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  1. No Quota

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    Has anyone tried a matrix combining the sources? It works with aud and sb to enhance the overall sound Maybe the aud sources overlapping could do the same?
  2. No Quota

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    I wonder if there is enough film and enough angles to maybe try a hologram concert of 2007?
  3. No Quota

    A Better Recording Of Atlanta 1977???

    Need to find someone who worked at the Omni or FCS before they were demolished and see if they knew anyone associated with sound at the venues. Man to have a sound board of Atlanta.
  4. No Quota

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    Back in the Stone Age when bootlegs were as rare as silver nickels Coda got its share of play just as much as 1 through ITTOD. In fact the one two punch of WGG and ICQY is the cause of most of my hearing loss. Yes vote here
  5. I remember seeing TS open for Iron Maiden around 1985/6 in a small venue in Chattaboogie. There were 650 of us to see Maiden and maybe 3 for ol' Dee and the boys. He acted like a putz because of the lack of enthusiasm for his candy-ass "makeup rock" and the crowd gave him no quarter. I saw a couple of guys moon him. Maiden on the other hand, gave a performance like they were in front of 20,000. The Powerslave tour with the giant mummy and all the bells and whistles. They really lost money on that show and I've always respected them since.
  6. No Quota

    1975 US Soundboards "Live Album"

    Great Job! Nice blending of the Plantations with the songs and general mixing of the different venues. I agree with White Summer. Yes one for each tour
  7. No Quota

    Munich 1980

    My absolute favorite SIBLY. The somber mood. The slow bluesy feel and really the best solo of 1980.
  8. No Quota

    how the west was one revisited (june 25 & 27 1972)

    I think the revisited version has all the Plantations and cut outs that Jimmy edited out of the official release.
  9. No Quota

    Next Soundboard Release

    Please forgive my ignorance. I keep getting a “file not supported” “download as individual files” message . I’m I doing something wrong? i was salivating at my first Winston but my zero computer skills win the day kind regards
  10. No Quota

    In the Evening lyrics

    Could the "snort sound" in Carouselambra be a hint? Also, if you watch Jimmy in any interview, about every 30 seconds he checks to see if his nose is still there.
  11. Heavy Metal is on Showtime “on demand” Comcast free till the end of the month. Nearly impossible to find in perfect condition.
  12. No Quota

    9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Alas, Like the junkie I am, I'll be smiling like a big dog the first time I get to hear this new track. 70 poorer. I just wonder if we're finally at the end of the road of the "Soundboard Revolution". The best saved for last, one last song at a time. Or, we're being fornicated with a ferrite tubular annulus. I guess I could be a fan of mowing grass............
  13. No Quota

    Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    After my dad walked by one day while I was listening to HMMT he heard the "Squeeze my lemon, till the juice runs down my leg" bit and from then on he would ask if I was listening to "The Lemon Squeezers"?
  14. Ah yes. Doing the time warp! Maybe we have a business model we can resurrect. Especially in Colorado and Cali now. Monday, Thursday and Saturdays, TSRTS. Tuesday and Friday Heavy Metal Wed, and Sunday TRHPS Taarna over Tim Curry every time though.