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  1. How about an acoustic reunion?

    Oh okay, I thought that might've been what you meant but I just wanted to make sure.
  2. How about an acoustic reunion?

    What is the japan (saj) thread you mentioned? Or what happened in Japan with Jimmy?
  3. How about an acoustic reunion?

    This has always been one of my favorite ideas as their acoustic songs are really a major part of what sets them apart from all other heavier bands (regardless of sub-genre of rock or metal), as well as their contemporaries in folk (because they don't have the aspect of a heavier side). Plus it would be a lot easier for them to do, it's more relaxed, they could play smaller venues like Robert likes and it would take less practice if they just did it straight acoustic, unlike unledded. And it still leaves room for a lot of improvisation and creativity. Unfortunately it seems that Jimmy doesn't really want to do this, or at least what Robert's vision of this would entail. A poster above stated that it would essentially be lame if they did something like the Immigrant song acoustic, and I agree and I know what you're saying about the light and shade (but essentially that pertains to all songs, he just means the swaying of emotions through vibration, climax; I would say "that's the way" has that element very distinctly without being heavy, as well as gallows pole) but I think when people say an acoustic set they don't mean doing acoustic renditions of immigrant song or heartbreaker, more so songs like Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, That's the Way, Bron Y-Aur Stomp, Battle of Evermore, Gallows Pole, their folk influenced songs. I actually thought it would've been perfect if they did an acoustic section in the 02 reunion show. If I was to be critical of one thing it would be that they didn't sit down for a short acoustic section during the show.
  4. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    That's exactly how I feel. There are early releases, but the bootlegs are typically okay quality at best, in 1975 there are plenty of really good sounding bootlegs and they were still playing great but nothing compared to the level that they were performing at in 1971.
  5. In regards to lack of light show and effects, I really wish bands would cut the extravagant light shows during concerts these days and get rid of the giant screens as well. I love how Zeppelin shows seemed to have a very ambient lighting, not overly bright and definitely not excessive or extravagant. It gives a much better vibe and adds to the mystique of the performance. Imagine Royal Albert Hall with a modern light show? It just wouldn't be the same. Look at Opeth's concert release from their show at the Royal Albert Hall, good band but their light show is way too excessive, I don't need to be mesmerized by a giant screen and pulsating or constantly changing lights.
  6. The Era of Led Zeppelin

    I would agree. I'd also look at it this way. I-Physical Graffiti (so many different sounds, textures and vibes yet all very relative at the same time, also their most creative and energetic period). Then I'd piece Presence with ITTOD, which I consider their closing or their waning, I'd say this is because things become a bit more unfocused or less cohesive in terms of collective vision or effort. It doesn't mean they aren't good, they were just changing for various reasons that have been discussed. It seems that prior to this the band was all on the same page, I think that started to change (not dramatically) with presence, and then even more so in regards to ITTOD. It doesn't mean they didn't work well together, I think like I said some of them started to change in terms of vision and what they wanted their musical goals to be as artists due to various circumstances.
  7. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Being that some are speculating and mentioning what they'd love to see released I'll throw my dream release out there for speculative purposes.....I personally would not prefer a box set of any sort, they're too costly, they tend to be a lot of money to put out there all at once. In addition not that I wouldn't buy it but if it was a best of release such as a "how the west was won" for the 1977 tour or something like a compilation spanning performances from 75-80 I wouldn't like it as much as a single concert release, I feel like they're definitely enjoyable (ESPECIALLY how the west was won) but they don't represent the true feel of the bands live show, such as the Led Zeppelin I companion (Paris show) or Royal Albert Hall (watching that show changed my life when I was 14), or any of the other great bootlegs out there which really capture how amazing the band was live. Personally I'm hoping for at least something from the 1969-1972 time frame (I'd love an unseen live performance, but of course I'd be extremely happy with just a cd. I feel like the band was at there absolute best performance wise and many of the set lists had a great balance with the acoustic section being included starting in late 1970 I believe). Now what I'll suggest is probably totally unrealistic but I'd definitely like to also see the following to some extent. It would also be really cool if Jimmy released another show from 1973 (like Trentham) and, or a dvd of one the Earls Court performances. This would be a great representation of the band during the time period of 1973-1975. When they were still playing unbelievably well (consistently) and in 1975 the set lists were further expanded to include some of their great material from houses of the holy and physical graffiti. Earls Court once again also has a good acoustic set within the show. Then lastly I think they should release one of their best shows on the 1977 tour. This would end up covering basically every era of the bands prime touring days. I of course would love to see one of the Knebworth shows released on dvd as well but I don't think it's totally inconceivable to see three live releases from each of those time periods released at some point either during 2018 or in the future (Such as one show from the 69-72 time period, a release from 1975 and then one from 1977, like I said It would be really cool if they were single concerts with little editing and even Robert's banter between songs included). I must add that I also understand that sometimes single concert performances aren't totally realistic, especially when old reels get damaged or in regards to 1977 when the bands (mainly Jimmy's) performances started to be more inconsistent not just on a nightly basis but even from song to song, so Jimmy might prefer a compilation if he releases anything from 1977. But I may certainly be wrong about my hopes of a three set release. You never know. Whatever is released I'm sure I'll be extremely excited for it.
  8. ITTOD

    I meant it to be more of a microcosm of the entire project or creation of the album. In all reality if i recall correctly I think they wanted it partially because it had all of the latest recording technology, which isn't always a good thing. I also pointed out that it directly had to do with the entire lifestyle of the band at the time, Jimmy going through rough times, Robert wanting to change his musical direction, and John Paul Jones playing around on his new synth, probably with some enthusiasm from Robert for him to do so. I actually think that most people quite like the album, especially on here, and Led Zeppelin is my favorite band, I don't dislike a single song they recorded up until in through the outdoor. I've been listening to the band for many years, have given the album a listen tons of times and although I truly don't hate it I actually just think people overrate on here which sort of devalues the greatness of their prior work which can never be matched by anyone. I think it lacks what Led Zeppelin was all about, but I DO like it over what most other bands produce. The reason I don't enjoy it as much as the other is because it lacks the timelessness of the bands previous work. My intention isn't to be a monday morning QB, I am grateful that they even made the album. I just wanted to give my take on it, I didn't intend to come off as being harsh or pompous.
  9. ITTOD

    I agree on your premise. I think the album is lacking because Zeppelin had a certain depth to their music that has represented ancient styles of music, and you can hear it all over Jimmy and Jonesy's styles, it's not just blues influence and it's not even limited to just their acoustic songs. In through the out door has none of that, nor does it have that consistently magical energy to it. It's represented by the synth which was a trend, trends aren't timeless like Led Zeppelin and their great music is, they are stuck in an era and people don't feel that really strong emotional and energetic connection to them unless it's a sense of nostalgia for a brief moment. That is why I don't care for In through the Out Door. It has some nice moments on it but it lacks the consistency of what made Zeppelin what they were. There's a reason why Robert Plant said that the band didn't do anything truly great past 1975, or something along those lines, but it's true and I think the three of them know that. Just look at Jimmy, he'll hardly even mention the album unless he's asked about it. I mean the album was produced and recorded at ABBA's recording studio wasn't it? Doesn't that just about say it all? Zeppelin is represented by places like Headley Grange, Bron Yr-Aur, the misty mountains, inverness that which defies trends, is timeless and makes us feel connected to them on a very subconscious level because it touched us on the deep energetic or eternal level. I bring up the studio because when you think about it the Abba recording studio represents that the band was in a transitory stage, Jonesy had a new toy (Jimmy wasn't able to manifest too much creatively because of rough times he was going through, Robert seemingly wanted to go in a poppy direction) and he loves all different kinds of sounds so I definitely wouldn't say it was gimmicky for the sake of fitting in with the times but it lacks the timelessness of the other material because synths of the 80's lack depth which makes them sound very limited and gimmicky, they only have relevance to their particular time period and the nostalgia associated with them. In addition they aren't organic sounding at all. Like you said, I agree about All of my Love. I really only feel that Zeppelin energy on songs like Fool in the Rain and All of my Love, while I usually would feel that enchanting energy throughout the entire album, especially from Led Zeppelin I through Physical Graffiti.
  10. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    Just a heads up, Oxford Union posted the interview on their youtube today.
  11. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    I agree with you, and it really would be cool. I do like that he is reserved because I could imagine myself being the same why to an extent but I really wish he would open up a bit more, it's a bit of a selfish request but I think he could loosen up a little without being so nervous about repercussions.
  12. Newly posted acoustic song

    Just posting a recently added acoustic song from my soundcloud, I thought some of you might enjoy it. Give me some feedback if you'd like. Thanks for the listen.
  13. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    Oh okay that's pretty cool then. Thanks for the info. Definitely looking forward to it. It would be especially cool if he goes a little more in depth on himself and his life than usual if that's the case. Even just fine details about his parents and family, he rarely talks about that. Of course I'd like to know more about the juicy details too , you know about his personal beliefs on certain subjects, politically and spiritually (mainly his interest in the esoteric and occult, how deep that went) but I don't expect it as those are private details and he doesn't owe us anything. But it would just be cool in my opinion.
  14. New song, The Eternal Tale

    I actually just realized(foolishly I didn't listen to the track before posting it) that the version I posted was kind of just a throw away, rough sketch that I made for my car, mainly the guitar solo which was kind of just me fooling around before I laid down the actual guitar solo. As I said just to make sure the levels were right for car stereos. So here is the updated version, the one I meant to post. Still needs the work that I mentioned above but the guitar solo is better.
  15. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    It'll probably have to do with the newest Yardbirds release, but maybe not.