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  1. Brigante

    Interview with Jimmy Page - GQ Magazine

    'The length of a song matters more than the length of a fish'.
  2. Brigante

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Mine landed this morning. I opened a page at random and was regaled with how Jimmy had picked up a girl in Japan and Bonzo shat in her handbag while they were on the bullet train, then how Jimmy got the shits in Bombay. About what we expected, then. Ah, well, can't say we weren't warned...
  3. Brigante

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    No worries, babysquid! Ah, Louise Brooks...sigh...
  4. Brigante

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Nah, mate, that was Salewicz - I just quoted him to show the level of inaccuracy in his book. Yes, indeedy. The quotation marks are easy to miss in this font, but I'm too much of an auld git to start using " " instead of ' ' at this time of life... ; )
  5. Brigante

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Exactly. When you consider the masses of research materials that someone like our man, Steve A. Jones, has got at his disposal, I bet he doesn't know whether to laugh or cry when dismally inaccurate bilge like this gets published professionally! There really is no excuse for such glaring errors at this point. Hey, Salewicz, there's this thing called 'the internet', see, and...ah, forget it...
  6. Brigante

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    'Were Led Zeppelin – or more likely Jimmy Page, who was heavily involved with the design of each LP sleeve – professing to be carrying the weight of the eco world on their back?' asks Salewicz. Oh, away and shite. Sounds like a floundering 6th-Former, desperately trying to shoe-horn even the vaguest outside possibility into a fourth-rate A-level Sociology essay. As for 'Barrington Coleby. There is no record whatsoever of any such person'...well...I'd say the omens aren't looking good for this one, lads!
  7. Brigante

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Yeah, the version I heard was that he'd gone to visit Cefalu with a view to buying it, but passed. Can't cite the source off the top of my head, though, so apologies if this's just another myth!
  8. Brigante

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    'Definitive' biography, huh? Yeah, I'm suspecting not...
  9. Only got computer and internet access at work, so I only even vaguely know what this means! It's 1985 in my house...
  10. Brigante

    Led Zeppelin Clothing and Whatnot.

    These prices make me damn glad I've never had the urge to buy any merch!
  11. Brigante

    All My Love - story behind the song?

    Especially if he'd started nobbing her sister again, I guess... Seriously, though, on reflection, yes, I agree - a bond that was strong in 1977/78 could well have been strained and broken by 1981/82.
  12. Brigante

    Greta Van Fleet

    That's the worst perm since Eddie Large!
  13. Brigante

    All My Love - story behind the song?

    Indeed, which is another reason it's inconceivable to me that it could be 'Aryan', no matter what the pronunciation. With his interest in mythology and the ancient world, Robert could certainly have been aware of the origin of 'Aryan' as it relates to the Indo-Europeans, so I suppose there could be a vague reference to Maureen there. But to most people who grew up in the second half of the 20th century, like Robert, 'Aryan' has only one notorious connotation - and Maureen's not a blue-eyed Nordic blonde, after all. It honestly never crossed my mind that Robert might have sung 'Aryan', until people began suggesting it in posts on here a few years ago. I can't see it - whereas the Ariadne association seems clear. Still, always happy to be proved wrong and it will be good to find out for sure. Thinking about it, though, if it does prove to be 'Arianne', isn't the reference still likely to be to Maureen - who, just as Ariadne led Theseus out of Minos's labyrinth, perhaps led Robert out of the maze of despair after Karac's death? Makes sense - but doesn't mean it's right! Interesting, this.