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  1. The Deep Purple Thread

    Who has seen the video and has found all the hints of albums and songs?
  2. Dolls,dolls,dolls,dolls...in the realm of plastic

    Frank Antony Iommi in 1: 6. Moscow, fall 2017.
  3. Rock for bellydancers playlist

    My own track-list for bellydance. 1. Led Zeppelin "Kashmir" 2.Queen "Mustapha". 3. Black Sabbath "Planet Caravan". 4. Deep Purple "Perfect Strangers", "Rapture of the Deep". 5. King Crimson "The Talking Drum" 6. Hawkwind "Hassan-I-Sahba", "Magnu", "Alchemy" 7. Jethro Tull "Rare and Precious Chain", "Roots to Branches", "Dangerous Veil". To be contnued....
  4. Random Thoughts v.3

    How do you like this English?
  5. Good evening (yawns and licks the paws). Who wants to make "Rock for bellydance playlist"?
  6. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    Come to us, the purebred Russian LZ-lovers and watch the fistfights with DP-lovers.
  7. "Game of Thrones"

    Meet and greet the purebred Russian, who has never watched these TV-series and has never read a book by George Martin.
  8. Rock stars--the only children in the family

    Brian Harold May--the guitar hero and PhD.
  9. Lets discuss rock-stars who are (were) the only children in the family their songs, thoughts and behaviour.
  10. If You Started a Band - What Would You Name It?

  11. Depeche Mode perform in Russia. 15.07.17
  12. What's the weather like where you are?

    Why do we have such bad weather in Central Russia?
  13. The Easter Thread

    Happy Easter from Russia!
  14. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Read the article very attentively: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/03/europe/st-petersburg-russia-explosion/index.html
  15. Random Picutre Thread

    Cats from Catsburg in Russia