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  1. I don't know - any time there's talk of Robert's music, SAJ is pretty harsh in his words. I don't care that he's not a fan of Robert but I don't see the point of being so negative about it at every opportunity.
  2. Was waiting for your negative comments. We get you hate his music. Why not just not say anything. At least he's out there doing things unlike Page who is on his umpteenth remaster of Zep albums.
  3. Looks like the same band minus Juldeh who wasn't on the record best I can tell.
  4. An album not going platinum doesn't mean it's any less a great album. Think of how many pop albums go multi platinum and you find awful. It's just representational of sales. FON was an absolutely brilliant album IMO.
  5. That's a really unkind and unfair statement to make! Tattoos are artwork and not advertising anything but expression. So Page doesn't have them - how many other musicians do? Who cares one way or the other? Page doesn't dictate our lives.
  6. In all fairness, Karac got sick and passed very quickly - so to say Robert was not there when his family needed him, well maybe to a point in general. But it wasn't as if Karac was sick and Robert just left to tour anyways.
  7. I wonder if it's more about some glimmer of hope in his mind that he will work with Robert and John Paul again, coupled with not wanting to say he's done as an artist. I would rather he say nothing than empty promises. I have no expectations of any of them giving us new music. If they do, great if not, that's okay too. They owe us nothing and their legacy will live on.
  8. He's done that often or refers to him as Pagey. Don't see any issue there.
  9. Robert was asked to do an MTV Unplugged and he asked Jimmy to join him. No one forced them to work together. Clearly a choice. Robert's change of venues was more financial. He wasn't able to sell out arenas so he moved to smaller places.
  10. People may not have been there to see Alannah, but she was very popular and known at the time in the states.
  11. Well I don't know you at all so I would have no idea if this is your schtick or not.
  12. He's been working on a new album with SSS so I don't think retirement is in the near future. He seems to have too much passion for music to give it up but I could see him touring less or maybe not recording anymore down the line.
  13. I have no problem when people dislike a genre of music. Taste is subjective, but I resent being referred to as a loser or asshole because I and others listen to both grunge and hip hop. You seem to often take the stand your opinion is fact and it's just your opinion, which everyone is entitled to but it would be nice if you would stop adding nasty comments to them.
  14. Logan was born in January 1979 and I believe his marriage was dissolved in 1982
  15. Your post said the guy is cruel to the utmost. Doesn't sound like love...just saying