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  1. Mithril46

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    Well this just shows how chaotic the "bootleg world" can be, interesting stuff I and many others had probably not known. Also even Zep had to use audience shot footage in the HTWWW at points. Without boots and all these smoke and mirrors scenarios, you'd lose a lot of fun and adventure, and probably some cash on unscrupulous operators.
  2. Mithril46

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    Page was known to be a bit inconsistent even at excellent/great shows. First Eddie said Jimmy played like he had broken fingers. Although around the same time EVH did mention Zep l and Zep ll were great albums. Later on as I said Eddie did praise Page as a visionary if a bit erratic technically. Also, it's rock solid that no one except Millard ever heard the 6/21/77 show before the "official release" in 83'-84' ? Of course Millard is the man, but you're talking underground and bootleg stuff. I'm sure some bootleg fans don't even realize that in Zep's time the original sources for shows were small tape recorders, ?? small reel to reels ??, a few boards, and taping a vinyl boot !!!( possible EQ tweaks, fake stereo, noise reduction, blah, blah.). So when was "Destroyer"(the 27th, a weak show) officially released ? I saw it in a few record stores and flea markets, 4-disc vinyl set. Strider by the way made some excellent points, some of these shows were circulating not that much later than the shows themselves.
  3. Mithril46

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    I just have to point something out in case it's not known. I have a few EVH interviews from the late 80's on, and Eddie doesn't quite take back his earlier statements. But he does say he would love to get inside Jimmy's brain to see how he came up with his brilliant compositions, and also says when Jimmy solos, he speaks. But then Eddie says Jimmy also doesn't always pull off or execute his ideas live, and to some degree I think Eddie has a point. Interestingly enough, although Eddie has incredible chops, if you listen to early live VH boots, Eddie often plays incredibly raw AND sometimes has to cut a solo short to get back to the song, just like Jimmy sometimes.
  4. Mithril46

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Why aren't cassette versions of TSRTS ever entered into the package ?I had a pretty good Kenwood Stereo and it sounded great. Also, pretty sure there was a Japanese Laserdisc version of TSRTS( not a boot, tctally official). Not sure about the sound, probably very rare and $1000+. Maybe.........
  5. Mithril46

    Robert Plant's recent set lists

    So another words Robert is not singing any of his solo tunes, it's all Zep ?? A funny joke, but I guess I'LL look this up myself. I'm I'm not a fan of Robert's since Fate Of Nations anyway, but this is interesting.
  6. Mithril46

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    It is absolutely official, but the album WAS not including Bonzo's input, and Zep wasn't like other bands with easily replaced ( well not always easy)members. You take Bonzo out, you are removing an absolutely hard wired part of the Zep structure, the whole structure collapses. Again, word games, subtleties. Like the Celebration Day release, it says Led Zeppelin( I have it somewhere, does it actually say that ?)but really it's the remaining members and Jason Bonham. However Jason had really gotten damn good, and at that point I guess the rest of the band, and Jason's lineage now made him an official band member(?!?!?!). If there had been a tour, would it be Led Zeppelin, or Led Zeppelin featuring Jason Bonham , or some other title ? Just pointing out there are different and possibly very valid reasons to support a number of views , particularly CODA.
  7. Mithril46

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    Well, to. Me the Physical Graffiti analogy doesn't hold because the "old" songs were put on while the band was still an active unit. Coda was released two yrs after the band broke up. Yes it's an official release, but the band was kind of forced to do the album. And the band members had to overdub in 81'-82' to shine up and complete some of the songs. I think that as a whole the forced album doesn't count, but obviously the band (had?) full creative control and they are Zep songs, so I have to play word games and say as individual songs they count. I definetly thought Coda was not a bad album, but it's simply not on the track compared to all other official studio releases, Bonzo had no input on it, for starters. Again, a game of semantics.
  8. Mithril46


    Maybe Jimmy for the 50th will remaster his authorized photo book. I think any object that exists can be remastered. So don't lose hope. Maybe posters and tour programs, and legit Zep t-shirts will be remastered. Ha Ha.
  9. I expect nothing, but I hope the live stuff mentioned comes out. It is a bit painful to see these anniversary dates come and go, with serious fans then stating. some other significant date stuff may be released. Of course we can't forget that apart from the live BBC dates/sessions Page will always go overboard on processing any live official release, even replacing some notes from a solo or even adding a 2nd guitar(The Ocean, among others, from HTWWW). What irks me much more( at least with boots you still have something to listen to) is that I simply don't believe there aren't quite a bit more alt versions of songs, or songs with different arrangements guitar wise with experimental overdubs, etc. I've said this many times, Jimmy is not a trained arranger/conductor etc. like JPJ, he has to physically hear an arrangement, play parts and then overdubs( If he wants)), and then assess the results from the board. Now to say that Jimmy just trashed the previous overdubs, just recorded over them, or just told Eddie Kramer or whomever was the co-engineer, Hey, do whatever you want with those alt takes, throw them out if you wish, is preposterous. I will admit, songs like Stairway, Kashmir, but not too many others, there is a lot of boot stuff that has ample messing around " stuff ". Of course some songs came together very quickly for the band in the studio, they only did two or three takes, tops, so some songs just didn't have much variation. And JIMMY, he's lost a lot of credibility and respect downgrading the Zep stock. Stlii love him, but not what he says'.
  10. Mithril46

    The Trouble with Bonham. 1978-80

    The key here is more Robert as far as any substantial time off, than anything else. Besides Jimmy's comments, I really think noone said much about the future, because Robert as well didn't want to do the 80' US Tour pt.1. And Robert had had it with Zep's somewhat gangsterish atmosphere and Jimmy's almost shocking decline in physical health and playing skill due at least in part to the addiction(s)' taking over. About 6,7 years into Robert's solo career, in various interviews he would mention in a veiled manner how late Zep was heavily compromised by the addictions and lack of practice which to him hurt the live shows.
  11. Mithril46


    That's very interesting, I also think a key reboot may sound close to the "Outrider" period.I must confess I find the O2 show overall to be very good, but I can never listen to more than 45 mintutes at a time, the key change thing is so disconcerting at times, they aren't just dropping a half step like Ozzie or Rod Stewart, or the many older rockers etc. who still want to get out there. Actually, I'm a guitarist, and figuring out some of Jimmy's amazing licks from the WIC tour, even there some songs are a bit detuned, but nothing like 02 and even then those shows are from broadcasts where subtle detuning may create a much fatter bottom end. I think Robert is still great, he could still find a "way", but despite his own sometimes silly reasonings, and him still playing some Zep in his solo shows, I really think he would feel very demeaned doing the thrash-metal rumble tunings AND auto tune trying to get thru Zep sets. Jimmy's old, but don't forget that one finger wasn't still well by showtime, and by his Tower House affairs and other indications, like his rather animated manner at almost 75. So seemingly retired, unfortunately for now. Wouldn't be surprised if Jimmy just thinks he doesn't look anything like a rock star anymore, and that's that. I hope I get 5,000 replies to refute this idea.
  12. Yeah, every show had some points where there was some sort of massive geometric explosion of energy, if even for a few seconds, not infrequently brought on by one member's slight or radical departure from a "set" part. As mentioned even the final 07' show, and those public announcements, "The American Return of Led Zeppelin"(75'), Ha Ha, made it seem that the band's imminent return to live work was crucial to retaining the cosmic order. Which it was.....how so much energy could be created by 4 mega talented musicians is still something magical.
  13. Well, I see all the examples pretty well. For me , though, the 5/22 version of ALS, has quite a few totally sublime or blistering moments. Now, I am talking about close to the original recordings, not the cleaned up versions which although they aren't close to clipping and have better "EQ", just don't convey the original onslaught. This version has first of all probably the closest to thrash metal drumming Bonzo has ever done, and Page as well detours into many whiplash rhythm slams, and Jimmy's solo is just total frenzy and a totally schizophrenic mix of precise speed and sticky fingers. Again, you won't hear this from recent(even from a while ago)cleaned up versions. No other version of ALS is anything like this, there are many totally way over the top "Ancient battlefield" moments, although some may regard the version as too far from "proper".
  14. This is interesting, but Townsend and Harrison are so far apart stylistically. To me, Harrison was not really known for stadium shakxing power chords or reckless rock energy, whereas Townsend was a master at blowing the roof off whatever venue he was playing at. Harrison was far more adept at playing subtle solos with an interesting melange of influences, and adding interesting detail work to whatever band/guitarist he would be playing with. But a cranking rock guitarist, no. Townsend was a king of rock solid rhythm guitar, and a very good fingerpicker. Harrison was a damn good fingerpicker as well. I guess Townsend would have a slight edge, as I would argue that Townsend has likely had much more inflluence on guitarists. But I must mention that getting Harrison's skill set would be difficult, so many techniques and influences crashing together. Quite difficult comparison, almost two different worlds.
  15. What I find unfortunate is that it seems very apparent that Plant and Jones likely beyond those first box sets and remasters (early 90's) have given Jimmy a free hand in almost all future releases. I can't Imagine JPJ, steady and mellow as he is,accepting those almost criminal cuts in NQ . And Plant may have heard some of those lopsided changes to his voice in the movie/soundtrack, but I'm not sure Robert feels it's worthwhile to go wrestle with Jimmy . Zep has become a gigantic pyramid in music, but especially since that 2007 TSRTS release, Jimmy has cheapened the Zep Gold Standard, where every release really meant something and was very worthwhile.