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  1. Tour over Europe 1980 best of

    What conditions were attached?
  2. Which show are you talking about?
  3. Is there a point you want to try and make?
  4. Makes me wish this actually happened. Would have made the live experience 10x better. I love Led live of course but only one guitar just wasn't enough.
  5. What are the "well known" reason? The band's general distaste for the media?
  6. What next? AGAIN

    A pipe dream, I know, but little would make me so happy as Page fixing up the full No Quarter from the original 1976 album and putting it in the quality of the 2007 remaster. To have that, and to be able to play that on my sound system, would bring me peace.
  7. Best Kashmir live version

    I have always wondered this as well.
  8. I prefer TSRTS 1987 CD release

    Does anyone have the Heywood edition? I would greatly appreciate a PM. I can't find it anywhere online. Thanks.
  9. What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    Ah I see. Thanks for clearing that up.
  10. What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    1) What makes you think he was insecure in the beginning? By Royal Albert Hall he had a confidence and stage presence that could not be rivaled, so I assume you mean in '69 (though the shrieking of course would continue well past then). 2) Why would being insecure correlate with shrieking? I'd think that insecurity would make him quieter and less boisterous than he'd otherwise be. I just don't see the relation between his actions and a claim of him being insecure, and I don't see the relation between insecurity and pushing yourself to the limit. I'd appreciate some clarification.
  11. Hello, I have the new remasters on vinyl. I have also recently learned of the Classic Records set that was released a few years back. Notably, there is a set sealed and unopened on eBay right now. I am very interested in the Classic Records set, but I'd first like to know if they are generally well received as the ultimate Zep experience on vinyl. Or were they the best until these recent remasters? I am speaking of the 45rpm Classic Records and the 33rpm remasters. Thank you one and all for any information you can provide on this.
  12. Plant and Bonham

    Other than the punching incident, do we have any other cases of "banter" between Plant and Bonham? I also know of a bit of arguing about timing in IMTOD. I'm curious.
  13. Jimmy Page greatest guitarist ever?

    he is the greatest, for no one has better conveyed emotions with an instrument.
  14. Is Led Zeppelin Your Favorite Band?

    There is no other band.
  15. Your Favorite Page Guitar Solo

    It's not about the speed, it's about the emotion. Stairway to Heaven
  16. Your first Led Zeppelin album

    In fact.......Mothership. However I chose LZ1 because that is the first one I purchased after Mothership.