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  1. Boleskine

    Interviews with Jimmy Page - 2015.

    According to the Radio Times the Johnnie Walker thing is one of a two part programme.
  2. I will be amazed if he ever records another note or plays live again other than guest appearances. And so what, he owes us nothing.
  3. Boleskine

    Jimmy Page - Sound Tracks: Box Set

    The Fortean Times article includes Sandy Denny's 1978 death as part of the 'curse', which is a new one on me.
  4. Boleskine

    Jimmy Page - Sound Tracks: Box Set

    I thought it was mid 76? Anger went to the press about Page and the LR soundtrack and mentioned Presence (released 3/76) being a downer album, among his other rants. Of course Plant's car crash was well before this.
  5. Boleskine

    Jimmy Page - Sound Tracks: Box Set

    Speaking of Kenneth Anger there is an article in the November 2015 issue of the strange phenomena magazine Fortean Times entitled Did Kenneth Anger put a curse on Led Zeppelin?
  6. Boleskine

    Noel Gallahger on Jimmy Page

    He's turned into a smug deluded git, a say that as a fellow City fan!
  7. Boleskine

    87 songs ranked

    Battle of Evermore 'worst song on the best album' Muppet!
  8. Boleskine

    Hey Hey What Can I Do

    Absolutely love it - effortlessly great Zep.
  9. ^^^^^^^^ Thanks, it's not Sounds, I've checked.
  10. Boleskine

    What's your Desktop Wallpaper?

  11. Boleskine

    How'd you get hooked on Led?

    I was too young for them but I was a punk in the late 70s and you had to say you hated them even if like me you'd never even heard them! Around Live Aid I heard Stairway on the radio and when then Far Corporation brought out their version I bought IV, loved it and then bought everything else.
  12. Two days after Page had returned from Switzerland where he'd been producing a lavish total-percussion track dreamed up and executed by John Bonham (which Page reckons is a cert for inclusion on the next Zep album), he was faced with a copy of a British rock paper carrying possibly the most snide vitriolic attack in recent years to appear in a music periodical. Does anyone know which magazine carried Anger's comments about Page? This Creem article originally appeared in the NME in the November 1976, if the comments had appeared in NME I assume Kent would have said so instead of just saying British rock paper, it must have been one of their rivals as the magazine isn't named. I've looked in both NME and Melody Maker from the period and can't find it, I assume it must have been Sounds.
  13. Interesting piece about Jimmy's shop Equinox: http://credencedawg.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/my-first-occult-bookshop/
  14. Got this email: Thank you very much for booking to attend our event with Jimmy Page on Wednesday 15 October at Cadogan Hall. We have taken the event page down from our website and frozen ticket sales for a few days while we make an amendment to the page, but please be assured the event is taking place and the ticket you have purchased is valid. Ticket sales will resume next week.