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  1. Ohhh. . I was thinking A 7th show. . lol
  2. 60 shows?? What?? How do you figure they have this many shows?? Explain if you will please:) 7th show??
  3. OH YEAH!! Now we are talking!!! What was the snippet NR???
  4. Is there a known setlist??
  5. No thanks. . Havent heard it since sometime in the last century. .
  6. I asked this question mainly because of the speculation that's been thrown out there of soundboards that EV supposedly has… It's a question that has to be asked by us diehards. And it's not like the new release was targeted for the masses… It was targeted for the few that have hundreds of dollars of disposable income unlike myself . It would be nice to know what's on the docket and if anybody has concrete evidence of where these actually come from since it's only been 4 decades and now they're seeing the light of day… PS what do you know about the Pontiac video Badgeholder???!?!!:):):)
  7. I know we just got this and some are still waiting. .Those in the know say EV has a stock pile of sorts. . This one is gonna be hard to top but always looking forward to the next gem. .Thoughts??
  8. To those who bought it directly from EV. . What were the prices???
  9. cant get it to work. .this FKNG SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. As good as HBO is at some things this was abysmal. . .I think the guy who played Percy is Percy in a LZ cover band. . (I could be wrong). .
  11. ^^^^ +2. . 10 years ago I think all of us wanted a tour of some sort or a show in the states but that time has past. . There's something to say about the integrity of this band to not squeeze every dime (live) or to water down the legacy. . I personally dont want them to go out ala 50 years and do anything (live). . 12/4/80 "We cant continue as we were". .truer words have never been spoken. .
  12. After TTW on night 5 in EC. . Percy. . Are you loooose??? Bonzo. . yes! yes thank you!! Percy. . I know youre loose Bonzo good lord he had diarrhea all the way through the last American tour. . loose is not the word. . he's got the only drum stool in the world that is a commode!! Plantations at its best. . FKN CLASSIC!!!!
  13. Wot up luv??!? WTF why are they not playing here do you know??
  14. TRS. . . SIBLY. .right now anyway. .
  15. Is this where Freezer would have stepped in if not for all the scandals or did he not have this one??