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  1. What about another 73 board? Every reason to think Baltimore and Providence are out there. Additionally some 71 boards would not be unreasonable would it? We have sbd recordings of Orlando, Toronto, and Hampton, what to say New York, which is between Orlando and Toronto isn't out there? And of course, the full soundboard of the 9/28/71 show
  2. Sue is this a matrix you made ?i know the titlesays "remaster"
  3. Honestly never really gave it much of a listen. Maybe ill have to check it out then.
  4. Agreed. That Providence and the LA shows from that tour. Robert sounding awesome
  5. Great to hear talk of these shows, some of my favorites! And yes, thatbass drum is fuckin killer!
  6. Wait what!?!?
  7. Great show! Jimmy's playing is top notch
  8. Agree on Tokyo 71. Powerful indeed! Always thought Houses of the Holy would have been a better opener for the 75 tour than Rock and Roll. Kinda disappointing considering that they had already used it to open the later 72 and 73 shows
  9. What about the fact that it was broadcasted to the crowd on big screens a la Earls Court. Wouldn't it be something if that one turned up? One of their biggest shows at that time.
  10. Any more word on this? I thought it was going to be out by now
  11. I know we have HTWWW but I'd give anything to hear a complete, unedited, non-compressed-to-all-hell version of 6/25/72. Other than that, the obvious choices of 9/29/71 6/19/72 & 9/1970
  12. I thought I remember hearing that page once said that if they were recording, it be at the end of a tour, which would apply to 9/19/70. Personally, I've got my doubts. What the consensus on what says whether a show was being multi tracked or not? It's the two mikes on the kick drum right
  13. Was referring to this. I mis-remembered it thinking there was some kind of confirmation. Seems it was mostly just hearsay though. No picture confirmation like we have of the Bath show here. Sorry
  14. I could be wrong but wasn't there a similar report with regards to Montreux footage? Nothing happened to that unfortunately