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  1. JCColorado

    One of a kind mis-print?

    Hey, much thanks for getting back to me. I wish I would've thought of looking here a few years back. Anyway, as I said, I have 3 of them but the oddity is only one. The etchings on side one are 22423-X (1) PR ST-A-712285-H-H, then what looks like AA H7/ep or H7tep, followed by PRC. Side two is the same, appears to be the same plate exactly. One of the other ones is the PORKY / PECKODUCK that I've read about, I guess about the most common. The third has (HXAP) STA-712285 GIGIC on side one & (H-AD) STA-712286 GID G on side two. Haven't been able to figure this one out.
  2. I own an LZ IV with the same music stamped on both sides. To be more concise, the four songs from the A side: Black Dog, Rock And Roll, The Battle of Evermore & Stairway to Heaven are also printed on the B side. The labels are correct. The B side label shows the correct four songs that are supposed to be there. As it turns out, I actually have 3 copies of this album. The other two are normal in every way. I've examined the studio & engineer markings on all three. Again, two show different markings on each side but this one shows identical markings on both sides. It appears whoever changed the master plates during printing mistakenly put the same A side plate in for both sides. I can't imagine it being a one-of-a kind but I've sporadically searched over the years for some mention of it but have never come across any reference to something like this. Does anyone have any ideas on this?