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  1. Led Zeppelin's best live performance

    Take your pick in Europe 1973. .
  2. Best Heartbreaker Live

    Anytime Bonzo did the drum lead in (mostly 73) with the crowd anticipating what are they gonna play next and then BAM right into the riff of all riffs!!! FKN KILLER!!!! Unfortunately Jimmy usually had to put his guitar over his head and try to play the solo stuff and 2 out of 10 times he would nail it. .
  3. Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    My mother was a part of the reason I got into Zep. . While on the phone with my BF in 7th grade I was looking through my moms LPs and saw an original LZ I and my friend Lisa tripped and said "Put on I Cant Quit You Baby RIGHT NOW!!!" I heard that Percy wail and Ive never been the same. . Mom never noticed I took her LZ I and still have it to this day. . THX MOM!!!
  4. July 23, 1979 Copenhagen
  5. Finland 100 years

    And in other news grass is green, the wolves are in 1st place and its cloudy outside. .
  6. what are you listening to right NOW!?

    BORNS. . . if you havent heard give it a listen. .
  7. Trivia On Led Zeppelin (31 Questions)

    29/31 I thought thought the Anger question was wrong as well. .
  8. Stoner music

    A killer couple ditties from a PHX 3 piece band that Ive known 20+ years. . Check it out stoners
  9. Unpopular opinions re live shows

    Its funny you said this. . On ebay most shows have skyrocketed in price yet if you wanted these 3 shows in a bundle from EV they have been the same price for a couple years now. . Def the most uninspired of all of the LA runs. . It seems the band is tired with Percy sick at the beginning and JP and his finger which I assume was the cause for the H problem for the next decade. .
  10. Royal Orleans the song and the hotel

    My thoughts exactly. . smh
  11. Live better than Studio

    The Rain Song from TSRTS has been my fav since I was 13. . No Quarter from 1973 takes on a whole new experience as the journey time doubled from the studio and then doubled again in 75. . SIBLY as great as the III version is this is one they killed almost every night. .
  12. Beautiful Women

    I have to say this is a great thread. .
  13. What next? AGAIN

    If your reading this. . MORE LIVE STUFF MR PAGE. . (and please leave them intact) Thank you
  14. When Percy was on Stern a couple weeks back he stopped Howard from asking the full question and stated he loves the song. . Im sure like with anything he has had moments with it. . I grew to such a legendary status as a song in such a short amount of time and he prob realized he might be singing it for the rest of his life and as with any musician playing some certain things does get old. .
  15. Polishing The Boards

    Had me worried . . I was like huh?? I trusted my source copy. . THX for clearing this up:):)