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  1. No Quota

    1975 US Soundboards "Live Album"

    Great Job! Nice blending of the Plantations with the songs and general mixing of the different venues. I agree with White Summer. Yes one for each tour
  2. No Quota

    Munich 1980

    My absolute favorite SIBLY. The somber mood. The slow bluesy feel and really the best solo of 1980.
  3. No Quota

    how the west was one revisited (june 25 & 27 1972)

    I think the revisited version has all the Plantations and cut outs that Jimmy edited out of the official release.
  4. No Quota

    Next Soundboard Release

    Please forgive my ignorance. I keep getting a “file not supported” “download as individual files” message . I’m I doing something wrong? i was salivating at my first Winston but my zero computer skills win the day kind regards
  5. No Quota

    In the Evening lyrics

    Could the "snort sound" in Carouselambra be a hint? Also, if you watch Jimmy in any interview, about every 30 seconds he checks to see if his nose is still there.
  6. Heavy Metal is on Showtime “on demand” Comcast free till the end of the month. Nearly impossible to find in perfect condition.
  7. No Quota

    9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Alas, Like the junkie I am, I'll be smiling like a big dog the first time I get to hear this new track. 70 poorer. I just wonder if we're finally at the end of the road of the "Soundboard Revolution". The best saved for last, one last song at a time. Or, we're being fornicated with a ferrite tubular annulus. I guess I could be a fan of mowing grass............
  8. No Quota

    Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    After my dad walked by one day while I was listening to HMMT he heard the "Squeeze my lemon, till the juice runs down my leg" bit and from then on he would ask if I was listening to "The Lemon Squeezers"?
  9. Ah yes. Doing the time warp! Maybe we have a business model we can resurrect. Especially in Colorado and Cali now. Monday, Thursday and Saturdays, TSRTS. Tuesday and Friday Heavy Metal Wed, and Sunday TRHPS Taarna over Tim Curry every time though.
  10. It was a monthly event deciding what to go see between TSRTS movie or the original Heavy Metal movie at the midnight flicks.
  11. No Quota

    2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun Across the USA

    Stood in totality for a good two minutes. The difference in 99.9% and totality is really night and day. Well worth the extra 5 1/2 hours drive on what would have been a short jaunt.
  12. No Quota

    Favorite/Best version of Since I've Been Loving You

    Watching the official DVD and during the credits bit for the MSG part, there has a snip that sounds absolutely fantastic. I can't find a complete recording of this version. Does one exist? According to The Garden Tape site "Playing on the Madison Square Garden Menu on DVD Two is Since I've Been Loving You from the feature itself. This particular segment of the song is from 27th July 1973."
  13. No Quota

    Tape of the first rehearsal?

    I have an old (1986) album of the very last rehearsal called "Bonzo's Last Stand" from Atremis Records. Claims to be the last ever recording anyway. Really cool artwork. I loved the old days of albums.
  14. No Quota

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    The new soundboard has arrived. "Now in stock"! Won't be long now folks.
  15. No Quota

    Millard Tapes List

    After listening to the 77 Cali run, you can identify some familiar voices in his recordings. Or at least sound similar. Has anyone identified, if ever, Mike recorded his voice? I would hope he wasn't the "Hey asshole" guy in LTTE during the solo!