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  1. Scared Straight 1978 Led Zep tee

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-ZEPPELIN-Mens-XL-Shirt-Thermal-1977-U-S-Tour-T-shirt-Band-Merchandise/173149944926?hash=item28508a7c5e:g:UYcAAOSw0ehZ6vjn. .. This is pretty close
  2. Wow what a thread:):) Great pics!! I love when you can just walk up to front row at shows but Led Zeppelin at C. H. before LZII. . just wow!! THX for sharing!:)
  3. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    I was just thinking that this weekend. . Fuk when you get old time is full speed ahead. . When your young you can't grow up fast enough. . This is #5 for me after seeing Percy for 30 (1988) years this one is special. . Who knows how long he will go. . I'm excited my best friend is going. . He's seen RP 2 times already when we were kids:) It's going to be a great night:):)
  4. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    You bet we will meet up! Gonna be a great time Luv:):)
  5. Nicely done:):) WITHOUT MUSIC??? PS watched subscribed. . great vids Porgie!!
  6. SMS D06 T13 Bron-y-Aur 1970. . JP and Percy working out songs on a clip 46 min long. . Amazing:):)
  7. IMO a warts and all 2 SHOW release of both nights (sold sep). . I mean isn't this one for the complete-ist? After having all shows worth having it's hard to go back to a 2 show mish-mash with music missing. .
  8. Tom Petty Died of drug overdose

    Ill put this out there (and myself I guess). I take certain PDs after a climbing accident broke my back in 5 places. I'm no Tom Petty but I understand the predicament. I've done drugs I said years ago I would never touch but here I am doing the same type things he was. They are dangerous to be sure but if done as prescribed and if you don't have 4 doctors giving you a bunch of dangerous shit it should be fine. It's a fine line when you're juggling a bunch of narcotics at the same time and it really is a matter of time if abused.
  9. Opinion

    Its very dry with no resonance. . SIBLY for one. . I think he had these made for the show. . Bonzo was keen on using his ride as a crash sometimes b/c of its wet crashy sound. . I have used Sabian cymbals for that exact reason. . When you hit them they continue to resonate sound:)
  10. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    THX Panther HNY to you too brother!!!:) Its funny that you asked . . If you look close enough you can see my first tattoo covered by the waves just above the fish head. . Bonzo's symbol. . 17 and still in HS some dope said he would do it for 45$. . It looked like shit so that prompted me to go back to the guy to get the swan song on my right forearm 3 days later . . I got home and was like what the fuck did I do!!!! It ended up alright as I got the Zep symbols across my back 20 years ago and my right arm was saved with some tattoo trickery. .I got lucky because it could have been much worse:):)
  11. 3/21/1975 SBD. . I never have links it's all on my desktop. .
  12. 2017 NFL Thread

    I hope all the talk about Cousins becoming a 9er are over. Finding a good QB is hard enough but JGQ has the potential to be GREAT!! Lynch and Shannahan have to know this guy is the ticket to 30+ pts. a game. Now go get the run stopper we need and shore up the D. . The next decade could be super exciting as long as the idiot owner stays out of the way. I was close to giving up with the way the last 4 years went but there are signs of hope:):)
  13. THIS!! Lots of great ideas floating. . Its amazing how the bubbles of thought come to the surface when Jimmy says there's more goodies coming your way kiddies and everyone has an opinion LOL. . Whatever it is I just hope most are satisfied because there probably isn't going to be many more official releases coming after this year (I could be dead wrong on that:)
  14. Cinematic Blunders: The Song Remains The Same

    LOL what led Atlantic to believe that?? Do you have more detail on that Willie??