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  1. Word association

  2. Song Name Game

    Evil Woman- ELO
  3. Song Name Game

    Far Behind - Candlebox
  4. Song Name Game

    Mountain Music - Alabama
  5. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    I as well enjoy Carouselambra, one of the few tracks that I like on ITTOD.
  6. Song Name Game

    Black Star - Yngwie Malmsteen
  7. Song Name Game

    Out In The Street - UFO
  8. Debut Album Openers

    So what??? Excuse me for wanting to participate.

    I saw both versions & enjoyed both equally, almost 2 different bands really. I do prefer the Roth era songs a bit, as they are heavier, but there's no denying many of Sammy's era songs, can't go wrong either way.
  10. Debut Album Openers

    Break On Through - The Doors Can't Get Enough - Bad Company
  11. Song Name Game

    Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
  12. Song Name Game

    I Hate Myself For Loving You - Joan Jett
  13. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    As I mentioned before, it should be renamed to the Music Hall Of Fame, as many artists have nothing to do with Rock or Roll that are in (Madonna). I agree with Stryder that with Wenner selling off the magazine he claims talks about music, that hopefully he will step down from having such a stranglehold on who gets selected for nominations as well. It's such a joke how they have ignored so many Hard Rock & Metal acts, the easily should be in.
  14. 2017 NHL season

    Glad it's hockey season, but you can't read too much into what is happening in the first few games, however, it's always great when the Pens (Crosby) get their asses kicked.
  15. Song Name Game

    You Could Have Been A Lady - April Wine