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  1. New Mystery Soundboard?

    The DADGAD remaster sounds great, he cleaned up that overly bright harshness on the highs and it sounds much smoother overall. I'm now playing it as my "go to" version and recommend checking it out if you haven't.
  2. Favorite versions of Dazed and Confused?

    I'll go with Hamburg and Essen 1973 with an honorable mention for both Seattle '73 and '75 (03/21/75)
  3. New Mystery Soundboard?

    We finally got it and it is indeed an awesome show - probably the best we have of 1975. Now the wait for something from the 1977 L.A. run begins....

    Were you talking to me ? If so, you couldn't be more wrong. I listen to the unadulterated, closest to the master versions that are available on an over $15,000 sound system. If you are trying to infer that my audio choices are affecting my judgement on whether an audience recording sounds as good as a multitrack recording then I suggest cleaning your ears. Mike Millard's recordings are great for what they are, but they are not the sonic equal of a good soundboard or a professional multitrack recording. A great audience tape is fun to listen to in that you get the overall ambience of the show from the crowd's perspective, a great board tape gives more of the bands perspective - like you are right there on stage with the musicians. Hearing the snare sizzle during a guitar solo from the loud sound on stage and every word spoken among the band clearly, is to me, more interesting than hearing people cheering/screaming. To each his own.
  5. New Mystery Soundboard?

    I'll post a link to the show when I get my version if nobody has yet. Since I'm all the way in Colorado it will probably show up somewhere else first, but if not I'll EAC it and share.
  6. New Mystery Soundboard?

    I received an email from Eric on the 22nd saying that Deus Ex Machina was IN STOCK. That means some of the sets should be on their way to us now.
  7. New Mystery Soundboard?

    I put that a bit hard on the nose, because not everyone knows.

    I have to call bullshit on this. The recording from the 21st iof June is fine to listen to, but nowhere near the sonic quality of a good board tape, much less a live release. This is one of those things i keep seeing posted that is just ridiculous. Mike's recording of the 23rd is better sonically than the 21st and so is the show he recorded on the March 11th in 1975. His recording of the 21st is tinny sounding with no resonance from the drums and a lack of bottom end. Not his best recording, not even close. I love the performance and can't wait for the board tape to really hear all the stuff Bonham and Jones are playing.
  9. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Did the "media" (corporate controlled Ministry of Propaganda and Misinformation) just lie about it like they do everything else, including Russia ?
  10. New Mystery Soundboard?

    The 1975 boards are better than most, certainly not dry and lifeless. Fort Worth 1975 sounds great. The guitar playing and singing are more off than the recording quality of some 1975 boards, but I happen to love the Physical Graffiti Tour.
  11. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Wahoo !! You can put me down as still very interested in this release !! Over 3 hours of top notch, 1975 Physical Graffiti Tour, Live Led Zeppelin in soundboard quality ? YES PLEEEEEEZ !!
  12. New Mystery Soundboard?

    A minute seems like a lifetime, baby when I feel this way Sittin', lookin' at the clock, time moves so slow I've been watchin' for the hands to move Until I just can't look no more....
  13. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Is anyone here familiar with how long the shipping from Japan to the USA takes ? It seems like I've been waiting for this show to drop for eons already, and now the last & longest wait of all, for it to magically appear in the post all the way from Japan. I'm seriously taking a vacation to Japan when the LTTE tape drops so I can be in line when the bootleg shops open in the morning.
  14. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Have you guys seen the poster over at the hotel, er...maybe it was here....claiming to have heard multi-tracks from Seattle 1973 ? That show is one of the best from the US tour (IMO) and the D&C especially is just terrific. So, is there any evidence to support the claims being made, or is this more internet fluffery, Ala, Dallas Knebs and his Houston & Zurich video hoaxes ? If it is true, those tapes just shot up my list of Led Zeppelin live desires.
  15. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Gregorian calendar - June 24th, 2017 is our new "official" release date.