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  1. SymphonyX

    Plant promises Zeppelin reunion!

    Robert can have No Reunion tattooed on his forehead and people will still ask
  2. SymphonyX

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Jason should be playing with Robert. Majority of the songs are Zeppelin and would be something fun, especially with Mr Jimmy Sakurai !
  3. SymphonyX


    Thank Goodness. That show is soooo un-watchable with that Egotistical Dwarf. I can't stand him or his acting.
  4. SymphonyX

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    There is no chance they will force people to buy the Record Set to get the Movie. I'm sure down the road more formats will appear.
  5. SymphonyX

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    I'm totally buying without any hesitation. It's been so long since I watched this and now have the chance for 5.1 BluRay with Sonic Sound. HTWWW on BluRay is Amazing, this will be just as great
  6. SymphonyX

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    I'm sorry to offend. It's a real touchy subject but as Rover already pointed out in regard to - to pit all opening songs against each other. That's very difficult and like performing neurological surgery. As for me, my list constantly changes. I could draft up a list of songs and in 5 years that list order will totally change. I'll go on record as saying I dont hate any songs, every song has a special place in my heart, but many people agree some songs are better than others. Immigrant Song is so Animalistic and so easy to rank higher as a favorite compared to Custard Pie. But once you get to The Song Remains the Same you get stumped trying to choose but still both songs top out over Custard Pie. Constant repeating songs all the time ware out. It's even joked about in Wayne's World saying No Stairway at the Music Store. I think Jimmy did a great job with picking songs. But at the same time these Corporate Monsters forced the whole band to make decisions at last moment or constant pressure into things. At the end of the day we all should realize Corporations do not have peoples mind really in their best interest. They personally screwed me over beyond any recognition. I guess that's how the cookie crumbles in life, and they have terms for all of it. CEO's get Golden Parachutes while the VA Hospitals get fences put in the parking garages so our former troops don't jump to their death and to cover up the humility in the press.
  7. SymphonyX

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    lol, we should start giving out Participation Trophies now. Who the heck would buy a fresh new album and just skip over the first track ? Some songs get boring, especially if these Corporate Pigs play the heck out of stuff every other hour on the radio or television.
  8. SymphonyX

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    Achilles is a good song and kinda solid. For me the song does not start getting good journey wise until the 4 minute mark. The rest is kinda flat in the beginning and pretty certain there gotta be other mixes in the vaults or ideas that would be much better when comparing. The fade in does sound good and in a way symbolizes the long return from their absence ? What is the whole reason behind the name Presence? The song itself does not start at the beginning. It's like an existing Presence that already has been there all along and fades right in. It's really weird, Custard Pie compared to the great openings of other albums, this would definitely rank the least. But I think Achilles is better but at same time being least favorite would still be perfect and nothing wrong as the song itself would represent the long absence of Zeppelin but the Spirit and Presence was always there and perfect least favorite opening song as it represents the return.
  9. SymphonyX

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    Wearing & Tearing is a good song and like it. I had always thought it was a live song, as if it were performed at Knebworth or something. Can almost see it performed at a huge festival in a way. I realize it was finally performed at Knebworth 1990, but the song always felt to me as a Big Festival song performed live
  10. SymphonyX

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    Physical Graffiti and Presence are both equally weak
  11. SymphonyX

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    I can see the direction of this thread turning on just crapping on anything. Someone wants to pay why not ? You may think it's some crap cardboard for $40 but I see a beautiful addition to a Zeppelin shrine. I'm very certain there are tons of Zeppelin fans who would love to have that and especially put the Record Store Day Record in it and add it to their shrine.
  12. SymphonyX

    Gibson files for bankruptcy protection

    Maybe some Transhumanist Entrepreneur will scoop up Gibson and lead human evolution. Maybe down the road humans will have different musical farts or something.
  13. SymphonyX

    Next Soundboard Release

    That's not true at all. Your basically leaving your front door wide open for any stranger to walk right inside. There was actually a major DOS attack the other year and hackers uses peoples Cable DVR to act as a robot to launch attacks. Patch you software now, and will just need to be patched again down the road. It's a never ending Merry-Go Round. https://thehackernews.com/2018/02/torrent-download-software.html
  14. SymphonyX

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Tom & Jerry are the greatest partners in crime in their own way. Man... kids now are not grow up to this type of crap anymore. The new philosophy now is everyone is a winner. Even the kid who lost gets a trophy crambo killed a-la-la-ra-ra-ro-r-ro-rooo-ffff-floppppa-dooodle tu-lla-dee tu- la-dee...... thats a hard part right in there n-n-nephew.... crambo killed a-la-la-ra-ro floppppa-dooodle tu-lla dee raaap da kk-crambo...
  15. SymphonyX

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    And the hotel..I mean whole town said The fool shoulda used red, but it looked good to Charlene