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  1. paplbojo

    MLB 2018 Picks Pool

    Sheesh, I made some downright silly picks!
  2. paplbojo

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/790718261 Four vinyls per album.
  3. I am in shock that there are so many people complaining about this. What the hell is going on here? If Page releases live shows that have been professionally remastered, and I don't give a crap what shows they are, be it Tempe, I'd be ecstatic. Few real fans it seems. Just be happy and excited. Too much time on your hands? Top three I hope get streamed, any show from: Back to the clubs tour 1971 Copenhagen 1979 UK winter tour 1971
  4. paplbojo

    Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

    Incredibly exciting, something worthy of the 50th.
  5. paplbojo

    Holy Grails

    Belfast will forever be my holy grail
  6. paplbojo


    Jesus do you take everything in life so seriously... Yikes... I am happy and not surprised at all they aren't gearing back up. Aerosmith performed Mama Kin on TV a couple of nights ago. The clip popped up on YouTube, couldn't watch the performance for more than five seconds. Not an entertaining sight. One of the rhythym guitarists was standing still as a statue and looked like if he made any sudden movements it might be his last. Only thing that might be nice would be an all acoustic performance, but I don't think that'd serve the band's reputation well as far as an anniversary celebration goes. Would just be for the diehards. I hope they unleash fire and fury and give us a (some) real badass concert(s).
  7. Will be buying day one. Hoping the packaging is fucking extravagant!
  8. paplbojo

    Best SQ on vinyl

    That's some great advice, thanks.
  9. paplbojo

    Best SQ on vinyl

    Thanks for the input. I have the recent remaster all on vinyl, it does sound good. Maybe I'll search for an original soon... However I was wondering along the lines of bootlegs! It'd be great to pick a couple live shows on vinyl up, if they'd sound decent enough on a good system, not including official live releases.
  10. paplbojo

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Does being such a jealous little lefty not make you feel emasculated?
  11. paplbojo

    Best SQ on vinyl

    Would like to know as well... Anything out there good enough to play on a hifi system?
  12. paplbojo

    Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram

    This guy is awesome.
  13. paplbojo

    Stairway 75-77 Vocals

    ^thanks for posting that, never heard of it or saw it before, so great