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  1. Led Zeppelin Radio Interviews

    This is spectacular. Thanks
  2. Dumb question regarding the EC footage

    Unbelievable What was JPJ's bass like? It's so poorly documented on bootlegs (and officials for that case).
  3. Dumb question regarding the EC footage

    How loud was it? Lol just wondering...
  4. New Remasters and Classic Records

    @Jimmy's Dragon Suit thanks for your input. I didn't strike the first time and am again contemplating purchasing the road case with the entire catalog. If anyone has had first hand experience with the 45rpm LPs I'd greatly appreciate any opinions on what you heard. In particular, the idea of having the original '76 No Quarter in a better sounding light is a tantalizing proposition. Is the sound truly different from everything else?
  5. Plant and Bonham

    I think that's hilarious. Gods of rock quarreling over the tab.
  6. best album?

  7. What live song do you skip or endure?

    The only thing I might ever skip is Moby Dick on occasion. Some of you are nuts.
  8. Planet Rock interview: 50th celeb Page

    Maybe the San Fran tapes from 1969, avocado tapes, will get an official release. Good enough to work with I assume and could contain definitive releases of certain songs eg as long as I have you. Also would love an official For Your Love.

    Where can I find him saying this? Thanks
  10. Can't make this stuff up. In the middle of a dazed and confused jam. Another reason they're the best!
  11. Favorite opening song?

    Immigrant song from Hawaii 1970 is the best I've ever heard Plant. (Fwiw Sibly from that show is equally vicious on his part). My choice is Immigrant Song. Number two would be rock and roll from mid 73 like Kezar.
  12. Page's best live solo

    You're saying you think he rehearsed all of these solos beforehand?