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  1. World War II

    Wow, just added that^ to my list.
  2. World War II

    I would highly recommend Schindler's List too.
  3. World War II

    The Diary of Anne Frank
  4. Greta Van Fleet

    The singer makes it tough for me to get into this band. There's no power behind the high pitched voice, it sounds shrill. Also at some point in the Coachella mini concert the guitarist threw in a STH lick, casually dropping STH references in the middle of an otherwise mediocre solo, wasn't a big fan of that at all. I do hope they inspire more people to get back to the good stuff, however! Found it: Tell me that 5:44 and the 25 seconds that follow isn't the lick that Page started to play in the STH solos in 1975... one of my favorite parts of the solo as it would develop...just being used here with reckless abandon. But, that's just me! The guitarist also played one of the little licks Page would almost always play in his acapella Heartbreaker solos, towards the end of the solos, though I can't find a clip on YT that captures it at Coachella. Not that there's any problem with it, just pointing it out! Makes it all the funnier when in interviews the guitarist won't name Page as one of his three big influences. Nor will the singer name Plant as one of his three. (Per an interivew that aired a day or two after Coachella). Trying to dinstance themselves, I suppose. EDIT: Even the first thing he says sounds like a Plantation! Maybe I just listen to too much Led.....lol
  5. Next Soundboard Release

    Holy crap...
  6. If anyone wants to post a review particularly on the sound it would be very, very welcome (is it noticeably less brickwalled?)! I won't be able to listen to mine until next weekend... damnit. I figure this topic belongs in the Reissues section, unless I'm wrong.
  7. Bonham's Double Bass

    He didn't need it at all, of course. It would have been cool to hear what that right foot would do with a double, and it would have been a great time to employ it, on their "hard driving" album. It would have helped push things to the max. Just saying...
  8. Bonham's Double Bass

    Would have been awesome if he brought out the double bass for the "hard-driving rock album" he and Page and been discussing to follow In Through the Out Door.
  9. Song Name Game

    "In the Flesh" - Pink Floyd
  10. Next Soundboard Release

    What is how the West was won revisited? I see it says soundboard on the cover... I only know of how the West was redone. Thanks.
  11. 2018 MLB season thread

    ^Can't wait to watch. Going to be so good!
  12. http://longliveledzeppelin.blogspot.com/
  13. Filmed concerts

    It'd be out of this mf world.
  14. Marijuana legalization

    My personal stance... I am largely libertarian and that does extend to drugs. So, while I personally do not think dope is good, I think everyone should have the right to do whatever the heck they please in the privacy of their own homes. That should be a domain free from government to the extent you are not harming others and infringing on others' rights. Things do become more dodgey if people start roaming around in public high off their ass. From personal experience, I grew up in an upper middle class town, and I saw pot wreak havoc on about a dozen classmates' lives. A few went to rehab, one turned being a sugar baby to support the habit, one literally dropped out of college because he didn't want to give up smoking. So, I don't think it's so harmless, though these people likely had predispositions to addiction and poor parenting. EDIT: I'll add that many dozens more recreationally partook in pot and to the extent of my knowledge never had anything but a good time from partaking. This all said, I don't think it should be illegal to do in your home. Another interesting dilemma would be whether or not employers would be allowed to drug test if it became legal. I would think that truck drivers, for instance, or pilots or train conductors, should never have any weed in their system.

    I dream of hearing Tobacco Road from Tokyo in full quality. I'd blast that to the heavens.
  16. Random Thoughts v.3

    @rm2551Awesome post! On a separate note... A nice "Random Thought" is that as the rich are getting richer, we should take some comfort in knowing the poor are getting richer!
  17. Why do we tolerate stealing?

    He's probably referring to progressive's love of over taxation, which is theft. Coordinated, yet equally immoral, theft. Or the Supreme Court's decision today, which stemmed from an incident in 2015 which brought to question whether or not burglary is a violent crime. If it is, the subject would have been deported (2x offender). It was ruled that "violent crime" is too vague, and the burglaries were not sufficiently "violent", so this repeat offender will remain in the USA.
  18. Filmed concerts

    If I understand correctly Bath 1970 was filmed. That's my expectation for the 50th. Not necessarily film but audio of it.
  19. That is so, so unbelievable....
  20. What Are You Reading?

    I always read two at once, one fiction and one non fiction, so any given night I can read what suits my mood. Currently reading Jordan Peterson's new book, which I'd highly recommend to any other young man. He is an impressively deep thinker and speaks his truths, and is clearly incredibly well read and researched. Plan to follow this up with Modern Man in Search of a Soul. Also reading The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin. This is after just finishing The Left Hand of Darnkess and greatly enjoing it. That said, I'm already enjoying The Dispossessed even more. She is very quickly becoming an all-time favorite of mine. Plan to follow this up with Dune.
  21. "HD vinyl"

    At some point in this HD process the music is being converted to digital, so overall this sounds good not great. To me the reason for using the record player is maintaining a fully analog path for the music, when I can get vinyls that use analog sources.
  22. Elvis vs. Plant

    Anyone catch the recent HBO special on Elvis? "The Searcher"
  23. ^One of the first bootlegs I ever listened to. Blasted it in my car on a long drive from VA to NY. I have had one or two handfuls of "jaw hits the ground" moments with Led Zeppelin. One of the very first was this STH solo...may very well be my favorite, certainly up there. He just keeps reaching for it.
  24. Random Thoughts v.3

    I wonder, Strider, do you think that the USA should involve itself in any humanitarian crises around the world? I ask honestly, and of course there is not really a right or wrong answer. As I noted just above I do not think we should be the world's police. That said, I have changed over time to be more willing to step in, when there is both a humanitarian crisis and it would be of some benefit for the USA to intervene. Never putting our soldiers in harms way, but perhaps airstrikes as was the case in Syria. Few and far between, but if, with relatively little risk, we can help to put an end to a government attacking its citizens via chemical warfare for instance, I feel like it is worth considering. Of course there are crises like this happening all over the world all the time. In this case, it is not really a case of Syria only threatens Syria, as Syria is really a proxy for Russia and Iran. Israel and Saudi Arabia seem more than willing to take lead. I think the first step to ending our reign as world police would be to fully pull out of the UN. We started down that path by recently pulling $300mm from them. Gotta love it.