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  1. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    Just a heads up, Oxford Union posted the interview on their youtube today.
  2. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    I agree with you, and it really would be cool. I do like that he is reserved because I could imagine myself being the same why to an extent but I really wish he would open up a bit more, it's a bit of a selfish request but I think he could loosen up a little without being so nervous about repercussions.
  3. Newly posted acoustic song

    Just posting a recently added acoustic song from my soundcloud, I thought some of you might enjoy it. Give me some feedback if you'd like. Thanks for the listen.
  4. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    Oh okay that's pretty cool then. Thanks for the info. Definitely looking forward to it. It would be especially cool if he goes a little more in depth on himself and his life than usual if that's the case. Even just fine details about his parents and family, he rarely talks about that. Of course I'd like to know more about the juicy details too , you know about his personal beliefs on certain subjects, politically and spiritually (mainly his interest in the esoteric and occult, how deep that went) but I don't expect it as those are private details and he doesn't owe us anything. But it would just be cool in my opinion.
  5. New song, The Eternal Tale

    I actually just realized(foolishly I didn't listen to the track before posting it) that the version I posted was kind of just a throw away, rough sketch that I made for my car, mainly the guitar solo which was kind of just me fooling around before I laid down the actual guitar solo. As I said just to make sure the levels were right for car stereos. So here is the updated version, the one I meant to post. Still needs the work that I mentioned above but the guitar solo is better.
  6. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    It'll probably have to do with the newest Yardbirds release, but maybe not.
  7. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    Very interesting, I hope a video of this finds its way to youtube.
  8. New song, The Eternal Tale

    Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for taking the time to listen! I know, I need to cut all of my fooling around at the end out, I actually turned that one little riff in to a song. I actually recorded that song back in January/February as a rough sketch and started working on other material that kept me from doing things like adding addition guitar tracks, properly recording the solo with some slight reverb, although I think being that I just moved in to a house I'll be able to set up my mics in a way that would capture the natural ambience of the room I have my amp in. Plus I had some other thing going on that kept me from practicing like I usually do so my fingers were not nearly as fluent as usual. So yeah there's definitely some cleaning up and filling out that needs to be done. It's very basic, two guitar tracks (one acoustic, one electric), the overdub for the solo, bass and drums (electric drums, wish I had an acoustic set for the proper representation). Really I just need to and want to meet some musicians that'll share a common vision with me. Then things would get done a lot quicker when it comes to recording because I'd just need to focus on recording the guitar tracks, and everything would just sound a lot better all the way around, plus I yearn for that musical companionship.
  9. New song, The Eternal Tale

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. This is the first song that I've posted with myself playing drums, bass, and both electric and acoustic guitar. It's a little rough, it sounds pretty damn good to my ears in just about any car I play it in but it just doesn't translate as well on the laptop. Well it is rough, definitely not finished but I just figured I'd post it for some feedback and maybe some of you will take a liking to it. Tell me what you guys think.
  10. I feel that they made the perfect decision. 80's production quality and the "new innovative recording technology of the 80's" would've tarnished the legacy of led zeppelin even if John lived on. Even outrider doesn't sound right, I mean it's good. It is definitely much better production wise than most 80's albums but it doesn't have the organic, honest, soulful, mystical and complimentary feel of the first six led zeppelin albums. The 80's was the epitome of everything Jimmy and the band disliked about the music scene The Yardbirds were involved in. Everything was about gimmicky popularity, more than ever before. This was due to the onset of MTV. Every band had to focus on the formula which would get them seen on MTV. It truly killed mainstream music, everything became about trends and throughout the years it has become increasingly more difficult to make a living as a trendsetter or influential and unique band. Literally the entire industry is As a result everything has become canned, bands no longer record as a unit. Everything is micro-analyzed and is done to a click and it must always follow the click. You're literally just turning yourself in to a machine, in a way. I mean it's a totally efficient way to record, helps your timing, and assists with production; but if you're a tight band then wouldn't you want the energy of your life performance to be carried over to the representation of the band on your album? What I think would be interesting is if John Paul Jones was able to take some of those great song from zooma and the thunderthief and combine them with some of the ideas Page and Plant had on walking in to clarksdale. It would've produced am exceptional album or two for sure.
  11. First memory of Zeppelin?

    My first memories of Zeppelin were my dad playing Rock N' Roll on guitar when I was a little kid, which I instantly wanted to learn, and after listening to them play the song I was drawn in, this was when I was probably 10-11 years old. After this I started listening to them more, got a their greatest hits album and subsequently liked them even more. What really changed my life as a musician was getting the DVD with The Royal Albert Hall show on it. I was forever in love, captivated and enchanted by their chemistry, their energy, their sound. After this I needed all of their albums and they really became my absolute favorite band.
  12. How did led Zeppelin change music?

    For me it's numerous things but to be quick.... It's not just how they changed the face of music. It's also the way so many bands have tried to emulate them but just fail to do so, the music is just too pure to themselves. The best bet you have is to incorporate some things in to your own style, but I must emphasize that I feel not one band did this right (IMO) until much later. I think it took a lot of people many years to truly understand just how great Led Zeppelin were, and truly understand what each member brought to the table stylistically, which is hard to replicate but so many mistake as easy, simplistic or Sloppy (in the case of Jimmy). That always sounds melodramatic to say as they've been so popular for decades but I hope some will understand what i mean. I actually think the internet (bootlegs/videors) has brought more understanding of their greatness, as well as the DVD release in 2003 followed by how the west was won. Even a song like the most notorious "Still of the night" might have a zeppelin quality but to me it's nothing like led zeppelin, the only strong similarity is maybe Coverdale's voice and the octave riff within the song. Their best attribute is how timeless they are and it's due to very honest, organic production, as well as unparalleled energy and chemistry emitted while playing together which was captures through the aforementioned production (especially 1968-1975). The diversity in their style is just as important, but also arguably what is most key. The way they blended various forms of folk and did it with an energetic, enthralling feel unlike anyone else is the biggest thing that set them apart from other hard rock bands before and after them. It also helped that their heavier songs had a feel and experimentation unlike any other due to each members style, and this was most certainly emphasized or solidified by John Bonham and John Paul Jones. At times I feel Zeppelin is truly genre-less. That it's almost a disservice calling them just a rock band because they're really much more than just a rock band, as everyone on here knows. One more quick thought, I feel that Led Zeppelin along with Sabbath were some of the first significant bands to really not care about mass popularity, singles, record sales or any music trends. It was all about connecting with their souls to create something honest and unique to themselves as artists which they could feel proud of. How many good or even great bands are pushed in to this mindset either by their record companies and or from personal insecurities? If it wasn't for this trait then we wouldn't be discussing them, nor would this forum exist.
  13. Little Things You LOVE About Led Zeppelin

    Some of the first thoughts that come to mind are... The enthralling energy they emitted that you can even feel on their albums, thus their chemistry (especially 1975 and earlier). Therefore this goes along with their mystiqu, there truly isn't another band that has come close to this regardless of the skill of certain individuals. I think this is do to their relationship, how close they were or how they all shared a common vision for the majority of their time as a band. Lastly the lack of a prevalent and deep egotistical feud between the members, I think that played a big part in their chemistry and what I outlined above. I see that many discuss the disconnect between Robert and John Paul Jones but I don't think it's as big of a deal as many think and I doubt that it was ever a problem at all, especially from 1968-1973. But I could be wrong about that. I've always disliked how many bands seem to love when the media makes a soap opera out of them, especially when they consistently feed in to it because they're desperate for the promotion.
  14. Oh okay that was a big mistake on my part, I'm sorry about that. When I saw your comment for some reason I connected your avatar with that thread and assumed that it was you without checking. Eric's version is impressive though.
  15. Thanks a lot man, I love your acoustic rendition of dazed and confused.