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  1. Jukkin


    A little depressing. 65 in a few months and hoping I live to get all the planned releases, plus Mark Lewison's volume 2 of his Beatles saga. God for the days when time had no meaning.
  2. Jukkin

    Official release candidate

    Now this is a very long, long shot but one of my favorite shows is 4/27/69 and I think would make great official release. Plant is up front and singing like his life depended on it. I personally have not heard Jimmy so tight and ferocious before or since. Bonzo and JPF provide a thundering backup to Jimmy and Robert, it is just a phenomenal early concert and it's in stereo. It sounds great (Liquid Led version) and is probably my favorite date. The raw energy from the band in 69 is a treat to hear.
  3. Jukkin

    Hot Damn!

    Sod it. The amp died on me and was sent back. Back to listening to Zeppelin loud but not proud. :-(
  4. Jukkin

    Hot Damn!

    I bought a Fii0 EK10 headphone amp with DAC. I'm listening to Intimidator from Montreaux, 1970. Good God it sounds amazing. 09-04-1970, 02-12-1975 and 06-21-1977 are next!
  5. Jukkin

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Yeah but since? He should have formed a new band took them where he wanted to go. He had nothing to prove, he could have just had some fun and enjoyed the music. The thing with The Firm and with Coverdale is that he did not have control and so had to 'fit in'. If he'd taken the step of forming a new band, on his terms, he may well have put out some good stuff over the years and tour without being worried about Robert stitching him up like he did the last time - Asia and Australasia.
  6. Jukkin

    LZ songs just you don't like...

    In My Time Of Dying. It is a decent song but 2-3 minutes too long. Live Robert does his "Jesus" thing and it gets old too quick. As an aside I wished they'd stuck with When The Levee Breaks in concert, a much more entertaining 'delta' song.
  7. Jukkin

    LZ songs just you don't like...

    You are not wrong. Reading about how Jimmy went in to the studio one evening on his own and just layered lick after lick on it. A true guitar symphony. :-)
  8. Jukkin

    LZ songs just you don't like...

    Feck me. Trampled Underfoot is storming. I'm in shock! Hey, I remember when it was first played on The Old Grey Whistle Test back in 75. Someone, perhaps Whistling Bob had created a video for it using footage of of some Busby Berkley type film from the early 30's (or late 20's). Man it was a gas. I guess you really had to be there as they say. Actually I think it's on YouTube. One of the best music videos I've ever seen (not counting 'One' from Metallica).
  9. Jukkin

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    I think the creative spark to move forward was lost. For me that's no biggie. Rather than move forward Jimmy could have returned to his roots and put more emphasis on his blues rock days (Yardbirds) and early Zep. Jimmy took control of the first album and the second. This was not overseen or enable by Grant, Jimmy knew exactly what he wanted and went for it. He could have resisted the feeling that he had to carry on from, say, Physical Graffiti and, like you say, he didn't have the muse anymore but I do think that a 180 back to the early days which he seemingly felt a bond with could have been the right move for him - look at Jeff Beck, he still does what he does best and, I guess, is happy doing that. I do think that Jimmy should have had a bit more confidence and got his mojo back before he got too old.
  10. Jukkin

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Seems to me that Jimmy promises a lot when it comes to new recordings and hardly ever follows through. It's been over 10 years since that event and he's done nothing but remastering since and make a movie with The Edge and Jack Black. I know there was a time when they were seriously looking at replacing Plant, but it never worked out. From the get go Jimmy was the driving force behind Zeppelin; the first album and most of the second was down to him. Plant became equal to Jimmy in the creative process but I still think that Jimmy had a vision of the direction that the band should go in which was not always the same as plant's. So, it seems. they compromised and some wonderful songs were released from that teamwork as a result. Then comes ITTOD which, in my humble opinion, is dross. I'm Gonna Crawl is the only highlight for me. I read that after the record was released that Jimmy said to Bonzo that their next record would be a return to a harder rock sound, so it's fairly clear that Jimmy wasn't too happy about ITTOD. Where am I going with this? When it was clear that Robert would not return and after the auditions were done, Jimmy could have formed a new band, with new members and maybe called it The New Yardbirds as a link to the past but with little connection to Zeppelin except right at the very start. Jimmy favors a harder rock sound with, perhaps, some more esoteric stuff, so I believe that he could have setup a band and molded that into the band he envisaged just like he did with Zeppelin all those years ago. It would have been HIS band, the decision making would be his. The choice of direction would be his. If other members were able to contribute acceptable songs then all the better. Jimmy wanted Robert, he was not able to get Robert so he seemed to sit on his hands and trundle through years when he could have created something new and exciting, not so much as a Led Zeppelin II but more of a Yardbirds II, playing rock and blues music which seems to be Jimmy's love. Maybe it's too late now but I see it as a chance missed that Jimmy was never able to give his creative duties another go round.
  11. Jukkin

    Companion discs are rubbish

    I was pleased that 'The Epic' was somewhat less 'jaunty' than the version on ITTOD. I wanted to love the original but JPJ's keyboards sounded like stuff you'd play at a wedding. Page's part was haunting and completely unrelated to JPJ's. Shame that Jimmy was too messed up to really contribute to the sessions.
  12. For the last few months I've probably listened Seattle July 17th '73 more than any other date. The JEMS version is absolutely top notch.
  13. Jukkin

    Companion discs are rubbish

    Yes. Certified and on day release only. So what's your excuse?
  14. Jukkin

    Companion discs are rubbish

    Luxury! Beatles fans have two unreleased tracks - Not Guilty and What's The New Mary Jane. Both are crap. There is nothing else - Leave My Kitten Alone and Lend Me Your Comb are on the BBC discs. I was quite surprised at the quality of the extras disc in the Sgt Pepper re-release but the songs are pretty much just works in progress or different mixes. The Zeppelin extras discs had enough material that had not evolved into released versions, some quite significantly different. Personally I wish that Jimmy had included bootlegged material as with remastering, I believe that the average fan would have been delighted and the committed fans like us would also have been delighted. Sadly, I don't hold out hope for an Earls Court release as it would take Jimmy at least 20 years to to cut and paste between all five nights, including a few seconds here, a few seconds there, until he was satisfied. Still, what we have is not too bad quality so I'd be ok with that if we never see an official release.
  15. Jukkin

    YOUR favorite of N.A. 1977

    April 27th, Cleveland has always rocked my boat with EVSD's Maximum Destroyer being my choice. Always a great listen.