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  1. Southampton '73 Multitrack

    Such a shame Robert is in bad shape during this gig. To me its probably my favorite sounding Zeppelin bootleg. It sounds like a raw live studio set, from beginning to end. Love the sound of this and the Long Beach '72 raw multi's on Studio Dazed. I imagine they would sound similar to standing on stage with the band. And Bonhams drum sound on Studio Daze Long Beach '72 is nuts. Recordings do these a lot of good. There are high points of Southampton but for the most part, it reminds me of Robert's 7/17/77 performance. Jimmy not so much a problem.
  2. March 21st 1975 Matrix

    Its a good effort, but I think this project could use a version 2.0 from the maker of this matrix. IDK who made it, they came close, but I think they should run back through it, sync the audio a tiny bit more, maybe reduce the amount of audience recording 25%, and pan the soundboard slightly right and the audience recording a tiny bit more than that to the left. It does sound flangey, but all the good matrixes only have a touch of audience recording. They're nowhere near 50/50% sbd/aud. Not the good ones. Just hoping this guy gives it a little more time bc honestly it could come out REALLY good. I give it a 7/10 at the moment, only because the flanging sound. Just being honest, if I knew how to do these well I'd do them too... So basically, to whoever made this matrix, give it a couple months of work then release version 2.0. You might be surprised how popular that matrix could become. Just a little less audience tape. IMO.
  3. Immigrant Song Ending Chord

    Jimmy is a freaking beast <3
  4. Robert Plant's Wedding Gift to Phil Collins Up for Auction

    Who is Phil Collins
  5. New Mystery Soundboard?

    No 3/17 on the new release isn't an upgrade. Just get DADGAD's 3/17 soundboard version

    2/28/75 gets one of my votes, but not my only vote. I get multiple votes.
  7. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    Whats left? Potentially everything from late 1970-1971 to 1977. Anything later is anyones guess.
  8. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    BS. They have at least all of 1975 and 1977. Its not what EVSD has, its what the person supplying EVSD has. The point is, setting these old legendary recordings is not something you can object to. Liberating a recording of such quality as 3/21/75 soundboard is NOT a sin. Idc who you are, it benefits everybody.
  9. New Mystery Soundboard?

  10. New Mystery Soundboard?

    It's so good it's almost hard to write a review about. This is the best soundboard of the soundboard revolution.
  11. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Here's my review of the 3/21/75 soundboard. ive got nothing. There is nothing to say about this release except it is solid all the way through and is as good as any official audio or video the band has released officially. If the band doesn't care about this boot, I'd understand, because they could copy it and release it officially and make 8 times as much as EVSD did. True story.
  12. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Let's get real folks. How do you think EVSD ended up with a soundboard of 3/21? It's called not taking care of your recordings and someone decides to snatch them. Then holds onto them and sells them. 1973 audience recordings sound like 73 boards. But lacking high end. 1975 audience recordings sound like 1975 soundboards with a PA and audience. 1977 audience recordings sound like 1977 soundboards through a PA with an audience, with some sounding flat. I believe they were stolen. But if stealing results in the live recordings being released to the fans, nothing wrong with that. Maybe something wrong with them profiting off it, yes, but for real... music is like a car's engine. An engine is meant to run. A recording is meant to be heard. This is called Trampled Underfoot. Ba dom da dom da doo doo doo doo da da
  13. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Its amazing
  14. Seattle 3/17/75 Appreciation

    The guitar is quite low in the mix for the 3/17 soundboard, fortunately its higher in the mix for the 3/21 soundboard, as you can hear on Heartbreaker. I recommend the dadgad version of the soundboard, godfathers of grunge is pretty good too, both equally good, speed corrected and remastered to lower the bass and bring out the guitar. Ever heard Jimmy channel his inner Jimi, univibe and all? Listen to Trampled Underfoot from 3/17. He goes nuts. I honestly have listened to 3/17, 3/19, and 3/20 so many times, I really couldn't pick which show is better. I'd say 3/17 is the most experimental and wild, 3/19 is the most solid and consistent, and 3/20 is the hottest, pure fiery energy. I have to say Jimmy and Robert are the best on 3/21 though, so we've got a great soundboard coming.