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  1. Bozoso73

    Favorite 2 Led Zeppelin songs off of each album?

  2. Bozoso73

    Favorite Lyrics?

    Hey, I felt the coldness of my winterI never thought it would ever goI cursed the gloom that set upon us, 'pon us, 'pon us, 'pon usBut I know that I love you soOh, but I knowThat I love you soThese are the seasons of emotionAnd like the wind, they rise and fallThis is the wonder of devotionI see the torchWe all must holdThis is the mystery of the quotient, quotientUpon us all, upon us all a little rain must fallJust a little rain
  3. Bozoso73

    Can you list your top 10 LZ songs, in no particular order?

    Since I've Been Loving You Sick Again Over The Hills. . The Rain Song Ten Years Gone Going To Cali Four Sticks No Quarter Achilles Last Stand That's The Way
  4. Bozoso73

    best album?

    Back and forth between HOTH IV and III
  5. Bozoso73

    Which member of Led Zeppelin are you?

    Bonzo. . I'm also a drummer so that kind of helped. .
  6. Bozoso73

    Your first Led Zeppelin album

    My friend and I used to spend hours on the phone in 85-86. On the tele with her one night and going through my moms albums she had an original LZ I LP and after hearing I Can't Quit You Baby I was hooked. Needless to say my mom never got it back and I still have it to this day:)
  7. Bozoso73

    Tower House

    Wow what a place. . Too bad there isn't more pics. .
  8. Bozoso73

    Robert Plant "Non Stop Go" Tour 1988

    LOL I do remember that!! Thinking at the time god what a helluva view!! And JP's lasers. . oh and STH with no vox. . I ended up in front by the moat . . stoned. . MTV was there and recorded the show. . couldn't believe when I saw that on Ebay about 10 years ago. . Oh And Jason with the stand of electric drums. . LOL Killer!!!
  9. Bozoso73

    Robert Plant "Non Stop Go" Tour 1988

    I too was at the Mesa Amp JP show. . LOL Had to break up a huge boulder in the front of my dads new home in Glendale and then he drove me all the way to Mesa, went home, and came all the way back to get me. I thanked him again for that not to long ago:):) Hard to believe it was 30 years ago. . PS I don't remember a opener for JP. .
  10. Bozoso73

    2019-2020 NBA SEASON*

    This league is so bad they should have 6 teams per conference, forget the regular season and eliminate the 3 point line which has destroyed fundamental basketball as we know it.
  11. Bozoso73

    Best Sounboards by Year

    No. . If you're going to give them a listen the 19th or 27th but nothing really great. .
  12. Bozoso73

    Robert Plant "Non Stop Go" Tour 1988

    My second ever show. . I remember it being M UK and them getting throttled off the stage. The crowd was ruthless that particular evening:) Got a bootleg of the show a couple years back and Percy and his band were killer that night. One of the highlights of my life.
  13. Bozoso73

    Comments from Non Fans

    I love how most of these idiots say things like "Talented band but overrated". . A kick in the brains would serve them right.
  14. Hi Strider Hope all is well. . What is the definitive book on the band on the road. . Any one do a book about just LIVE?



  15. Bozoso73

    pick one

    This year is by far my favorite and I've never heard a version of Baltimore that I can get into. . So I guess it would have to be this SB. .