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  1. Bozoso73

    Still the greatest rock band!

    Well at least they got #1 right!!:)
  2. Bozoso73

    Best version of 6/11/77?

    Sorry John but that don't sound right. . Ive got a great version of this and it seems a little slow. . One of the best nights in NY 77 for sure:)
  3. Bozoso73

    NBA 2018-2019 season

    Can I just say that the Suns have become the laughing stock and that sux!! This should be destination but the owner is a jerk and we are going on a decade without the playoffs. .
  4. I have 3 different 6/21 and a dozen W's and dont really think this was one of Winstons best IMO. . Ps slammin Pb :):)
  5. Bozoso73

    Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

    There were 35 members of DP and yeah had a couple songs and everyone's a great musician but it isn't in the same universe and JP JPJ JHB RP . . No one else can take the place of these four guys. . Ive got my LZ fanboy cloak on LOL
  6. Bozoso73

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    of course EVH saw LZ. .we all know JP got worse. i just didnt know if he had proof like a quote somwhere.:):)
  7. Bozoso73

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    ok? were you standing there or what? elaborate please
  8. Bozoso73

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    He definately had a point😎 You said you have the interviews Iwould like to read some of that if at all possible. I always heard he talked shit but never saw any interview where he is blasting JP.
  9. Bozoso73

    New Book.....new thread ?

    I saw EWLZ for 26$ on amazon (I think) the other day. . Get it you won't be disappointed:)
  10. Bozoso73

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    EVH would have been 17 in 72 so I dont think it could be from that date. Plus that's a killer show. Plus plus it could be Eddie Kramer so there is that angle.
  11. Bozoso73

    Survey: What are the 5 greatest guitarists and drummers?

    1. Jimmy Page 2. EVH 3. Angus/Malcom 4. David Gilmour 5. Billy Duffy 1. John Henry Bonham 2. Eric Kretz 3. Mick Tucker 4. Steven Adler 5. Jimmy Chamberlin I just made this my favs:)
  12. Bozoso73

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Im sure this is on here somewhere. I almost lost it when this came up on my YT feed. I love the stoners coming to the funeral to pay their respects. Can't believe I never saw this before. RIP Bonzo.
  13. SBD 3.21.1975 Seattle