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  1. Those are great points, the pictures are being gone over almost obsessively. I still have a hard time believing that Bonzo suddenly decided to stop drinking or out of nowhere decided to lose weight. Even with some of the weaker 80' shows as evidence that Bonzo needed to get fit, Bonzo suddenly adopts monk-like discipline ?? possible but for me hard to swallow. That band picture of the rehearsal( I think it was in Page's photo book) Page looks a little more filled out. Whatever, although that semi-obscure shot of Jimmy without his shirt with the SS outfit on Caesar's Chariot, he would never print that. Not sure any amount of photo-shopping could "ease" that shot. And again the heavy privacy around Bonzo's death seemed to prevent any real light shed after the Euro 80' tour.
  2. Yeah, very heavy stress and stomach ailments, painful way to lose weight. I always thought Jimmy could work himself into a nervous frenzy. Occult beliefs be damned, I'm sure starting with the 75' car crash and on, Jimmy couldn't ignore the black clouds circling. Who knows with Bonzo, maybe his wife made some ultimatum regarding the booze/ substances, and he really does look seriously worried . Agreed, though, what did the band sound like at that poorly ventilated rehearsal ? Was Page blazing around like the second night in Copenhagen? Like many others wonder how did they go from those shows to the IMO much weaker Knebworth shows ? Wasn't it somewhere written/claimed that Jimmy was going thru one of his withdrawal attempts at that time, but back on smack at Knebworth ?? Bonzo is ferocious as well, not bad at Knebworth but not the sledgehammer in Copenhagen.. Again the Zep secrecy, and mystery about almost everything.
  3. Besides the exhaustion(substances + marathon shows ??) I'm almost positive Muni asks Jimmy if he was going to get some New York Pizza. Jimmy says yeah and laughs. To me this was like asking a viking to check out the vegan restaurant a few doors down. Anyway, has this interview been upgraded a bit, as Page speaks almost in a whisper at times, and does some mumbling as well ??
  4. Well then the picture doesn't make sense, or he had some stomach ailment ?? I remember Jimmy in the picture rehearsing for Copenhagen or Knebworth. He is only wearing shorts, and although he is still too thin, he is not emaciated or look like an AIDS patient like most of 77'. These two examples are odd, but the Bonzo mystery makes no sense at all, maybe the picture was messed with. A ridiculous explanation, but what is the explanation ?
  5. What's also true is only Jimmy and Bonzo came up with the opening yet reoccurring riff. It's cool also that Jimmy admits 90% of the rest of the tune came from Jones. Although if I remember Jimmy came up with this descending riff which Jones didn't think would jell., yet it worked ultimately
  6. The picture of him thin is very interesting. Was Bonzo still messing with smack at that time ?? Books always mention his use, but vaguely unlike Page, etc. Wasn't he terribly nervous about the upcoming tour, that him setting foot on U.S. soil could have Bill Graham reopen his suit ?? I thought the Oakland thing was 100% settled, but I could have sworn I read somewhere that in fact it wasn't ??(civil case ?). Very interesting noone can say for certain perhaps after Europe 80' maybe he lost weight from not drinking, or, and I have had this happen too me, you can easily lose weight if you have an extended period of non stop worrying or heavy stress. This is like it's hard to sit still 4 hrs a day sleep stress. Total speculation. Also sometimes alcohol abuse for long periods can cause an inability to absorb nutrients and calories. Again, speculation. However, why didn't any band member after Bonzo's death comment he had lost weight and looked fit to tour ??
  7. Arrggh!! Yes possibly a form of Gm, in the studio with an added E, but no Bb in the studio, and no Bb in this live version. I think Jimmy is out of it, or for some strange reason his fingers aren't following his brain. Try to find a old Guitar World from 2003'-2005', they have the full transcription of the live video version from HTWWW, there are many great Page moves here besides those ending chords. I'm out, that rehearsal to each his own.
  8. Despite Jimmy's greatness, session work, etc., he certainly could have input on that section, but he doesn't and never has had a full orchestrator's ear. JPJ would change his bass/keys parts live without the slightest trouble without mistakes, whereas Jimmy could improvise mildly on song verses. Best expressed, Jonesy could sub like a jazz player, and hear what the result would be in his head, Jimmy is still great, but if called on the spot to do some chord subs on the Rain Song, no dice. Few rock players could do this, just illustrating a point: Jonesy is genius with the rest.
  9. Right on the studio version, but this live "ending" is confusing and actually if you want the "old" live ending here goes. From the 5th string down to the 2nd: C# GG D ( G(b5) ). Try this,if nothing else it sounds right, also use the bridge pickup and mute the whole F#-G(b5) ending sequence. I fully understand how the bass line can completely change this chord, and actually it is baffling how Page somehow twists himself, Aerosmith, and ultimately everyone by at least to what I hear and see, Jimmy not being entirely clear. Anyway try the "old" ending, some of what Jimmy is playing on the rehearsal sounds close, but then the confusion with the bass player's part, blah, blah. If I could I would post a sound bite of my version with the bass, but I have an iPad and I'm a serious computer retard. Sorry.
  10. What about Jimmy re-booting Zep with Buce Willis on vocals? Bruce can sing , by the way.
  11. I agree,and the oddness or strangeness of the song really starts sounding more and more "accessible" the more you listen to it. Although when I heard the song first in eigth grade I didn't really get it.
  12. Yeah, that's a much more achieveable goal than taking the band' s entire history.. Although the bleak section leading up to Bonzo's death, not sure if the true story before his death would be that interesting. I think a movie centered around 77' would be very interesting, total madness, and then Karac's death, and at the end of the movie...."And the Song Would Never Be the Same Again" cut to Plant sitting on a countryside porch, head in his hands. Ha Ha. Trying to be dramatic.
  13. Well it's funny, half of The Floyd's openers are about Syd Barrett. A never ending source of unique angles about their founder. I think ALS is an amazing opener too, but like NFBM live is very close to the studio version, there are live versions of ALS which are much more intense than the studio take.
  14. Well off topic, but as actual humans would be cast in the Zep roles, a combination of human and fearsome creature would be needed to play Ozzie. So that's that, and of course the movie wouldn't mention that many of Ozzie's lyrics tell of what happens when you break God's laws. It is still astonishing how many people think Black Sabbath were Satan worshippers.
  15. Yup, only slight exaggeration would be needed in parts. Only a few know, for example, that one of Jimmy's neighbors saw him running laps around his sizeable estate, and JIMMY saw him observing this. After the workout, Jimmy went to the neighbor and said, " Please keep quiet about this, my image would be ruined". This basically took place in 80', when Jimmy was a walking skeleton, and tales were told of Jimmy barely able to walk a straight line, needing help getting up from a chair, etc. I mean you can't make this up, both extremes probably happend. Same with 77', Jimmy doing all the stage moves, that is a workout and pills alone will not erase the muscle soreness and the next day or two your muscles will stiffen up if there is no yoga or stretching exercises. Again hilarious opposites, contradictions galore. And the Swan Song offices ?? Posh, ritzy ? No, no.More like a nondescript Mafia front, which in ways it was. Wait 20 yrs, all are gone, MAYBE a movie with much humor, not just the "darkness".