS) that's magic. A shame, the whole situation , but then again that's created some of Zep's huge mystique.
  13. Coverdale/Page

    Rather strange, I thought most Zep fans knew about a lot of the songwriting dodges. But it was mainly Plant, even IMTOD, for example, Page never sounded too close to the originals. HMMT, lyrics from (some) Albert King, but Page's guitar arrangements sound nothing like " How Many More Years", or whatever. Anyway just like there is a small dedicated fan base for Robert's solo work, somehow there is a real support among some for the C/P album. To each his own, but I was puzzled by that release. Yes Jimmy summons the guitar army back into the fold, but mainly to just fatten up the sound, nowhere is there some TYG type of song with 5 or 6 guitars all playing a different part. Well if you liked or loved the album the first time you heard it, great. I will say that the album was much more energetic than the Firm stuff. And I am a big fan of Madonna's first 10-15 years(oh the horror), so there goes my credibility.
  14. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    I hope everything is great but the original release Keith is often out of tune or key, halfway thru the show I usually start getting irritated. His comments are very interesting, and his style is a bit unique. I wonder how much meddling Jimmy will do with Relf's performance, use Autotune ? Hopefully Jimmy will be fine with his original performance, a winner, please no overdubs or heavily doctored solos. Right, the LA show is a step up, Relf is good and Jimmy is even more cranking than the Anderson Theatre. But no amount of studio trickery can shape that boot into a "official" release. Not by Jimmy, anyway.
  15. Wait here....your'e referring to "Jimmy Page" in a song lyric, not himself PLAYING on someone else's released material ?? This may be a task for Steve A. , as there may be quite a few semi-famous or obscure bands, even not in Rock'n'Roll who have mentioned his name. Could be interesting.