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  1. Does eelgrass have a special website Walter??
  2. These damn tickets are going super fast… Third in line today and got 17th row at Phoenix Symphony hall on 28th February. . Wanted to do better than that but at least I'm in the building :-) anybody else seeing this tour let's hear it!!?!?:):):)
  3. Bozoso73

    Robert Plant US tour 2018

    Im soo glad someone got The Rain Song! What a great show and a beautiful moment:) Thanks again for the tix J:) A night I'll never forget, rain and all!!:)
  4. Bozoso73

    Robert Plant Live: Tucson


    Luvlz2 and I at the show on a rainy night in Tucson!!
  5. Bozoso73

    Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

    Sooo the question being is there going to be shows we have never heard?? And do you think JP will use MM recordings and others who risked their lives to bring the recordings to the masses? They won't let us download, even for a price. . Ohh the possibilities!!:):):)
  6. As someone who has loved this band since my childhood in the 80's, I am relatively new to the forum having been here for less than three years. With the help of this forum I have learned a hell of a lot of info on Led Zeppelin. My LZ book and bootleg collection has grown incredibly. I was obsessed with the band before but it has taken to a new gear since finding this jewel. I spend more time on LZ and this forum than I should admit. I have found that this place is full of amazing stories and has lots great keyboard characters both good and bad. One thing that fascinates me about the forum are some of the lost contributors who could have been here like "greatkamikaze" for 2 days and 4 quotes 10 years ago, to those who left an amazing mark with incredible insight that are now gone like "eternal light" who was here from the start, had 7300 things to say, and has been gone for 7 years. I know that the "last visited" counter can be decieving and some aren't really gone like Nutrocker who's counter seems off by a couple years. I wonder if I'm the only one who hovers over someone's little profile pic and thinks "what the hell happened to that person?" I guess I'm looking for some insight of some of the major players who were on this forum and seem to be lost souls, not to have their take on the world of Led Zeppelin anymore. THX:):) Shout out to those who have answered my questions how ever annoying and repetitive they might be.
  7. I Can't Quit You Baby made me a super fan but the first time I heard Black Dog made me a fanatic. .Haven't been the same since😎
  8. Bozoso73

    The Trouble with Bonham. 1978-80

    What?? When??
  9. Bozoso73


    I owe it to Nutrocker for turning me on to to 6.11.77. .It sucks that NY 77 doesn't represent sonicly like LA 77. .Isn't it crazy that we all have different tastes when we talk about shows? I cringe when someone will say for example 5.24.75 EC is their favourite or the 2nd KW show was killer LOL. . All this chatter about the 9.29 SB coming out yet Im not all that excited. .I was stoked for the Seattle SB last year and was greatful someone gave it to me. . Now if only a 6.22.77 SB would come out. . . 🙏😄
  10. Bozoso73

    Robert Plant Live: Tucson


    AHAHAH WE ARE!!!! LOL:):)
  11. Wow. . Thanks you again Steve for that explanation. . Thats incredible. . Why would T2K think that this is a smart move? I have to believe they go back and listen to what they are doing. I have a couple Taranturas from the 90's and they were always like flipping a coin . . not knowing what you are getting. So with the new releases and you being a audiofile:) are you capable of decompressing and letting the music breathe?. . I just dont understand what there is to gain by compressing it to death. .
  12. Bozoso73


    I agree. . Im a west coaster so I would say the west is the best:) Yes they were loved in NY and they have MSG the greatest venue on earth lol:) It was and I guess still is everything to plat MSG and they had amazing shows there. . Thank the heavens for MM and the shows he recorded. . That first few moments of June 21 1977 . . Well we all know. . It's everything and a little more isn't it?:):)
  13. Bozoso73


    I always liked this assessment of the 1977 tour Strider. . You did say Largo on the 28th which I havent heard since I got it 10 years ago and now Im gonna have to give it another shot. .I remembered it being "bad". . (always thought the 25 and the 30th were the best of the MD run) Couldn't agree more. . the 11th is one of the best of the tour but DAM can we have better audio for this run?? All the talk about 9/29 these days but I would trade that for a great sounding NY 77 show any day. .
  14. Bozoso73


    Im gonna say it's in the picture. .You can tell the line goes across the pic through the drum and the pyramid. . Is this gonna get us our end goal of a killer video with great sound and all the fixin's?? The answer is probably no. Wether or not Im right I dont care but I thought it was pretty funny that the admins put this topic in the newbie section:):):)
  15. Hi Steve. . I listened to SIBLY and thought it sounded pretty good. Explain if you can what this really does to a 47 year old recording and what difference it would have made to the over all sound. PS What exactly am I looking at up here ^^^^^^^^^^^^??? THX:)
  16. Bozoso73

    led zeppelin and the osmonds?

    I never knock people for their tastes but Im already in a foul mood so beat it troll and take your Osmonds toys and posters and catch the dam short bus out of town. . Oh and PS FWIW Led Zeppelin would have NEVER been caught dead putting that crap on a bill let alone on stage with them. .
  17. Bozoso73

    Robert Plant Live: Tucson


    Check it out and if you think its worth it we will go!!
  18. Bozoso73

    Robert Plant Live: Tucson


    Get em and we will go!! How cool would it be?!?!
  19. Bozoso73

    Robert Plant Live: Tucson


    You buy I fly luv!!!:):)
  20. Bozoso73

    Led zep film- TSRTS

    For christs sakes man look it up. . there is 1423 threads in here on this subject. .
  21. Bozoso73

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Jeez. . After all this re mastering and 2007 and 2018 versions with 5.1 and shit you can hear through dog whistles being blown on the dark side of the moon in versions spliced 6 ways to Sunday and songs just thrown for times sake I'm still listening to the same CD version I bought in 1988 and luckily still have the LP verion I bought in 1987 if I ever get a record player again. All this seems to me (besides better audio) is a play on our emotions and our wallets which is why I choose to not buy. .IMO it just seems like a lazy cash grab. . Abso-fkn-lutely. . It's totally maddening . . Im not getting any hopes up for anything 50th except the dam LZ by LZ which is probably JP by JP part deux. .
  22. Bozoso73

    New Kid In Town

    What's up TD??!? I'm goin on 32 years of listening to this group and I tell you it will never leave your soul. . Do yourself the favor a get some live shows. . By hook or by crook do it. . And books as well. . some Dave Lewis stuff and P. Grant's bio. . There is a fountain of info and this place will quench your thirst:) Good to have you here and ENJOY!:):)
  23. Bozoso73

    Remembering contributors on this LZ Forum

    Thanks for this SAJ:) It was exactly the tree I was barking up:) Im glad this brought some attention to those good and bad that have contributed but what in the sam hell do you have to do to get banned? I know the obvious reasons of being a troll or shitting on others comments etc etc but man I would never in my right mind come on here and rock the boat. . I guess I don't really have that in me. I did see some nasty things said about a certain POW senator who died recently and the post were shite but you have to be a major jerk to be thrown off right?
  24. Bozoso73

    Tiger 2019

    OK so tiger had a hell of a PGA championship and a pretty good year so will he break out of 10+ year slump in the majors and win one next year. . The Golf world desperately needs him to win. . For those who like golf anyways. .