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  1. Song Name Game

    Going Mobile - The Who
  2. Word association

  3. Song Name Game

    Home, Sweet Home - Motley Crue
  4. Word association

  5. Song Name Game

    Rainbow In The Dark - Dio
  6. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    The record was set for a single season last night, gotta wonder what's inside that ball?
  7. 2017 NFL Thread

    Wanna see a joke? The Bears are the worst team in football, watch a game, if you can.
  8. Song Name Game

    In Need - Grand Funk Railroad
  9. Word association

  10. Song Name Game

    Be My Lover - Alice Cooper
  11. Rolling Stone Magazine up for Sale

    Maybe whoever buys them will actually cover real music & bands, not the pop crap they have infatuated with the last how many years.
  12. Song Name Game

    Come Together - Beatles
  13. Song Name Game

    I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care) - Motorhead
  14. Song Name Game

    California Dreaming - The Mama's & The Papa's
  15. Song Name Game

    Cryin' In The Rain - Whitesnake
  16. Song Name Game

    Because The Night - Patti Smith
  17. Hurricane Irma

    Actually it is quite possible here, that why we have a whole house generator. As mentioned by redrum, we have a Generac, & so glad we do. I highly recommend that as the way to go, if you are considering getting one, you won't be disappointed.
  18. Word association

  19. Hurricane Irma

    So sorry to any of our friends here that are dealing with the horrible mess in Florida. If you are considering a generator, really the only way to go, is a whole house generator. We have one, it is connected to our natural gas line, the best way to go. No playing around with what to connect to it, & worrying about fuel running out. Now it is costly, however where we live, we can lose power on a clear sunny day. What we have saved in not having to throw out food, & staying at a hotel, it has already paid for itself.
  20. Word association

    wrist watch
  21. Song Name Game

    All The Way From Memphis - Mott The Hoople
  22. Song Name Game

    Still Remains - Alterbridge
  23. Word association

  24. Song Name Game

    Toys In The Attic - Aerosmith
  25. Song Name Game

    Ogre Battle - Queen