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  1. tenyearsgone21

    Robert's dad and mum...completely erased?

    Yes he does. Not sure the age difference but I'm guessing around 9-10 years or so.
  2. tenyearsgone21

    Plant interview - 1983

    I would also imagine in the early 80s, he was stepping out on his own for the first time and probably feeling a bit unsure of things. I think it took him a while before he felt settled on his own.
  3. Didn't VH-1 have something similar with Steven Tyler narrating? Cant think of the name of it offhand. Was several years ago.
  4. tenyearsgone21

    Tower House

    Agree with all of this.
  5. tenyearsgone21

    Tower House

    But that was his choice. He knew Robert wasn't interested in a reunion. He could have worked with any number of musicians and done his own thing.
  6. tenyearsgone21

    Robert Plant @ at Silver Clef Awards.

    He used to have a house in Primrose Hill though I think he primarily resides in the Midlands.
  7. tenyearsgone21

    Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    I don't think he has any intention of playing live or recording. I think he keeps insinuating it so it doesn't look like he's "done" or retired IMO. I am fine if he is - he owes us nothing, but I'm tired of him saying he "should be out playing" etc.
  8. tenyearsgone21

    Robert meets up with Jimmy & JPJ recently

    Why - because he chooses not to go back to his former band? I don't think that makes him a diva. His comments may sound a bit harsh, but I honestly think (and I'm not one of those who thinks he is "God" and can do no wrong) it's his way of deflecting the discussion. I believe he's quite proud of his work with Zep and honored to have worked with JPJ and JP but when Bonzo passed, in his heart, the band couldn't ever be. I don't think there's anything diva or snooty about that. John Paul Jones is happily doing all sorts of interesting projects and I don't see him clamoring for a reunion. Seems to me it's mostly Page who for some reason, can't seem to do any project not involving the other two and Jason.
  9. tenyearsgone21

    Robert meets up with Jimmy & JPJ recently

    It's his own hair.
  10. tenyearsgone21

    Robert Plant: Full Interview | House Of Strombo

    I think he was using that not as a direct criticism of the fans, but more he wasn't interested in playing big arenas as well as things seeming to turn into a Zep reunion etc.
  11. tenyearsgone21

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    I've not heard any of that but it's good to know.
  12. He absolutely would have been known - is voice was too amazing and unique for it not to have been. What sort of band he would have ended up in is hard to say. It's just exhausting to see yet another comment like this, insinuating he owes his life to Page blah blah blah when it's just not true. You could make the claim all four of them may not have been as successful had they not all met and decided to work together. The strength of that band is the combination of all of them equally.
  13. tenyearsgone21

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    He;s said many nice things about Zep, Page and Jones over the years. I've not heard Page or Jones say anything about Robert complimentary though. I think you are reading too into his comments - his sense of humor is what it is and often pulled out to deflect having yet more discussions on Zep when he's being interviewed based on a new release.
  14. tenyearsgone21

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    I don't think it was a matter of he "had" to choose suicide. For those suffering from depression, sometimes the pain runs so deep they don't see any other way to get peace then to end their life. It's a horrific place to be in for those who have it and those around them. I don't know what it will take or how many more lives have to be lost before more research is put into finding a way to treat it.
  15. I know he was working hard to get more exposure and all, and the great fortune was having Jimmy see him and bring him into the mix. My point was more that he doesn't OWE Jimmy anything. Jimmy didn't "make" him. Robert had a huge amount of natural talent and that blended and worked amazing with Jimmy and of course John Paul and Bonzo. He has been very kind in his words to Jimmy over the years, particularly in the early days when Jimmy was more active with his own solo career. I can't say I've ever heard Jimmy say anything about Robert's music, regardless, Robert has shown gratitude for being a part of Zep, but that ended in 1980 and he made a choice to leave the memories and the music there and carry forward.