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  1. Bozoso73

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    He definately had a point😎 You said you have the interviews Iwould like to read some of that if at all possible. I always heard he talked shit but never saw any interview where he is blasting JP.
  2. Bozoso73

    New Book.....new thread ?

    I saw EWLZ for 26$ on amazon (I think) the other day. . Get it you won't be disappointed:)
  3. Bozoso73

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    EVH would have been 17 in 72 so I dont think it could be from that date. Plus that's a killer show. Plus plus it could be Eddie Kramer so there is that angle.
  4. Bozoso73

    Survey: What are the 5 greatest guitarists and drummers?

    1. Jimmy Page 2. EVH 3. Angus/Malcom 4. David Gilmour 5. Billy Duffy 1. John Henry Bonham 2. Eric Kretz 3. Mick Tucker 4. Steven Adler 5. Jimmy Chamberlin I just made this my favs:)
  5. Bozoso73

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Im sure this is on here somewhere. I almost lost it when this came up on my YT feed. I love the stoners coming to the funeral to pay their respects. Can't believe I never saw this before. RIP Bonzo.
  6. SBD 3.21.1975 Seattle
  7. Bozoso73

    led zeppelin and the osmonds?

    There is none. .The last 2 shows of EC are filmed and The Osmonds are nowhere to be found. Do I believe they were fans and got preferential treatment backstage or great seats? Sure. Percy says before NQ on 5/25 that the Osmonds will be here next week but thats it. I went on Osmondmania and it says nothing in the timeline about jamming or hanging out with LZ.
  8. Bozoso73


    I got it through Amazon today and cant see why some here would say they are disappointed. The chapter with TOE 80 is like 5 pages and of course R. Halfin gets his fill. Im not a big fan of shots laying across seperate pages but overall this is a great book. I wish it came with a slip cover to keep it pristene. It looks great next to my Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page. Thanks Steve found a copy. Im a big fan of DL and he is always gracious with my DMs and answers promptly. I would be glad to give him my $ I just have a hard time paying more for post than the actual product. I buy from all over and never get raked like that.
  9. Bozoso73


    Mine is on its way here. . Anyone looking to get D. Lewis' "Evenings with Led Zeppelin"? He wants $60 for postage (US). . More than the price of the book. .thats insanity. .
  10. 3 Days After. . what a shame about the tape issues. .
  11. They sold out 2 shows in Tempe and rocked the place! New LP coming out in the next few days and after Europe they'll be back. . Don't miss it!!:):)
  12. Bozoso73

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    LOL. . Agreed What? See the Led Zeppelin 50th banner every time you come on the forum? It's been up for a week. . Slow down Nirvana. . None of us are privy to what might be in store so lets see what happens but concerts are definitely not gonna happen (Id love to be wrong about this). .
  13. A little off track but to the point about boots. I just recieved "A Memory Frozen Forever" 7.7.1980 Godfather Records 2 disc tri fold out from a seller on ebay for $26. Its an absolute beauty and was worth every penny. Granted it was off ebay but all Im saying is if 9.29 SBD was in this kind of format and sold for this much or even a bit higher up to $40 they would sell out considering the legend of the show. But given how expensive 3.21 was and this one following that path it just seems EV has taken a wrong turn somewhere. It didnt need to be butchered with a song here or there singled out, half the show (unless thats all they had), and no Plantations (which to me is a huge part of the shows). I have a lot of respect for EV and have a dozen EV silvers. Over the years they werent trying to take our wallets (too much anyway) and they put out a decent product but sometime over the last few shows the whole business plan seemed to change trying to hit homeruns instead of singles. About the price they paid Im not privy but I just got done reading about Freezer and the debacle that insude that came about with his AUD tape and he was paid $2000. for the masters. I know that 5.14.73 is not 9.29 but could EV paid anymore than $5000? Anymore just seems like a huge gamble considering how 3.21 went and how pissed they were about that spreading the internet. Just a thought. .
  14. These damn tickets are going super fast… Third in line today and got 17th row at Phoenix Symphony hall on 28th February. . Wanted to do better than that but at least I'm in the building :-) anybody else seeing this tour let's hear it!!?!?:):):)
  15. See what I mean though? Too many variables. They want too much money for a half a show! Not putting the other singles in with the show. . The leaflet telling the guy to fuck off. . lol I enjoyed it last night when I got it on the internet but I probably wont listen too many more times. No Plantations and hacked to death. . ehh
  16. 🙄 LOL For a great one. . I bought Snow Jobs for $70 and its killer. . 3 colored silvers in a tri-fold. . Why not stick to that style? Cant tell me that wasn't profitable. How many are you gonna have if they were all that price? That seems a little steep for me. .
  17. Well I see that everyone is bright and cheery today listening to their new boots. . bought or otherwise. .:) I have said that I own lots of silvers. And I also have every show taken from the internet. The music industry was in fact torn down because of music sharing no doubt. This is a 20 year old argument that got Lars crucified back in the day. Unfortunately music isnt what it was and it's all about that one big single and 15 producers on the tracks. I can speak for the few that when priced fairly people do buy! You come out the gates wanting someones whole check for a half a show, no Plantations, and single gorging ($60 a single) you are asking for trouble. EV is not going about this in the right way. Make them affordable and people will buy! It's not like file sharing just started so why is EV having the problem now? Bad management and strategy. . plain and simple.
  18. Bozoso73

    Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    The thing missed in all of this is the pub Taurus got and the money churned into their corner for this endevour. Im sure the profits are way up, no?!?. . I was a dj for 10 years . . heard music from the time I could crawl and got through 40 years without ever hearing a song, a lick, or even the name Taurus before all of this. What a crock. .nothing ever truer than lawyers gotta eat. .lol
  19. I couldn't have said it better. . I have 2 dozen of their products and they didn't take samples out to gorge and they dont involve half a show. . Most of mine were less then $50 . .there is no reason to sell for more than that
  20. With all this talk of 9/29 I got to thinking. . What's my favorite? I might be in the minority but I like 72 by a nose even though the band seemed tighter in 71, I like the new material of HOTH being inroduced to an audience when they were still 6 months from getting released. "The Campaign" gets me everytime:) So what do you think?
  21. Thay killed!! Came out on fire and the didn't let up. . I walked around buzzing from the show for two days. They are a must see!!
  22. Bozoso73

    6/3/73 - Winston or JEMS?

    THX for getting back. . Is there something special I'm missing out on?
  23. Bozoso73

    6/3/73 - Winston or JEMS?

    I feel dumb asking. . what is JEMS? I have decent versions of all shows that are decent/great. . Am I missing out? THX:)