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  1. I can understand why some don't like it, especially the way certain parts were written. I didn't think it was bad though.
  2. I've never heard of "day by day" actually, it sounds like one I'll have to check out.
  3. The Mick Wall book you're about to read was real enjoyable actually. I can't believe you took a philosophy of Led Zeppelin class haha. I would've liked to take that for a final elective my last semester.
  4. nemophilist

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Well Robert did mention meeting with Jonesy and Jimmy so it might've been about the coming releases, at least somewhat. So there might be an announcement pretty soon.
  5. nemophilist

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    I agree with you. Likewise it is a legitimate concern, such intense vibrations truly can harm the foundation on any house especially one that is older. Thus it becomes a contentious property rights issue on both sides. But with all that aside, I also feel that if Robbie wanted a modern home with an overproduced flashy property that he should've went out and bought that home opposed to following the new trend of ruining historic homes by going "vintage-modern" or "modern with old world charm" which really means destroying the internal character of a timeless property and thus stripping it of its essence by replacing it with sterile looking overpriced modern crap. You basically just turn it into a facade. But that's just my personal taste and opinion. With that said I'm assuming Robbie bought an older home as it is right next to Jimmy's.
  6. nemophilist

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    I agree. He seems to be at his best when he is just giving input on the songwriting process but not really steering it too much. His lyrics are still very good as well, I just dislike some of the musical direction and primarily the production. But I dislike the production on most records that are released these days. I just feel like pro tools sucks a lot of the essence, spirit and sound out of performances. Then you have to try and compensate during the mastering process and you can just tell it's overly produced and computerized. I'm really not too knowledgeable of how his band creates songs though. For instance, does he just assemble a group of like-minded musicians and let them create songs freely or does he sequentially dictate what sound they're going to go for? It's something i've always wondered. It seems to me that he might not dictate but he does kind of strongly urge them to go in certain directions. It's understandable because those bands are a manifestation of his visions and desires. That's also similar to what I imagine when it comes to the creation of walking into clarksdale as well. I can imagine that Jimmy probably had some other ideas around that time that Robert wasn't too enthusiastic about for that particular project based off of what his vision was. I'm just speculating, but when you listen to a track like Domino it's more similar to a track off of John Paul Jones solo album opposed to what they were going for on Walking into Clarksdale.
  7. nemophilist

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    I'd agree with this haha. I don't think Carry Fire is really all that great. The reality is that if it wasn't created partially by Robert I'd probably have a harsher critique. I actually like their previous album a lot better. There's something about signed pick guards I really dislike. Unless it's on a guitar I'd never plan on using, one that is only for show.
  8. Here is a link to a compilation someone made on youtube. It's the first track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6OGYd2TXWI&t=913s If you want to have autumn lake and put it on a CD or have it on your computer then you can copy the link for this video, go to onlinevideoconverter.com and click covert video link/url. After that click format and choose wav. That's how you can get the compilation on your computer. But if you want to edit the rest of the compilation out and just have autumn lake as a singular track you can download audacity for free and just clip the rest of the compilation out.
  9. nemophilist

    Walking Into Clarksdale - Rediscovered

    Yeah I agree with that. I mean especially the point of it was almost like Jimmy was just playing guitar for Robert's latest (rock focused) solo album. Shining in the light really is a great song, and most high is really good as well but outside of that the album just doesn't impact me. It's interesting to hear the contrast between what came out on Walking into Clarksdale with that of Jimmy's song Domino which almost sounded like something that could've been a song on one of John Paul Jones solo album. I imagine that if Jimmy and John Paul Jones had wrote together at the time period it would've came out fantastic and not something that would've been disappointing.
  10. nemophilist

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    I agree with those stating their love for the 1977 setlist, it really is great and I really like how they brought back the acoustic section because those songs are a huge part of what sets them apart from basically every other rock, folk or metal band. I just feel (like many) that the magic wasn't quite there as consistently as it was in previous tours and that has a lot to do with the state that Jimmy was in. Still has great moments though and I'm not saying those shows are bad, they're just not on the level that they set for themselves from 1968 to 1975. But there really hasn't been any band to achieve what they did during that time period (in my opinion).
  11. nemophilist

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Both of your statements nail it. I keep trying to give Greta a chance as well but I really don't like them. They're just a straight forward rock band with less depth than an 80s band and that is really saying something because those bands were very gimmicky. Musically Greta sounds nothing like Led Zeppelin but they do ATTEMPT to sound like them but fail at doing so because it's like they have no idea what Led Zeppelin was really all about, they have no clue how to appply the influence. I think people don't understand how much their folk side influenced even their heavier or more outwardly bluesy songs as well. But as I was saying, Greta just comes off as very manufactured and forced to me.
  12. nemophilist

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    I think people only speculate because of his constant statements of the professed intent to be seen playing, annually he makes these statements.
  13. nemophilist

    Greta Van Fleet

    I agree with you two. I really have tried getting into them. I love finding new inspiration and I have so much love for all different kinds of music but but they just don't have the magic, the energy, the soul, the depth in influences or originality (in terms of talent and feel) and thus they are quite generic. More along the lines of your insignificant 70's or 80's rock band. They are better than most out there in regards to modern mainstream releases but that isn't saying much. If they weren't hailed as "possibly the next Zeppelin" I truly wouldn't even make these negative remarks. Don't get me wrong, they're not bad at all but they remind of a typical band that tries to emulate Zeppelin but just can't because they frankly don't understand what the band was truly about, nor do they have the depth in terms of influences. They're a straight forward rock band, or certainly something more similar to The Black Crowes with a touch of 80's/90's AC/DC. I have trouble even classifying Zeppelin as a rock band at all because of the depth in their music, when it comes to the mixture of various folk, jazz, blues and rock and roll influences. Even if Greta does have a large range of influences they love it's just not exemplified in their music. Personally I feel that the first Wolfmother album had more of that Led Zeppelin magical vibe than Greta's release, of course that ceased to exist after that first album, and they weren't nearly as talented musically or technically (as Zeppelin) but that particular album had a lot more depth and soul than anything I've heard from van fleet.
  14. Wow, I've never seen that performance in such great quality. I'd be absolutely shocked if this performance wasn't recorded on video in its entirety. That was great footage. I'd certainly buy it if it was released.
  15. nemophilist

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    Oh okay, I thought that might've been what you meant but I just wanted to make sure.