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  1. Lets discuss rock-stars who are (were) the only children in the family their songs, thoughts and behaviour.
  2. Brian Harold May--the guitar hero and PhD.
  3. K-strategia.
  4. Depeche Mode perform in Russia. 15.07.17
  5. Let's talk about Depeche Mode--the british band with a French name. Who likes or hates and despises them? Are there any fans of the band?
  6. Why do we have such bad weather in Central Russia?
  7. Happy Easter from Russia!
  8. Read the article very attentively:
  9. Cats from Catsburg in Russia
  10. Thanks, panther.
  11. They should have done it 25 years ago.
  12. Will anyone of you ever tell me "Merry Orthodox Christmas" today or tomorrow?
  13. 64 members of world-renowned Alexandrov army band lost in Tu-154 crash
  14. At first: I do not have such good command of German as you do. So, what do these words mean? Second: Why do you and Walter scoffer at me? I asked you a very decent question.
  15. What does "epibrated"and "spoo" mean?
  16. I meant the thing we call "водопровод" in Russian ,"water supply" in English, "eau courante, aqueduc" in French, "Wasserleitung"in German, "caneria del agua" in Spanish and "waterleiding" in Dutch.
  17. So, it means that you live in a bad place with no water and modern facilities. But we have them. So, it means that I live in a good place, where we have it all.
  18. This summer I have come across a boletus radicans. Neither edible, nor magic.
  19. Reswati, do you have central heating or running water at home?
  20. 10 C below zero, the snow is everywhere. Is the snowfall natural in New-York?
  21. One more elfess...
  22. Bon soir! I have just visited BS-fiends' message board. Billy Underdog, the Nordmann, biten by you, is banned.

  23. It is cold outside. And it was raining.
  24. The ground and asphalt are dry: it had been raining.
  25. John Henry Bonham.