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  1. Mithril46

    Gibson files for bankruptcy protection

    PRS is getting weaker on the QC, but not yet in the Gibson range. I bought a Santana SE( first non U.S. guitar, made in Korea) in 2001, $549 with exc soft case, great guitar, a serious instrument. You can spend the same now, but not with the "free" substantial soft case, and the fretwork, fit, and finish, can vary a bit within the same non U.S.model. But still almost always on par with Fender at that price point and almost always superior to Epiphone. U.S.PRS prices have increased, but my U.S. 2014 custom 22 semi-hollow body( 2-day promotional demo model, A+, $1,050 ebay) is far superior to any Gibson at that price, although fully new at the time, $1,400, still a Gibson killer. Although now new the guitar is $1,800, the value factor is narrowing, some arrogance seems to be evident. Many feel that PRS has been superior to Gibson to a degree for a long time as far as guitar ergonomics, tuning stability, tonal versatility and overall quality, but only recently has it seemed that the cheaper U.S. models have started to approach the "personality" of great Gibson pickups. I remember trying out in 2000 or 2001 some U.S. PRS models, only the $2200 McCarty had the "rainbow" magic of great Gibson pickups.Ah, whatever, it's all debatable.
  2. Mithril46

    Gibson files for bankruptcy protection

    Perhaps another issue is that Gibson Jr.( Epiphone) really makes awful guitars in general, although for some reason the acoustics, semi-hollows and jazz boxes above $500-$600 tend to be fair to pretty good. Below that, you have dried out necks, dead frets, fret buzzing unless the action is set unacceptably high, although some of the pickups are actually good. But Fender and PRS can build almost professional instruments for less than $500, just trying a few to get a winner. I have sometimes tried 3 or 4 $1500+ Gibsons in a row, and even allowing for drifting setups and such, most of the guitars were maybe 20% better at most than $500 various offshore brand versions. What's happening now is online and retail quite a few Gibsons' are being discounted unlike anytime before, so I would wait a little more, regardless of a takeover or restructure, you could get a great deal, not just good. I have a 71' Les Paul that sounds great and almost magically needs almost no attention to work fine, and the same for my 02' ES-446. These guitars don't need constant adjustments, daily nut lubes, or retuning every song, etc.. There is a reason Gibson is a legend: hope they find they're way back !!
  3. Mithril46

    Filmed concerts

    Yes it was filmed, and evidence points to a much better audio source than previous. But a lot of this is still unclear....never heard a band member make a definitive statement, although maybe Peter Grant ??? may have in some interview. This whole topic drives many Zep fans crazy. There is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that on the 77' tour many venues had full-show footage from the large video screens, but also evidence Peter Grant wiped all footage, or somehow blah blah disabled any recording ?!?!?!?. Whatever the case, there are always new snatches of shows appearing, but it does appear unlikely more than even a HANDFUL of full filmed shows even exist. Film, particularly, Video , may have been on closed-circuit cable, never recorded in the first place. Steve A. Would know best.
  4. No, No, just the main example is in the Ocean. You can clearly hear the two guitars particularly in the end "coda" section, and the solo is not the same as any of those two dates in the boots. There are other examples, and fixing mistakes here and there, okay, but I grow cold with two guitars. Actually Jimmy did that in live WIAWSNB, (BBC), but only over the solo, and the overdub is a bit sloppy, so what. If you aren't a musician, you may have to listen a bit more closely, but it's really not hard to hear. Another gross violation is the HTWWW video version of ALS at Knebworth, where Page has added in a second guitar harmonizing with the first, not heard on any boot I have, although that same harmonizer may have been used during the 77' noise solo and NFBM. No big deal for any other band, but the band has always prided itself on not using "outside help". But sure, cutting and pasting parts, replacing a few notes. Two guitars live I draw the line, a student asked me to figure that live "Ocean" part live, I then realized there were two guitars playing different parts.
  5. What Steve said is quite true. Also, I think Jimmy wants every release to be a grand event, not a low key steady trickle like other groups. And by now even the general public may have heard portions of good quality boots that are 5 times as amazing as most of TSRTS, etc., so if Jimmy decided to set up a Stones or King Crimson easy access (whatever)sbd or boot enterprise, the weak , poor quality, or mediocre performances would hardly make a dent in Zep's musical significance. You don't need Aleister Crowley or a deck of tarot cards to experience magic. A legendary Zep show is real magic. In fact I make it a point to only listen to Zep live at least 3 hrs before bed, they are a perpetual energy machine
  6. Well I'm the first responder, ha, ha. Reason # 1 Jimmy Page. It's very clear from the serious whitewashing of TSRTS and HTWWW that Jimmy can't accept letting his mistakes rest, he has to put his sticky fingers in, although the latest BBC stuff was so well played that serious corrections weren't necessary and the stuff was pro recorded anyway. But I find Jimmy's attitude silly, as even if one solo live didn't quite work, often the next song would have an excellent solo. Now there is some possible gray area with Zep playing covers live and some copyright issues. One of the best examples is the WLL oldies medley, but I have no idea if there was trouble with that on TSRTS. Reason# 2 The remaining Zep's, I've never heard any enthusiasm EVER for cleaning up boots or having large numbers of live stuff put out. Jimmy as I understand it can basically call the shots himself, but again Robert and John Paul simply don't care. A possible third reason is that it's not entirely clear that this gambit would make much money, although obviously it would be great for huge Zep fans.
  7. Are there still 2 guitars in places, and literally notes replaced in some solos ?? I have the boots for all this stuff, and while the film "TSRTS" concert is also a cut and paste job, nowhere are there 2 guitars. I understand that the new release is worth it, but Jimmy having two guitars in that 72' Ocean at times, cool for the general listener, not cool for a musician like me who tries to get the full Monty with one guitar. Still, probably going to give in, get it. Just realize Zep never actually sounded like that.
  8. Mithril46

    Gibson files for bankruptcy protection

    This is very interesting. Over the last 5-7 years arguably, Gibson has half turned into a company which is more interested in having their instruments be looked upon as sound investments more so than fair price for a great guitar for musicians. And I have tried quite a few Gibson guitars from $1200-$2000 that have technical/cosmetic issues which should never be there at that price point. Of course if you try enough out in that $ range, you'll find a winner. But compared to PRS or Fender, at least, those companies above $1000 tend to have better quality control and value for your purchase. Actually, to be fair, all three of the companies mentioned have headed into the now considerable amounts of "boutique" versions of their stock instruments, $3000-$5000 +++. There is now a growing market active for a while making hand-made instruments, and those small batch makers usually command $2-10,000, so the giants wanted in as well, as the resale values are obviously higher than craft builders. Although if someone famous endorses or gets on stage with a craft guitar, possible jackpot. Anyway, Mesa Boogie amps ratcheted up their prices, and many stores dropped them. However, they are a gold standard for quality, build, and performance, and they did much R&D to build all kinds of different sounding amps, not just the Rectifiers for metal and the others for the Santana "sound", etc. What R&D did Gibson do ??
  9. Mithril46

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Well, check the Outrider boots. Pretty good. 90's, especially later, some shows the phoenix has risen from the dead.. Yes, that good, some shows in fact more consistently excellent than many Zep shows.
  10. Mithril46

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    When people/fans say Page was the leader of Zep, it's not at all comparable to Jagger/Richards or Lennon/ McCartney. The very beginning, sure, Page paid for production etc. for Zep 1, and Jimmy quite aggressively sought out the other band members. But Jimmy's default personality is shy and withdrawn, and I don't think he would have had such deep control over almost all Zep creative decisions without Grant in his corner. And the other three Zeps were indispensable to Zep's commercial and artistic success. If you know about how Page was perceived before Zep, he was excellent but not yet a Beck, Clapton, or Hendrix. And here is my biggest disappointment.....others may share this. Despite the drugs and frailty, I really thought that Jimmy was going to have some real Aces up his sleeve. Well DWII had some cool segments. But it also seemed apparent that Jimmy had a hard time hooking up with musicians of his own caliber, like he did with Zep. In Zep, Jimmy didn't have to coach each member endlessly. I'm not sure how many fans know this. Here and there Page may be directing some point, but even so there is scant evidence of this on any studio boot. In many famous bands you have one or two members literally forcing songs thru, regardless what the others think. Page himself mentioned some songs or ideas that the other Zeps' rejected. Then another point..... Jimmy has to have the guitar in his hands a certain amount, he is a great talent but it's rather clear he's not one of those musos who need little maintenance.to play cleanly. I do feel a minor tragedy that he apparently isn't an active musician anymore. But just like the opiate addiction, Jimmy may have hand issues and he simply doesn't like to talk about his weaknesses. Oh Well.
  11. Mithril46

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Well each to their own. Rival Sons and some other bands of that ilk, there is still that sense of very self-consciously at some points basically taking a Page riff and dropping off one note, and so on.. Look, many will say Soundgarden was able to channel some Zep, but really they had their own ideas and Chris Cornell had many non cock-rock lyrics despite some Plantisms, vocally. It's been said a million times, but Zep had four total virtuosos having at least some grasp of possibly dozens of styles. Despite the odd trainwreck,etc., to this day there isn't any hard rock or metal band that has never played the same song the same way twice. Iron Maiden, no, Slayer,no, Metallica,no, Korn, no. Some of these groups could be very powerful live, but apart from the guitar solos, the arrangements are 90% + studio arrangement.
  12. Mithril46


    Too bad that the fabiously quirky British humour is actually ultimately more interesting than this anniversary hoo-haw. Unless your'e from the Isles themselves, that British sense of humour remains an internal inside joke forevermore.
  13. Mithril46


    Ha Ha. Exactly. Robert wouldn't mind a quip or two about his old band, but the quips would likely be "closed" remarks without open discussion. And JPJ is by being quite adventurous in his solo career, really upheld the "ever forward" Zep stance. He need'n't say anything. Page is all alone............
  14. Mithril46


    How odd that only Jimmy is quasi-celebrrating the 50th Zep anniversary.. I myself find it strange to even call this "anniversary" anything at all, as Jimmy, Robert and John Paul are practically living in different universes now, and for a long time now. Also mondo bizarro IMHO is that how much more enjoyment are you going to get from gigs/ boots from this endless technological crunching ?? I mean I guess even the Bath Show could be salvaged by second to second scrubbing away and then triple re-eq'ing, whatever that means.
  15. Mithril46

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Well, one seemingly obscure point is actually VERY important in trying to recreate Zeppelin. Live the band was only metronomic if they had to be. Instead the band would have each member at least be kind of playing across another, so even a standard opener like R'n'R could sound a bit different from night to night. This is one reason Zep's boots are so popular. Although from 77' on in particular the band sometimes sounded disjointed or disorganized. So IMHO I have never heard any Zep tribute band get the controlled chaos right. So in most instances Zep was putting out a living, breathing, artistic statement live. So you can't put this stuff in a can, or bottle it up.