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  1. I know he was working hard to get more exposure and all, and the great fortune was having Jimmy see him and bring him into the mix. My point was more that he doesn't OWE Jimmy anything. Jimmy didn't "make" him. Robert had a huge amount of natural talent and that blended and worked amazing with Jimmy and of course John Paul and Bonzo. He has been very kind in his words to Jimmy over the years, particularly in the early days when Jimmy was more active with his own solo career. I can't say I've ever heard Jimmy say anything about Robert's music, regardless, Robert has shown gratitude for being a part of Zep, but that ended in 1980 and he made a choice to leave the memories and the music there and carry forward.
  2. Why does he owe Jimmy anything? He was just as valuable a member of making Zep a success as ALL OF THEM. His talent would not have gone unnoticed if Jimmy hadn't gone to see him.
  3. Jimmy goes without saying, especially as he was already well known. I think John Paul Jones would have been successful as a musician, even if it was more of a niche fan base. Way too much talent not to be. Robert's voice was too amazing that had Jimmy not gotten him, someone would have and I think he'd have been well known. Bonzo it would have depended on where he ended up - not a reflection of his talent but just being much less known at the time. Though I would imagine Robert would have wanted to bring him on board where he would have been, like he did with Zep.
  4. tenyearsgone21

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    He also probably dismisses the questions with "I can't remember" because the interviewers are looking for stories about the wild aspects of their being on the road. I can't blame him for not having any interest in sharing all that. It was so long ago - they were four young guys with the world at their feet and at a time when things were more "loose". What did anyone expect would happen. I'm sure he's not proud of it, even if at the time, it was all in fun. And by proud, I'm referring to the antics. I think he's been pretty clear about being proud of Zep's accomplishments.
  5. tenyearsgone21

    Japanese History & Culture (Showa Period: 1926-1989)

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. The things you admire are things that would be wonderful to see in other countries. I can certainly imagine no matter how long you would live there (anyone), if you're not Japanese, you will always be somewhat of an outsider.
  6. tenyearsgone21

    Japanese History & Culture (Showa Period: 1926-1989)

    Steve just curious - I'm not sure how long you've lived in Japan versus how many years you were in the US, but do you find apart from the language, assimilating to the culture as an American? Also, what aspects of Japanese culture do you admire and dislike compared to the US? If you want to answer off this thread, I'm fine with that.
  7. tenyearsgone21

    John Paul Jones Snubbed Page & Plant?

    Absolutely well said and fully agree on both comments.
  8. tenyearsgone21

    Elvis vs. Plant

    Last I checked, taste is subjective. It's people's opinions. No one is right or wrong. Just what they feel. Yeesh, calm down.
  9. tenyearsgone21

    Elvis vs. Plant

    Just curious who you would rate as the greatest rock vocalist.
  10. tenyearsgone21

    Plant 18 Tour

    His shows clock in about 90 minutes and have for the last several years if I recall correctly.
  11. Thirty??? Yowza - hard to believe he felt that way 30 years ago!
  12. tenyearsgone21

    In the Evening lyrics

    Could be although I would tend to lean towards references to lust and the conflict of that and his being married at the time.
  13. tenyearsgone21


    Robert doesn't owe anyone anything, and neither does Jimmy or John Paul. They are free to do as they choose and it's not up to us to demand what WE want for THEIR lives.
  14. tenyearsgone21


    Totally disagree. His sense of humor can come across as he's dissing the band but it's more to ward off constant questions about his past when he's rooted in the present, especially when promoting a new album. He's very proud of his work with Zep and I don't get any sense of negative feelings about it from him at all. I think when Bonzo died and they ended their time together, the only way for him to carry on was to start with a clean slate and put the past aside. He wasn't ever going to be the level he was with Zep but I think he was fine with that and just decided to experiment and in the spirit of Zep, push the creative envelope. Didn't always work but it didn't always work with Zep either. It's a huge albatross for people who achieve that level of stardom to try to start a new chapter for whatever the reasons are and we can't really understand the pressure and all they must feel. As far as it being annoying not to have seen them, well it's a bummer for sure, but if you saw them now, it wouldn't be Zep because Bonzo isn't there. Jason is a good drummer but he's not his dad and I'm not talking about talent per say but how he approached his playing, writing songs etc. Jason couldn't be that which is fine as he should be his own person, but if they did get back together (and think of the criticisms from the 02 show), people would complain about that too.
  15. tenyearsgone21

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Totally agree.