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  1. This gets weirder... they printed a few flyers?! Why? Is that normal/usual? Anyone know what the Japanese writing says?
  2. Best to apply Hitchens' Razor with this kind of guff; what can be asserted without evidence, should be dismissed without evidence. Back on planet Earth, are we still good for a mid June release of 3.21.75?!
  3. I'm pretty sure there aren't, as yet anyway.
  4. No logic really, assuming they (whoever they are) have all the tapes. Maybe they don't. Either way, in the last year we've had two teasers and no actual releases. All sizzle and no sausage, as it were.
  5. Well, why indeed. The 1971 Black Dog was nearly a year ago now. It seems to have been largely forgotten. Seattle 75... it's reasonable to assume things haven't gone smoothly there. It seems to have been rushed. First it gets announced, but with no date for the gig. Then they give the date, but the planned release date is delayed, what, twice now? I'm not going to speculate, who knows what machinations go on behind the scenes. But of course I hope we get both!
  6. Anyone else beginning to get the feeling that 03.21.75 isn't ever going to appear? Same with 09.28.71, which seems to have sunk without trace too.
  7. Re Iceland 1970, what can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence Although it would be nice to think there's more footage than that little bit we see on the DVD. I've wondered before about 17th and 18th May Earls Court. Were they multitracked? Those dates were added late, so they may not have been. As far as I know, we don't know. Actually, now I think harder, why were any Earls Court gigs multitracked at all? Zep hardly ever recorded shows like that, so the obvious conclusion is they had ideas about a live release. Back in mid 75 they would still have been wondering what on earth to do with TSRTS soundtrack, so it's intriguing they multitracked Earls Court but then went ahead with the 1973 footage and never did anything with Earls Court. Mysterious.
  8. The Garden Tapes says that 23rd was used to patch a few things on some of the DVD songs. Which seems legit. So it's reasonable to infer that it exists in multitrack. But if so, the mystery then is why so little of 23rd was used officially when it's the better show. I think the usual answer to that is there isn't any video from 23rd. To the OP, I doubt it sadly. Jimmy's never shown any interest in more live releases. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong.
  9. Was this your work then? If so, I salute you!
  10. woo hoo! Early 73 I think he's just immensely 'match fit'. He'd been playing and honing that stuff for years with regular touring. I'm not dissing it, it's brilliant. But he moves away from it. Before 75 actually; the US 73 tour starts to drop some of the rock and roll/ blues stuff.
  11. I think Page was very well prepared for the 1975 tour. The finger business forced him 'back to basics' for a while. In his book he refers to a 'spirited' rehearsal as soon as they got off the plane in the US. I'd take that to mean 'panic-stricken', lol. Early 75 could have been awful due to Plant's worsening voice. But the other three members are all on it and able to cover for him. Compare with 77, where Page starts the tour seemingly with no idea how to do the leadwork for ALS or TYG.
  12. Yup! I think the official TSRTS spoils us. Seemingly at random, we get arguably the best Stairway solo he ever played, and - in the original 1976 format at least - the best NQ. I'd maybe put it like this. In 73 we get the 'finished product' from him on stage, carefully worked out. In 75 he's more interested in exploring ideas with the guitar, the more so as the tour goes on. I agree, early 75 he's far more focussed and succinct. Nothing wrong at all in preferring that as a listener. Uncharitably, you might say that in 73 he has it all worked out. In 75 he plays until he runs out of ideas. In 77 he does that then adds a couple of minutes on the end
  13. I just finished listening to the remaster of 5/21/77 called How The Time Flies, and I love it. Sounds superb, and all the band - Jimmy included - are right on it. A great example of how a good remastering can make a bare 77 board tape into something very listenable indeed.
  14. Yup, Page's natural lead style is unique, and very hard to emulate. Pointless, probably. His picking and phrasing is all over the place, but it works once your ear is attuned to it. I once knew a fellow guitar player who insisted Page was literally useless, simply because you can't count his playing off on a metronome. Briefly knew, lol. I contend your point also holds true for much of his 1975 lead work, which is where that complexity peaks. Whether that is natural or carefully worked out, I'm not sure, and I'm not sure it matters. Would be great if a proper music journalist could one day get him to go into detail about all this, and make him answer properly! From 77-80, he was equally capable at times, but fell off the high wire quite often.
  15. I just listened to 3/17/75 OTHAFA... no 77-80 era stickiness at all, although he misses a note or two here and there. I'll concede the early part of that show isn't the best of 75. But that one is actually one of his more thoughtful solos, almost every phrase has a different idea in it, and I think I can hear something like Hots On For Nowhere in there around the 5 minute mark, for example. Hugely articulate; while some passages work better than others, there are no fuck ups in that one. There are 'many, many' great shows, lol. How about Chicago 1/22/75? A very nice early 75 show, pretty clear and listenable AUD, and Jimmy plays great. Check NQ, CB etc. Control, fluency, vibrato, it's all there. Off topic but Plant's not shabby there either; his voice troubles only really start after this gig. Page's phrasing has always been weird compared to other players, and I'd contend that peaks in 75, in terms of being sucessfully carried off. Where you hear sloppy and disjointed, I hear invention and a desire to be different and move on. His soloing gets longer as the tour goes on, but that's not an accident. Sounds like it's his 75 tone that you object to most. That's a fair point, it is a bit thinner than 73, on the boards at least. But it's not particularly different to pre 73 (that year spoils us tone-wise, I'd contend), and doesn't bother me personally anyway Ho hum. The 'hard picking' point is interesting. I think you can argue that for 77, where he is pretty brutal, but not 75. Maybe it's the board tape sound again. Each to his own. We're never going to agree here, but it's all good! 20 years ago this kind of discussion wasn't possible, as almost nobody could hear this stuff then.